Rating Each Other’s Outfits w/ our Dad!

Hey guys, this is Karina!
This is Ronald from– Sis vs Bro! And today we are gonna be judging each other’s outfits. (Ronald claps)
Dun dun dun! Ronald, be prepared to be judged. You are gonna get a zero, Karina. (laughs) No, you’re gonna get a zero, But, our special judge today is our dad. (children cheering)
Hey guys. He’s gonna be judging us. Yes, so we are gonna be paired up with him, judging the other person. Mmhmm, and then whoever gets the most points on their outfits wins the challenge. Then the winning outfit that each of us have, we’re gonna post on our Instagram, because apparently it’s gonna be the best outfit. Oh wow. I have a feeling which outfit you guys are going to like the most, but I’m not gonna say which one yet, by the way guys Wow. Noticing that I’m wearing the Apple Watch, that’s because, me and Ronald switched. He got the Gucci backpack, and I got the Apple Watch ’cause I feel like, I thought I’d do like a mini-bag, and Ronald really loved the backpack. He’s like “I want it, I will love, I just love it!” So we just swapped. Yeah. And I got the Apple Watch. So guys, now let’s continue with the challenge! (shrieks) Continue? We haven’t even started. Well, let’s start now! I’m going first. Okay. M’kay. (both laugh) All right, I’m gonna get my first outfit. So yes, for my first outfit, I’m gonna be wearing this top, with these shorts, and this jacket. I really love this outfit, I don’t have any black shorts so that’s why I have the black jacket instead. I love this outfit, I actually wore it to a party once. I hope Ronald and my dad are gonna like it. So, let’s put it on. So guys, we are the ultimate judges on our ultimate chairs, and our ultimate table, and we are waiting for Karina to come out of the other room with her new outfit, and we are currently practicing writing zeros because Karina’s definitely gonna get a zero. Well, hopefully. Okay Karina, unleash your essence and open the door. (upbeat music) This is the first outfit. What? Okay, I’ve seen you wear that every single day. Every single day? What is going on here? What? That is a jacket? Yeah, it’s my jacket. And a short sleeves? What, like? Short sleeves? No, hold on, no sleeves and a jacket. That doesn’t go together. (laughs) No, but it’s fashionable We’re judging on fashion, not practibility. Uh, well, in Ronald’s magical world, we are judging both! (laughs) But, look, it’s so fashionable. Look, I’m not gonna wear the jacket, it just goes here on my waist, see? Hmm, I think, Karina I, are the, sorry, are the socks part of your outfit? I forgot to put my shoes on! (laughing) Oh, minus point for that! (Ronald laughs hysterically) Okay guys, so I think Karina should get a two. You think that’s a two? For the white socks?
Yeah, she got minus points, plus she’s mixing seasons, winter and summer, that does not mix. (laughs) And the white socks. (laughs) Like that matters. (sad music) Okay, let her redo this, okay. Maybe she’s gonna change her mind and– But that’s minus five points right there. Okay, take it easy, just minus one for now. Okay, I got my shoes on now. Okay, we’ve got black shoes and white socks. Bravo, very good Karina, so far. I don’t really care about the socks. You should look at the Madesmart. So we still have the jacket, do we still have no sleeves? Okay. Wait a minute. (exasperated laughing) Karina, I have a question. Does white, red, blue and peach, black, and light blue go together? Yeah. No. (laughs) Yeah it does! Yeah! In the universe of Karina’s, everything goes together nicely. Not everything. Except for the same color (laughs). Okay, so are we gonna score her now? Yeah. Yeah, okay. Drum roll please. (drum rolling) Okay so, ready steady. Wait, let me put my marker. Three, two, one, it’s a six. What?
Four! Four? This is my favorite outfit! Okay, I see you wear that every single day. I’m pretty lame but I’ve worn this like twice! Okay, actually I have to, I have to change this. It’s not a 6, no. Is it higher? It’s a 5! (suspenseful music)
(laughs hysterically) What? What? Why? Very average, you know? Very average. Like we got the fall season and the summer season and the white socks that are still sticking out. And what’s that thing? What’s that thing on your wrist? Oh, it’s just a, it’s just a, it’s a curly scrunchie. Hmm, mhmm, minus points! I’m kidding (laughs) Yeah, it’s a 5. Yeah, 9 points for you. Okay Ronald, but now it’s your go, and I don’t think you’re gonna do that better. I am gonna do amazing, Karina. So guys, I have my three outfits laid out here. In my messy room, but just ignore that. And here is gonna be the first outfit for summer, which just ended, but, like, where we are is still hot, so like, let’s wear this. Okay, so we’re waiting for Ronald to come out, and I don’t really wanna give him a good mark, ’cause he did not give me a good mark for my outfit, which I thought was the best. I’m just being a guest judge so, don’t judge me. Okay Ronald, come out now. (playful music) Patience is key. What? So guys, um, well (laughs) You can do this, come on, stop talking. Come show your outfit! Come on. Woo, vacation! (laughs) ♪ Slipping away ♪ Oh, wow! Oh (laughs) I’m so uncomfortable. Vacation mode with the hat? Yes. I have a lot of things to say about this. I don’t approve of the swimming shorts as a day look. It’s vacation mode! And I don’t like, mmm, mixing patterns. (stuttering) Give me a 25 please. Also the shoes are a little bit of a problem. Okay, okay, now, shark shoes, they’re so cool, you know? That could really save him, all right? I mean, the sandals are pretty cool. Next generation (chuckles) I like the shirt, but I don’t like it in combination with the shorts, and also the shirt’s too oversized for you. He’s also mixing animals, he’s got a dog on his shirt, and a shark on the shoe, I don’t know about this. But this dog is gonna the beach and the shark is like “Hello!” (laughs) And here’s the water. Well, where did you buy those shoes? I don’t know (laughs) Are those pants shark-proof? (laughs) Yes! This is the beach, this is the dog that’s gonna go swim, and the shark’s like “nuh-uh uh!” (laughs) Actually, I like the color combination. It’s pretty nice, you know? I’m gonna score it a, hmmm, a generous. A generous? How could it be that generous? A generous number. Generous! Karina’s gonna give me like a two. Okay, I have something–
Where are the sunglasses? (record scratches) Can we be- can we have decimals? Decimals? You gotta be precise. You’re gonna give me a 0.5? (laughs) No, no decimals. Okay, I think you are missing sunglasses, so it’s just minus 1 point for that, but Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Time out! Oh, nice! (laughing) Hello! Okay, I’m ready to score, are you ready? Yeah. Okay, let’s go. Okay. Okay, so that gave me like two extra points. (laughs) The sunglasses. Okay, so the score is Seven.
Seven, three. 10, I beat Karina! (yells) (goat screams) (yells) (goat screams) (laughing) Wait, how, why’d you give him a seven? I think it’s pretty good, look the colors all match, he’s got two animals, Everything, so I have a lower score. No Karina. But, there’s a lot of things wrong with his outfit. But he’s not mixing seasons at least, this is like Summer, you know vacation beach, thing. Me too! You had the mixing seasons, a coat with short sleeves and short pants. I think the colors match, the seasons match. He’s got two animals, well, the shark and the dog. He’s got the smile, yeah it’s a seven. The hat looks like you bought it 15 years ago, you forgot the sunglasses, the shirt is too oversized, and the shorts are for swimming, and they don’t go with the shirt, and the shoes don’t look very nice. Are you disrespecting the shark? (laughs) Yeah. The shark will find you,
(foreboding music) the shark will eat you. So guys, after the first round I have 10 points, and Karina only had 9, so I was one over Karina. Well my outfit was better, it’s just, these two are salty. (upbeat music) Okay guys, it’s round number two and I have to win ’cause Ronald won by one point, and he had a worse outfit than me, honestly. So, I’ve got the perfect going out for brunch look. So first of all, we’ve got these pants. They’re pink, they’re so cool, they’re high-waisted, they gotta be high-waisted, and of course, I’m gonna pair it with a white shirt, but not just any white shirt, a Snoopy and Friends shirt. Look how cute that is. I think they’re gonna love it, I’m gonna tuck it into these pants, and of course I gotta have some cool shoes, so I got these white shoes with these roses and flowers in there, they’re pink so it matches the pants, and I think it’s just gonna go together perfectly, so let’s get dreaming like DesignBids. So guys, it’s been two full weeks and Karina’s still changing, and now I’m practicing my ones, my twos, and especially my zeros, because Karina is not gonna have such a good outfit as you expect. Okay Karina, it’s been two years, are you done? Yeah. Finally. Okay, come out. (electro-pop music) Oh, what do we have here?
You like my pants? Okay, these pants are kind of matching your shoes this time. Snoopy and friends! (laughs) Okay, do you like this outfit? Hmm, eh. Not too bad, I think. No, it’s bad. What about it is bad, Ronald? Okay, first of all, your pants look like they’re 20 meters long. Well, that’s the look I’m going for. Second of all, you’re not Snoopy, and no friends are over here, so there’s no Snoopy– It’s just a shirt, Ronald! Snoopy and friends! (laughs) Second, third of all actually, your pants don’t match your shirt, and it doesn’t match your scrunchie or your Apple Watch, or your hair. W- What? Ron, these things here don’t matter, it’s just the outfit. What? That is part of the, what do you have? Oh, those shoes! What’s wrong with my shoes? Okay, those are the only good part of your outfit. What? What is, why? There’s the shirt, too. I don’t think it’s that bad, Ronald. Look, it matches with colors, I think. The pants and the shoes match. (clapping) The shirt matches with the Apple Watch, so, you know you got synchronization there going on. You synchronize the top, you synchronize the bottom, I look cute. Look, it’s so cute, it’s Snoopy and friends. Karina, that’s a drawing. Yeah! I think it’s not that bad, I’m gonna rate it a, hmm, let me see. Hmm, what did you vote me last time? What did you vote vacation mode last time? What did you? But you’re not judging the vacation, you’re judging this outfit now. Mmm, true. Okay, and plus, the face just does not match with it. It matches, see? (Ronald Laughs) Are you wearing a lipstick in color of your pants? No, no ain’t anything on my face. No? The earrings do not match.
They’re similar. I always wear these earrings, Ron, I never take them off! Sucks to be you. They match! Okay so minus 1, 2, 3, 4–
Okay, plus 1, plus 2? (chortles) Half a point for that, okay. Let’s go. So, I guess that matches… (goofy music) That is minus another point, Ronald, just write down your answer! (laughs) And that, and that, okay so that’s like, Are you ready? (laughs) Yes. What’s the number? Ready steady? Bada-betty.
Bada-betty, let’s go! 8?
8! (gasp) Ooh, an 8 and a 4. 4’s not that good. (laughs) Karina, would you like to take another look? I think we’re moving up, it’s 12 total. Ron, you can’t change your answer, it’s 4. Don’t change it like this. Thank you for your generous 8. So guys, I got 12 points for this outfit, I’m pretty sure this is the best outfit, it’s super fashionable, and I got a 12, which isn’t too bad. Wait, your nails do not match. (foreboding music)
Minus 2 more points! What? Okay, so you got a 10. The nails aren’t part of the look! The nails match the Snoopy. Yeah! Look, look. It’s perfect, it’s a perfect match. What, no!
Exactly. No. ‘Cause I planned this out. (laughs) 100%. No, that’s minus 2 points right there. I think we’re gonna have to stick with the 12 total. No. So guys, this round I have to get at least 12 points, but you guys have to agree, those nails did not match the outfit at all. So I have two options, and I think I’m gonna go for the awesome, the magical, amazing, game on shirt. Get it before it sells out, link in the description. Oh wait, it already sold out, okay, too late. (laughs) Well, you can still try. So, and we have the pants, the nice blue, awesome pants. We have the shoes, nice black shoes to match. I think. And we have the red, awesome backpack, that is open for some reason, but anyways, let’s change. And get 26 points. So guys, Ronald is changing and I hope he’s not gonna have too good of an outfit so this guy isn’t gonna give him some sympathy points. There’s no sympathy here, only perfect scoring. Mmmkay (funky music) The awesome RonaldOMG Game On shirt, you have to vote a million for that (laughs) (cricket chirps) Okay, so I don’t think that that looks bad, I think it’s pretty good, actually. I don’t really like the bag, doesn’t look, the color doesn’t really work, if it was a bright red it would work, it would be better, but, yeah it’s okay. Can I see your shoes? (beeping) What, you have blue socks on? Uh, blue to match my shirt. Oh, minus points. What? I think it’s actually matching very nicely. Yes. The shoes, the socks, the shirt. I don’t like all this–
And you might have the question, what is inside this very bag? Well, I have prepared for that question, myself, and it’s something that you should all do. Is it part of your outfit? Um, I guess. Okay, let’s see it. What is it? It is. 10 What? Are you tricking us here? Why is there a 10?
Is this game rigged? Because you have to vote 10! Why would I vote 10? Because it’s so amazing. (laughs) You see, it’s something you should do. Okay, I’m gonna give you the points for the shirt, ’cause definitely it’s the best shirt you have, so. Yes. (laughs) Eat that, Karina. My shirt was good too! Oh wait, I have a question, what were you drawing here? Oh, that, believe it or not, is a self portrait. Bruh, look at this dude. (cackles) Look at the top of his head. Look at his lips! (cackles) (everyone laughs) Of her? A self, of me. Oh. (upbeat music) Yeah, I see the forehead wrinkles, it looks just like you! Oh, I’d go with 10. Oh, thank you! Anyway, we’re judging you right now, so, what do you got here? You got the ripped pants, pretty stylish. Thumbs up for that. Yay. The shirt has your name on it, so that is plus 2 points right there. Mhmm. Karina’s like “minus points” (laughs) I think backpack is matching nicely with the colors. No, it would be better if it were bright orange, you know. It would look better if it was a bright red. It’s true though. (laughs) Good acting skills, okay. (Ronald laughs)
2 points. (suspenseful music) And like, you have to admit, like, I prepared for that question. Yeah, I don’t know about this ’cause you’re rigging the game, so. Uh, that’s not rigging the game. Now I’m brainwashed, now I’m like looking at the number and, copying it here. Okay, you know– (suspenseful music) There you go. (laughs) Okay, I think I know what I’m gonna give you. It’s like a 2, isn’t it? Karina’s like “how did you know?” (laughs) Okay, so I have my number, and it is… Is? Ready, steady, let’s go. Nine, six, yes! 15, 15!
Whoa! I told you I was gonna get 26 (laughs) Wow, congratulations Ronald, you’re in the lead, I think. Yay! Karina’s so salty as she voted a 6, but she can’t… I’m just telling the truth here, okay? Your outfit’s not the best, but you know, it’s acceptable. Acceptable, that’s what I like! So guys, I won two rounds of far, if I can get the last round to win, I will get three out of three wins. (chuckles) And I’m gonna be the ultimate fashionista. I am the grandest.
The only reason why you won is ’cause you’re wearing merch. What? Oh, yeah, thank you, thank you. And that’s a point for creativity, open minded, and responsibility. Ronald, wearing your own merch isn’t very creative. Okay guys, so I’m back in my closet ’cause I need to rethink my choices ’cause, they don’t seem to like it when I actually put effort into my outfits, so I’m gonna go for something simple. All right, I like this dress here, it’s black, has buttons in the middle, and what I really like with this dress is this shirt underneath it, I think it looks really, really cool, and I’m gonna go for thee shoes, Ron has the exact same shoes, and he was wearing them the last round, and I love them, so I’m gonna wear these shoes, and this outfit. Hopefully they’re gonna like it, ’cause it’s pretty simple. And, I really need to win. So guys, it’s been several weeks, and Karina’s finally finished, well, I think she is, hopefully. And here I have my possible ratings for Karina, 1 through 10 but I’m gonna put little ticks next to it to see how I feel. Okay, Karina, come out! Or down stairs. (upbeat rock music) Whoa! Oh! Oh, look at that! Like, finally nice.
Oh, wow. Not bad, that’s actually really good. Everything matches, nice colors, I mean black and white. And uh, you got the sunglasses, they’re very stellar. Hmm. Hmm, okay Karina you’re probably gonna win. This one’s really good, so, you better be scared. Yeah, I lost, I already know, I lost. What are you gonna wear next? Can you top that? Probably not. I know, I’m just too fashionable for y’all. Okay, glasses minus points. What? (laughs) I just don’t like how they’re so big, and the, like the yellowish
Big, they’re not big! Yeah, I just don’t like the size. So that’s, well, Karina, that’s barely any minus points. Okay, I think you’re getting really good points here. For the sunglasses, for the matching purse and dress combo. Even the shoes are matching, what? You gotta like my shoes. I’m bouncing between two numbers. I don’t know what to pick! 3, 2, 1.
2, 1. (triumphant trumpet)
Let’s go! A giant 10! (gasp) I got 18! I got 18, what? Wow, that’s the highest score so far. So guys, I got an 18, that means I’m probably gonna win, I’m so happy so that, I’m so happy that I went up stairs and changed my outfit ’cause I don’t think they would’ve liked my outfit as much as this one. Okay Karina, don’t celebrate to soon because my last one is not that good. But you gave her a 10 anyways, and you’re gonna vote a 26. I just wanna see the magic. It’s gonna happen. So guys, for the final turn I have to destroy Karina with 20 points, or 36, and I’m gonna need some help, by my little fellow, Harold, the Gucci backpack. So we’re gonna use this, it’s gonna get me at least 15 more points, and then the next outfit, well, this outfit is gonna be this and it’s gonna get me like, 10 more points, so like 25, here I come. So yeah, let’s put this on. Are you guys ready? Yeah!
We’re ready. Let’s go. M’kay, vote high please. (rock music) Welcome, to Ronald’s magical world. Of fashion. Yes. I’m speechless, I love it. What? Well, yeah, actually yeah, I like it. Yes. You’re surprised? The color is– This is, yeah, I like it! I don’t really like the shirt, ’cause the texture and the color reminds me of denim, and I don’t like denim for a shirt. Ronald, what shoes are you wearing? You can look. I can’t see. I can not see, I’m legally blind. I think they are matching the shirt. (agreeing hums) Pretty nicely. And don’t forget, the $2000 Gucci backpack. (laughs) The colors on the Gucci backpack don’t match the rest of your outfit. So, it’s still good, it’s still good. (cricket chirps) Hello? Hmm. Just, okay vote, go, go. What? What is, what is that? Whoa, whoa, why do you keep drawing a thing? (laugh) So guys, please vote, or else I will find you! Okay. (dad laughs) All right, I think I know what I’m gonna vote. Karina, just be fair, okay?
10.9? ‘Cause I think it’s awesome. I wanna see a 10 here! I wanna see a 10!
Can I have, can I put decimals? Oh, you’re gonna put 0.5, aren’t you? No, I need to be precise. Oh wow, okay sure, decimals. M’kay. Okay, I think I have my number. So, it is going to be, by the way, I like the colors. The colors, oh, yes. Blue, white, blue, gray. Or whatever this color is. Okay, think I’ve got my answer, my score. Okay, five! Are we ready? I think we are. 4, 3, 2, 1! Let’s go. 6.2. 10. It’s a 10, what are you doing? 16.2?
It’s 10! What, really? Yeah, it’s a 10, what are you doing? I don’t like the shirt, This is good!
And I don’t like, the colors of the bag don’t match! Look, the pants are a perfect match for the shirt, the shirt match the shoes, okay. The backpack is matching the smile. (bell chimes) And, even the buttons match the backpack, so. Yes.
There you go. The shoes don’t match his shirt, the shoes are a different color. (laughs) They’re darker!
Oh, wow! It is a 10. It’s a definite 10. 6.2!
Karina’s just like “I want to win so I’m just gonna put 6.2” No! I honestly think this outfit deserves a 6.2. So guys, that was the final, and last outfit. I got 16.2 points with this outfit, which is pretty nice, and this is Karina’s winning outfit, 18 points, and my Gucci backpack definitely did help to get like at least five more points. Well I think my outfit should win because everything is cohesive, everything matches, but you have two different blues, and that’s just unacceptable. Speaking of winning, go to our Instagram, we posted photos of these, Beautiful outfits. Yes, beautiful outfits, and you guys get to vote yourself on our Instagram, because I am a TV caster, stay tuned. Okay guys, hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, Smash that like button and we’ll see you on the next on the next time, good bye! (upbeat music)

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