hey guys what's up its Alexis welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a clothing haul and try on all about reclamation so you guys haven't following my channel for a while you'll know that I'm obsessed with Reformation it's one of my absolute favorite brands favorite shopping experiences and as you know or you may not know they only have stores in New York and LA so unless you live on either side of the country you can't shop there of course online but sometimes it's hard buying clothes online so I'm really excited that Nordstrom started carrying Reformation I went a little crazy I bought probably like I mean I did buy too many things but I'm really happy and I wanted to show you guys so now further ado let's get into it Reformation clothing mall and Tryon come a neck show right now first thing from Reformation and I want to show you guys it's actually the top that I'm wearing and I am obsessed with it I think it's so freakin cute so basically it's like a little cap sleeve top so it has a very square neckline which not only is really in but I think it's really flattering and it makes you look kind of like a girly girl and sweets and then the sleeves can puff as much as you want depending on how tight you tie them a little hard to tie yourself so they're kind of hanging loose today and then the bodice is just nice and tight linen the back has some ruching and a zipper so it's like really comfortable really easy to get on and off I just think it's such a sweet top perfect for summer date night hang out with friends you could probably even wear this to work it's not super see-through so love this top it's like one of my favorite things that I picked up so far next thing I want to show you guys is this really cute bodysuit so it's just a black ribbed bodysuits but it has ruffles on the strap so the straps are actually like really elastic II roughly still ribbed material simple bodysuit with just a little bit something extra which I love with pair of high-waisted denim jeans perfect so I thought this was really sweet I also bought another cute little top from Reformation so if if this red guy that says al dente I think it's so funny I actually have another one coming in the mail that has another like pasta lingo on it but I just thought this with a pair of like denim jeans was so easy so cute even like a little skirt or something the last top I bought from the Reformation is yes a white t-shirt I don't know if you're like this but I'm constantly in search of like the perfect white t-shirts and this one is pretty close these are only 28 bucks super affordable nice material it already washed one and worn it and it's held up really well so yeah I just think these are perfect tucked into jeans can't go wrong with a good white t-shirt moving into denim because when I think of reformation I really think of denim they have such awesome pieces so I picked up a couple pair of jeans at the first being this Jean and this is called Giulia it's a little bit of a tougher denim you know some of their pants are more stretchy this is more of like a crisp denim which I love it has one rip in the me here and then just a little bit of distressing on the other side beautiful like blue denim color high-waisted a little bit of like a girlfriend fit I would say not super skinny the bottom is a straight leg again distressed these are just so cute and they look great with any top I also picked up a denim jacket so I got this denim jacket which you guys I have pretty much not taken off since I bought this getting to the point though where like I keep wearing it out and I think my friends are like how many days in a row are you gonna wear that I've been wearing it to work it's just like the most perfect denim jacket a little bit of just dressing but like nothing crazy the back I just absolutely love this so if you're in the market for a denim jacket I would I recommend this guy I also bought a pair of black jeans these are black high waist true skinny jeans so they're really tight around the ankle what I love about these jeans though is that they are like the comfy stretchy material like this is what you wear when you want to go eat a lot or if you're gonna be running around or sitting and standing and who knows what else these are the jeans for you so sometimes I like my jeans to be more rigid but sometimes I just want them to feel like they're leggings and that's this so these are called the high and skinny I think but yeah I would like most definitely recommend these guys moving into dresses if you guys know me in real life for you watching my channel for a while I don't do a ton of color I'm more like a black white grey type of person I love blue denim as you can see I love army green but I don't typically buy color but Reformation does color so well and with it being summer I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and buy some really cute colorful dresses so this is the first one again it's a ribbed material so it's super comfortable but it's in this mustard yellow color and the reason why I bought this was because of the bodice I think this is so cute not only is it flattering I mean high it's basically like Hello these are my bibs they're smiling at you it has the really cute cutout in the back and it's a Magee length so you're not gonna feel like a total ho because there's a lot happening in the front a lot happening in the back but your legs are covered the next dress I bought is also yellow and it's the persimmon dress you've probably seen this on their website this is like a best seller it's really beautiful material I got mine in this yellow floral pattern it has snaps or buttons I guess I should say all the way down the front and then it has like a slit so even though it's longer it's again past ume you can unbutton it so that the split is like I've higher as low as you want it to I just think this is a really beautiful dress it would be great for work it's also great if you want to do like a western belt maybe a leather biker jacket I you could definitely spice this up but been loving this so far this next dress is so stinking cute I wore it on my vacation to Greece and everybody was like dying over it it is this little number so this red dress off the shoulder frill again it's a linen the bottom has a little thrill to this is a mini dress so this is like a short hot mama spicy tamale it's date night and I want to look good for my man kind of dress and it's perfect because not only is it sexy and cute it's comfortable you can see the sides are all ruched which means you're not gonna feel like a stuffed pepper you can actually like breathe and expand if you eat too much carbonara so I absolutely been loving this dress super cute the next dress I bought specifically as a beach cover-up but I think it's also going to be cute in the summer just really casually maybe like going to the farmers market with a denim jacket on and the sandal it is this ribbed v-neck dress and you can tell I mean it kind of looks like it's meant to be a suit cover-up but you could do a lot of things with it it's a tee back just low v-neck cups easy right material mini dress just a really simple easy summer dress alright guys so that is my haul from Reformation I hope you enjoyed this video as always all the products are linked down below in case you guys wanna shop as well and make sure if you're in the next Nordstrom store you go check out Reformation and I literally can't believe that they're selling it now it's like truly a gift to be able to go in and touch it but even if you want to shop online they do have a return policy so you can still do that thank you guys so much for watching hit me up on instagram at Alexis loves you and I'll see you in my next video


  1. Hi Alexis Love your haul do you mind letting me know what size the black bodysuit is? Thanks for the help ?

  2. You need to bring every one of these items to euro trip! Especially pasta tees to Italy haha. Xxx love everything!!!!!

  3. Fantastic Reformation Clothing Haul Alexis, Great Stylish and Cute Purchases, Very Entertaining and Informative, Totally Enjoyed! ⭐⭐⭐⭐❤

  4. "It's a midi length, so you're not gonna feel like a total hoe." LOL! What size did you get for the yellow bustier dress? I love it!

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