22 thoughts on “Real vs. Fake Adidas zip up jacket. How to spot original Adidas superstar hoodies.

  1. Hey bro i cant send u a picture but can u tell me your facebook or something . I havent a Sim card and this cause number:/ need to know if one of my clothes is fake:) nice vids. Tip : use a standing camera or dont move so much with it ^-^

  2. You should comparing with 2 same jacket,that right one totally fake..but in fact there's so many fake that looks like left one.

  3. For every authenticity suspicion you might have on your clothing products, you can comment here and send me detailed pictures. I will analyze the information from the photos and try to determine whether the product is genuine or fake. If you give me a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE in return, I will be extremely grateful.

  4. I bought a SST track jacket from amazon, it just came in today and I was wondering if it was the real deal, could you check it out for me?

  5. Hello! I recently bought a black and white striped adidas track jacket (like the one shown in the video) , found a few differences: zipper is white, the tag says made in china, label isn't sewn (it's a pressed felt type material), inside of the jacket is a black and white pattern, and the care instructions tag is in chinese. The tag says the model is from 2014, so not 100% sure if it's fake or not. Any idea?

  6. Hey um my jacket doesnt have the stripes or leaf thing. It has the word " Adidas" on it and that's all. It has like a square of white on the back and the rest is navy blue. I dont know if it's real or fake could you help me? The promotion date or whatever has 1/19.

  7. thats the exact jacket i have i was wondering if its fake cuz of the zip , it wasnt the adidas logo but it had ykk so yeah im happy now

  8. I have ac milan adidas hoodie, it looks good on the quality, but it doesnt have the date when the product was made, it only have the instruction label

  9. Can i have your ig?

    I want to ask qustion about my adidas hoodie that i bouth a long time ago, i am about to sell it but i am afraid that it is fake, what i remember is, i bought it at a mall, the stichting is good, the wrist and waist band is in a good quality, and also the hood string, the tip of it made out of some type of metal, and the hole also made from some type of metal, the print? Flawless. But i still wonder if it is fake or not.

    Its just mising the product date of made.

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