Reba McEntire’s Kennedy Center Honors Gown − “American Currents”

– It was a huge honor for me to be at the Kennedy
Center to receive that honor. There were a lot of people before me who I’ve always been huge fans of, so to be a part of that
club: I was really thrilled. It was very hard to realize or say, “Yes, I’m a part of it now.” I had been there four times before, well three times to help honor four women, Lily Tomlin, Dolly, Carol Burnett, and Loretta Lynn – how can I forget her? So there was four ladies
that I helped to induct, and then I got to be there myself, so it was a dream come true. My lifestyle, I’ve always said is tough sexy, but for the Kennedy Center, it had to be perfect for that award. Loretta Harper designed
and made the dress for me, and we worked on it
because I like comfort. I like simplicity, and I
knew it was gonna be chilly in the Kennedy Center Honors when we were going to be in the building, so I wanted sleeves, and Loretta took great pains
in making sure that the medal, the medallion hung just
right on the dress. The blue matched one of
the blues in the ribbons so she took great care in it. It was a very special event, and it had to be a special dress.

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  1. Actually, Reba became the eighth country music artist to receive the Kennedy Center Honors:

    Roy Acuff – 1991
    Johnny Cash – 1996
    Willie Nelson – 1998
    Loretta Lynn – 2003
    Dolly Parton – 2006
    George Jones – 2008
    Merle Haggard – 2010
    Reba McEntire – 2018

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