PSXplosion #192 Koudelka [Part 2] (PSX, RPG). Later: King’s Quest IV [Part 2] (PC, Adventure)

to it than and then let’s see if the announcement thing to
actually worked they worked this time the thing I did actually work
for once the amazing , that works cool to excellence comment but I’m sure it’ll break again
in a week when discord changes some minor
thing and doesn’t tell the body
to have six disliked which all
over again they used to do that too they would change some minor
thing but they wouldn’t tell
anybody about it until
everything burst into flames and
discord is now but at least if the lease its fix
for now so to so great , ceo that set that was suffered
before doing the than every
stream change log of Haywood
broke last diamond and I fix it
so tho , let’s see during CODELCO of my
Ai controller in port monitor
stop working to sides of the
turnoff for the duration of the
stream , and I fix that an Uzi turns
out CODELCO is a weird edge case
in terms of like inputs to know
what happens if the game is that and 40 other reason CODELCO of
whenever you go into a save load
screen it’s just they just hangs
up the phone that it stops talk bike computers computer stuff it
stops talking to a 0.2 seconds and on during that time of my
code would add just kinda give
up on my ankle microcontroller
thing that I use and then it
would s to lead a fix that was II gave
it a longer buffer , to wait for the communications
to start again and that fixed
its sole tour so that some that
fixes that weird edge case with
t with CODELCO of the boy have played a riff welcome back, that of most of the chat is not
on the two it’s actually on my
discord to a few goats my web
sites are a parade of live you
can bucket and bodies founded by RE
watching due in 2000 at center
were born every wealth of a a a
a a base that welcome by sissy
en let’s get started to make folks
of the plan tonight is part two
of CODELCO, so were already on
DIS two of four and conduct and
m conjured hours on I’m sick and
totally OK with it being a good
10 hours rather than an OK 20 , so then we’ll do that and then
after that is part two of king’s quest for and that will be what we do in
tonight’s so that is always what I like to do is make a little recap of what
we had the last time so that you
remember and when I remember
what the hell happened last to
know in this case previously conquered elk and the right to have a Telco delta bookie lists of the skin
interior so we’re on OM disk two cents a diluted in the Opie
asylum to we should have working
input monitor the sun and slick
I’ve mentioned before I had to
to a the rights to start the timer the right to this game is is
quite good so far to know where we’re currently at
is like we’re in the bucket is a clouds
by the way the incredible high detail class of
it up at the third local folks , to see a where were in like an
underground part of the the monastery I think this is a
monastery that were in the hands of we found a
container filled with acid art at the VAT filled with acid but the game wouldn’t let us get
the acid , we met a floating ghost girl
who was creepy to us of ands or we last left off after
defeating a pretty difficult
boss in front of a of the SAP so the way that this
game to as saves is very bizarre
we also did science on that, so
there’s hard say points like and
m bonds some of sunscreen transitions and even though it says its
temporary there still saved on
the card and they still persist
throughout the loads and then
wheneve to oh, so I’m not gonna worry
about getting to a regular save if I
don’t need to, to his hat that
so we actually play a little bit
more productive than those
planni as I wasn’t sure if the of the
saves and actually work, but we would figure that
out so well of let’s continue the case so on this screen here
right here when you when you
entered the screen this is where
the PlayStation and other could
op the few seconds and that is why
it’s my input monitor crash last
time there is one we got to the
endgame save menu, like 10
minutes into the game that is one a crash my input
beer and that’s why couldn’t get
it to the work again but I fix at issue now on me to
do with it all day so that the that top
seed is that the hard save and
then this one is we can only
have one temporary see the time
but so to know that just a continue
from this one that and according to the menu of the many keep showing the
dual shock controller for all
the controls but they even if you press the
analog button that some lives in here in if you press the analog
button it will not even tried to switch
and analog matters if they
really want to use of the pad
for this game I don’t know why
but tour there there’s no like
programming reason they needed
to do that if all book a self, that’s take stock
of print or hear so as far as
late key items they got this to statues necklace thing so
it’s it’s clearly made to be too
big for persons sets can be for
statue , there’s this a red glass part to
this this we got a right after
the last boss fight that we did , and they can be used to view
things within a certain spectrum
so maybe there’s some sort of
like puzzle in game puzzle way to solve that
this so far there hasn’t been
any to survival for a tight
puzzles in the game and as far as I know
there’s no item combination to
this is this is a little weird , and we have the icons during
which is also for statue of any icons rain city get three
of the things for statue but we
haven’t come across any any
statute yet to have to do
anything and then everything else is just
just regular together older PG staff,
accessories and armor had been
really hard to come by so far we’ve
we’ve only got no one knew
nothing of armor in the entire
game so far and two accessories from from
the boss and then weapons said
there’s been plenty what drops
and there is durability in this
game that’s going to be an issue
moving forward to , let’s see a second ones that all health
and all that, I don’t think any
to miss the formation of the
what we will we have now is
kinda wor , but there is so there’s there’s
also a map apparently somewhere
in the game but they warn across
yet and then the rebut an IE if they think the Manual said
something about the rebut and
changing disks using magic of Sony enter new location search
every nook and cranny in might find something the
string helpful tool items are
suspicious looking counties in a
command enough to its owners and
we h so see here to move status since battles see
the game OK to read will allow you to read
the contents of any letters
books or other written material
than game interesting to know these if you
know were apparently halfway
through the game they have and
run across anything to anything at all that uses
anything like that its cert bucket soul of the ad read splurge and so
there’s a statute in the back of
the room here to statue woman and that’s all lets me do if it to so even though we have all
this statue stuff and Armand
soaring to like we can to confuse these anything that does these are
clearly east touching things and that probably is in game that
Pearsall visceral to guess the
name of this known to a , OK that, do not want a safe to even if you walk through this
a point it still makes a save , says statues and the the front
left and right in this room that some are running as to anything there if to service
games a little weirder screen
transitions like it’s really
hard to tell where the
transitions ar and none of it’s it’s also
really hard to spot work items
are on the ground the case so we’ve we’ve already been here and
there is an item over here back
here is where that acid thing
was , Beckett the effort so for this
tour was a , a hallway and then another
door that said there is said and
the force keeping you from
moving there to so they’ll think
we can she’s tough and uses a temporary safe spot
the pure to solo that’s the deal with this
infamous anything we can , . Acacia so there’s the store here and can’t be opens so maybe this
is where we use acid whenever we get a container for it and then the test just fight where we got here can we get
scorpion and then pull the ball
thing to women five either these
yet to sew so though the ball to it’s your keys to , are slits of skin scorpion a bomb here to if I were a scorpion I would be vulnerable to taxes clearly sets that’s a lie
tax I think , so this game has eight of the
elemental vulnerabilities to its
but there are there not obvious why pay it seems like they just
they does randomly assigned them
to the tanneries in this game
images can have tipped figure
mom there’s also lights the mental , and haven’t had a huge use for
that, and then we started off
with all these 45 spells , so if I were scorpion I would
clearly be vulnerable two
tornadoes ’cause to scorpions
are lights and therefore they be blown away by tornadoes and dies is OK we’re in a header but
then so we’ll give them the
tornado and then the guys are and then we’ll see if it’s even
in Hilo more do nothing or do a
lot to there’s also a lot of zero
damage attacks in this game which is which is bizarre
there’s also the miss but as far
as I’m aware that the mists to miss status is only for, it’s
like and if even one worker
after something , so you have this console China
figure out the spell system to
sit still little weird to me today to summon up, the CIA guys are did anything OK
56 was that’s not horrible the reveries in the sky, Mrs.
James I think he sucks a magic
even though he has very sick all
she could oppose silenced the right well it’s lots acts
boxes for Pierre question I
guess , and then let’s let’s mace the
scorpion question since she
silenced Bono or damage to our the taxing to is also this some this kind and we’d not backed
thing they on the north as a crater
what takers to the that’s the way this game does
those things like rights is also pretty weird , are like I’m not sure if if
something is a critical hit that
it’s a critical mass and it’s ineffective if it’s a post them as if it’s
like total damage passed a
marriage like divest an old bill real good indication in
this game of anything like that cops to leverage if that bring in a stew scorpion
fight , and its axis saying question take good to be stirred and he
let but if this is like but I’m kind of baffled at it I
will be baffled if this does
like 400 plus damage again
because the weapon she’s using is not a to a physical tack the weapon it’s a it’s us caster
weapon if the if the Kia I’m pretty sure this
mace is gonna break and like two
hits , so and see , that issues like no no strength
either to that of a the then tore these can keep casting the right the camera get aboard
sure , if both you’re actually suffered a
back seat and you with a back
seat of a tough bouquet a lumber pain from the hardwood
right. Not meant for use as a
weapon will they be given to us
as a weapon as it to give a bunch of stats are
something it’s it still gives a bunch of
stats in and strength index , , interesting to low the yeah probably does break easily
outs like this and so that the
mesa the havoc with on her gives all whole bunch of to stats in magic , and it also even though it
begins like no bonuses to
strength to still hits like a
truck with it , and then from that I’m kind of
guessing that the that meese’s
probably gonna break super
easily to buy can probably a
super low dura , and I should buy should probably
only be using the mesas a
physical thing in like a last
resort situations is I don’t I get the feeling the
same as gonna break after only
five hits the AK , so we still need some sort of container for that acid to would
let me walk further to the
rights , they’ve already been in the door
to the upper left and that was kind of the together and hallway so can we go south. The source this is back in the shrine, can
the week in and other health
back here that little of it might as well the 8000 as far as I’m aware it
doesn’t show you the other
durability there are some some kinda weird
numbers next to a text weapons
but from what I’ve seen there’s
no indication that they also
don’ scared to take a guess I guess , like we’ve been using the , like this we’ve used quite a
bit , so if I Press are right from
here you can see there’s level
1-0 specialties hit than this is 1-0 that’s the 1-0
so timely women use this one at
all, to the no on a can we not that is if only
had 11 weapon alone, so far in so far it hasn’t been a huge
issue the case of the the thing on the rate was where
the acid was to take filled with acid somehow
she knows that too often takes a
massive to take us you can’t
take anything from the tank
gloss sold by know that there’s like there’s whiskey and potion and
all this but if we if we like to
use use the whisky it doesn’t
give us an empty bottle as far
as so II am pretty sure whenever
this container is it has to have
this ,? Iconic strip baikal these
plot items , so I think tank that is our neck
to Kirk west is tough to find
some sort of container for a pretty acid, it is a really
tough to spot the two spot containing heard any
sort of item on the ground in
this game that they made it unnecessarily
difficult the ship the case if your spouse tipped
of the menu button to do the
temporary saved to so when
there’s a circle Das , too eager right here now and
there’s a circle to pass in the name of a new rom that
means you can temper will book a two there’s there’s no
indication that was there to
sell according to the Manual, CODELCO work, will kind of
Turner had too much to look at
the item that’s on the ground and Biden see her Turner had or any certain giveaway on the
ground that there was something
there so that have a feeling
this might be a girl fashion
pixel h whatever were looking for the
analysis thing . Let’s just get this in the ax and hope
for the best bucket so what it’s like a tight battle even know what
that is to shore , and Kate to snacks such long the laws in
a free ride remind us to to enforce latest make double
from stein, all of the car the same looks like a global
the fire to sell its that’s fired in question that is better not heal it of course to force the case a
late light feels it the services to say this is one I copper lights peels the case he doesn’t like fire
Seoul say prior bad tour if I still it’s a good reason not
to just just got physical ability points into the sky is as magic is is really bad , and she’s not looking around
anything so does for the
backtracking little bit of OK if you can receive your is you never know in this game
when just a random a 70 can tune the Liu up and then kept so maybe in the the top center right of
this room is the there’s something here ball this is where the, this is
where the green T was to there’s a cop over here to she’s clearly turning to look
at something their bets that
there’s a boss fight over there that maybe I just Gotta do the
boss fight is also like a bucket here, we
can’t do anything that to this
is this is locked by the the green T and the green T is
tier to theirs Velma invade now and there’s the the green keys
between the two of them and we have to defeat them to do OK what happens if I say
no to contest the excel bucket was begins speaks only we are to
try this before and I had to run
away from the fight has is just
a to the spec recalls a runaway we
still can to act as the last time I fought
them it was just miss miss miss
miss miss and this is the first fight in
the game that we’ve been given
the miss prompt in battles and I’m assuming when it says
Ms. Say it means you can hear them unless some
other some other prerequisite has been
at first by commit write him with the ax
here problem that can do anything now says mess to cite a feeling
we have to get get that all item may be and
then use it in the fight datum but we don’t have anything that
that resembles a doll here to Aames jury that shares a day
we can still do here by couldn’t ride using using
spells on they can heal me Sarah rom there are there Tartabull by a car that I cannot sit straight into that
the heel , so he’s got the light acts and I think I should as before
is also miss tips that still makes that they
hit the fact that the save in even magic Mrs. So
it’s clearly is clear now that we’re able to run away so I
don’t think they even attacked
last time to I’m curious to see what they
didn’t do that does is eventually allow maybe 10:00 AM in the freemasonry question of the (whatever economists that
would be weak gonna be taken out the
St Carden doing some file
management’s the meal PS I know the so it seems this is this is
a puzzle battle and this is not
meant to be out the proper
battle if if to we need they need an
item it looks like . And to this door in the upper aid is
where we came from this or that
the prison area was the bay is another backs and are
sudden really explore this room
some probably the river and missing it’s
probably in this room , though the reigning cannery in
this game is little to hide his
specially when you have to pixel
hunt for stuff like prince this to the Kaelin five disk and yet the end of this is a zombie the
top and bottom half is only with
complete with but it looks like to Mrs. That that is a zombie butts that would get negative so Fi worth the bottom half of a
zombie complete with but I would be vulnerable to tornadoes because to since this
is a makings on the it’s gonna
be able to build rafts into the drafty kazoos no pants
on so therefore a tornado to the tune of the double turn
as data battles are kind of Pena
drawdowns game flood damage and a cape 875 to I haven’t
really use a fortify spells
’cause I’m and I’ve rarely had
to, I’d use them like twice than one of the times I use to
fortify spell was end of the
BASF items save room where I
just got my three shot by the
boss purchased Whiteman party tent Cisco mother 1000 each. That’s this is this is but some
being and tornado worked fine but also another possibility
here is that, then a key plot
item that we need might be from
a battle drop that’s a gathering to the
funding and accessory drop the weekend of another 10 , ward off evil spirits of this
sum this buffs magic abilities
and think to Willa give it to him to him at the bus
magic way that the cake yet but so that’s on the opening
for a car Roberts on the lower right, to eat it’s kinda hard to tell when
she’s like moving your head that he intentionally walk slow
around , spent or play. Their items over there is there a bucket over here though. The Reitman this is this is back
in this prison where I was kinda
stocked for while as a hurry to comb through this
area many times worse the course the rights is is steady zone. So studies on the Newsweek the earth and looks
like , so there is a OM kind of a cast
time with magic so sometimes it can cast an
unseen turn up that you selected
by most times it doesn’t exist are plain sugar three in
the health and mechanic is
annoying get my degree by grief I did not like the beating mechanic in the game and won 10 , if I still haven’t run into that
any accuracy problems yet and more frequent turns when the
bubbly help with later stuff the OK if the right to delco pixel hunt continues to theirs there is nothing to
the right of the screen it seems that can go through the gates
why why was able to before least this is where it spooky go score was so to nothing here than period and as anything to them. That, and you are there no and though it’s upside down so we we fought upside down the green beans head guy and he has got I remember that
OK this guy actually hit really
hard slits that’s just not fight
the skip this step buses to this instead as a sky hits like a truck to
have his slip. The other enemies
say like a all all walks all of
slowly over two U.N. to write
and catch those types of bullets and new to we will feel not mess
with the smart upside downs on
the abroad again to a Max light Tuff if you have this this room in
particular bothers me like II
know that there’s something we
have to do here but an area probably use this boss
fight board for this plot find but the settlement bodies and a later shot arts
nice if a much of the sore need like we needed to
all , you don’t just Gotta be just arraigned on
a random item lane run on the
ground some are to soak up the ace of and can that I highly doubt its accuracy
kazoo would say a zero to that’s
that’s what I’ve gathered from
playing this game to far is tha is a mess is actually spelled out miss OK this is a LAN L and alarm to
arm is weak to megalith in the
long hours with the guys are so though the lacks even now and then blow up the arm , can the sum at soma isn’t a game
affecting the frame rates and
that is my of Balladur them not
back to taxing frames correctly that for the most part it’s
pretty accurate it’s not accurate all the time
though cassettes that extremely
difficult to do in real time , bike the way that some digital
family doesn’t if you to receive
merit the two video stuff is
that they actually record all
their time frame detection and picks
accounts in all at the time
doing in real time some line by
Nast work with what it’s got a look , if, all good does so it’s so this is
like a nerd thing earlier fight
off as a games worry if they an
enemy dies while somebody else taupe great banks thanks final fantasy the rights of a Le Mel to some like guys are great women and that’s one of them tax yeti usually say , to resist and in likes a quota were crafts
he’ll say on the evade to think that your resistance
pose , Thomas was kaiser and it the skins rid of them it’s pretty gory and music isn’t bad it is that it just doesn’t fit well to Presley game now the tour the rights are still looking for
either a doll or a container of
some sort to guess it’s gonna walk
everywhere to she turned her head to anything they sure there wasn’t anything
of note in the , the saver on the actually gonna
go back in here because the mizell your health back to
six straight here but as well , to give enough to save good to the dissension remedy help
back to the cave and get a staple of ceramic or games
the bucket and all of the the rubber check in with
a dead fish arts this is to scorpion scorpion for the
ball I just have them blank on
your cousin did make them was
effective so of the I think I used fire on
scorpion and they just hit the the ball thing
with Tom that Macs and that worked well
enough to me the battle cyst of the
battle music for this game
sounds like you if it’s
something like Panzer dragoon sake or something
more which is another game that
saw what to do list still
unclear that when it , to which flared or like the green streams log,
as this sounds like it would be the wouldn’t be out of place and
the grain stream saw the TS a nice to nice jaunty over
all that music ,. To get poisons and no tour that sort of up to the actually
for back here is that a one and
Usenet that Meister ability parasite eve one I can remember what that the music is like in Pierce
anyone I don’t remember much about
parasite eve one come to think
about it , then I liked it and that II mistakenly power
level do something that the end of the game and was able to just she’s the the museum boss and later to
have us I got that the final
speller something in the museum and was able to just blow up all
the bosses pretty easily and I think that happen because
I got lost in a museum onus
eight to a just a bunch of extra
battles anyone spouse to be
doing i that we’re all a GS that worked out I guess if as the Allies I probably
wouldn’t begin the final bosses
of the the parasite eve , create she sounds tanks can one turns and words
axle when output. Good interesting they can hit twice now that is that is very useful of
the Kay , that they really makes me 1:00
AM in Max characters on the one thing and
one thing only , that returns for the vitality probably wouldn’t
hurt either book if they’re not a board takes a lot to this as another favorite
super easy as we got to get boards for days , so we got whiteboard and normal board specialty poise
and served so this one does
light damage and then this one tie is normal
damage but it also does poison not meant for use as a weapon
trip the AF by I’m not so sure that the
drops are completely random
Otto, the now OK so maybe this room has a new four and we’re looking for the third
all were container of some sort that is get the attention to her head model can’t see are looking at
anything now if is 1/2 and then done pretty sure the
door O god to service this is one of the
many bosses earlier in this and spooky ghosts and
not sure I’d want a bother with
this fight the case , became the the summer here the door just
said it was a interesting service this door
must’ve been locked because of
the Boston this save room to
that’s why see it and care if
book a and I usually means is a cut
seen here day , we’re in a storage room down
and hopefully there is a bucket
stored here in the doll , I’m hoping an old ensure the NL’s sometimes as multiple things
stored in one spot . She was even turning a look at
that Kate , and she’s looking at that one . The gun sure the ball gun is something , so far I’ve not been impressed with other range
weapons in this game button really tried the rifle that a woman can also connect
string OK of good otherwise could OK can use it I
guess shore of the rights of the verboten as a
small but when you keep the
dolls are we more important the course courses fights and if the cable that the flying plying head a camera brodie’s on that I make
is just the thing cages to fire on
flying head and it worked so
this should be one shot on that and then that’s a hopper jester of blacks in question to start off with into we get the cave that that seemed a very
effective cop been to Esther . The acts 10 and then there’s a setting like this acts the light damage the light
damage heels of course this this
light damage inside a 5050 chance of that
light acts healing something of OK if so let’s say this is
floppy but beheaded is a liar if the kit and a ride food and turk battle between god and dry food
yet many thing to shores some HP so I think dry
food is in the Manual , saying an item list Thai food is 350 HP the cut and then we also got the turk , dark derrick Tay 1 to 40
specialty hit and I should give at the team that’s a priest you’d above which played more
decorative and functional are they could also given the ball
gown but Boden the the range
weapons decrease some to crease spell casting fillets see the pistons the case that bad guy does make and really
fast and so that that is something
there to maybe if I wanted CODELCO to
be able to cast a whole bunch of
spells really quickly and like a BASF I do something I
can equip that the dour Conner and that’ll than to give are
many more turns than usual , tying the cave of all gun it’s
pretty hard actually , I think only of like 1515 bow
shots though to its 55 what about that interesting so the guns to guns
to be less impede work with but
the bold and doesn’t affect that the poster that if to fly will
regret that they’re bucket , and even know where we came in
from in this room there may be in a circuit , back and here is there’s two
doors , and it’s also say point are candidate as a point like every
skins game which is nice and not
complaining but if and they do give you the
opportunity to not save if you
don’t want to do is mention that there’s a
once a point since came to demise will just be at
something in the menu like you
open the menu and he can sit
here but the red T OK to buy another
NT also locked the com those were the two of the two
and two season started a more the door to a room was also the
Ricky . Tours that this wrong kind looks a little
familiar as is back up the way we came to power statue plastered up
inside the wall if he poured
water on it from above the cave, but so we can this be some sort of puzzle
thing in the room above us , that’s the case so whenever the givers
there makes that some tour the cave they said pour water but we have
all this whiskey and a hive is still solace souls
the AMA to NP recovery treating this game and is probably a boss fighting. There’s a golf the case and now we can use that
to get the green T alliance that you were . And then the Bayer the fat eight ad banner of latter bite the bullet and teddy bear
more than what are the back of a kickback and family use of the
command it reads he performed a DC creek
experiment to forget the pain of
love they all people be saved by
god’s divine lights as tour I’d buy guess I should write that
down to I’m guessing these these bold
mother bold words to secrets been people the lights what does it mean to the problem as if to maybe that’s just how they
wrote , buys it discounted go crazy
because some if I stop moving it assumes that there’s no new
frame the one I start moving
again it sees it as new frames
must catch up and then to worry
about to worry about its bottom line to the case you get spooky
ghosts here , as I’ve said, by and I’m
calculating EFPS through a a a
visual, open computer vision
thing that I wrote and it’s
actually look to figure out what the MPS is , and it actually is accurate
and most part there’s there’s a
few instances where it isn’t that that’s for the most part
accurate the city the boat and is here
that’s pretty good OK , if I were spooky ghost I would
be collar the week to if probably water probably water that’s a that also weak faxes if as one of the cuts the particular week interesting I didn’t get a
double hit their one hole damage and men that of
the belsen this game is so weird it’s like it’s either instant
death one damage are zero damage
if a the arts is big egos clearly did not
like water , and in the southern like water
either the kit cut hay field may OK sure can’t take it all you Gotta reload this
township that’s right you Gotta reload
the ball gun ball it’s so stupid the came into the modem is not
great maybe isn’t that great together ago, old course sites
there’s a second broken weapon and cave get this in the chat for if
water acts and moved them show the bowl that says that’s as
otherwise healthy again by so
much there it says is acts broke
that was where lot is fatalities
from the army along Sorensen whiskey . All you can choose not to get
stuff barely gets there were a total why would you
declined getting stuff to smell like there isn’t that
in the door luminous games for
Sino bouquet of St. Louis coping on
off on him now so he’s got
really high axe skill but we’ve only got one acts of the mirror says that high eight
to the prob what the the pipe in
the hammers that some to service
doesn’t that the water to the the water hammer is water
ailment which seems more often
than not to the heel stuff , so this is special to you too
can hit sure , it loses agility but by tour and then there’s also so
according to the Manual UK and you can double hand and what if the according to the
Manual and changing disks take note the P2 where was it of two handed bulk a way that’s a
that’s opinion is that so with
two handed swords and requires
to enhance their of their
somewhere it’s just differentiating
between the two different types
of swords you can use if the cave so the room below us
mention some little outpouring
water down , as this is a stolen a tablet , to pick up the added to or the Gotti stone tablet and then did else ago BASF I
didn’t know . To this this to be the room that
weird pour water town to the interesting to Ken and skeet Moon as to something’s not right, this
must use a pointer of the cane as it always says Everett for
boss fight , so James , was 20 to another fight before
we can’t do anything else to Connecticut the rifle and
James to Z. Boden just seems
useless told told you that two of the
Kezar least six shots to 12
whenever does work with , bouquet so what it would
probably means by pouring water
down from above his activating
the fountain here with a holy
water at t that’s probably what it means that can be this to go to bed few about this if the OK to get a file of sy
Malraux the right to know the saying this is probably one of those
enemies it has like a animal to
hit attack it just kills you
immediately , all good are fact to a rate to sold to this this is
obviously a plant site therefore
buyer always and then just as good stabbing to Kate that stabbing very effective as
is usual that is that’s a lot of damage
but it did her can often that’s the city art one of these is is a cure are at the panacea neutralizes
silence to soulful given to her the boy if dipping a stock up on those . It seems instead that the matters this is,
useless to four least 10 that back to burn in and then he can , if she is so he’s about 200 ish
which the cheese will solve that the OK Tedi I hate that it did a step
to have those like 5 seconds
there were just as it does not
doing anything but let’s see if this does
anything more heels the boss a cave that actually was a very
effective acted as much as the the thing that OK and give Edwards and cheeses
will and 10 , cave of a six that that’s the fifth figure do
we do to take an ideal of bouquet of soul I’m going to fortify the
strength of the interviews doing
these so far been the most
effective to believe this , and then the cheese am up again this is
something else is better to dry
food heels for 350 am not sure I can use and
although it can OK that all the just wait again. That tonight he’s 45 of the case and its casting the
only to assume enough to kill zero OK I am I’m OK with
this in my piece stackable and it’s
OK this is not ideal , but you have an attack to the potion heels for 500 and not sure if I really wanna
be using those up though the
deals 150 , cheeses to 50 so let’s hope
she’s up again the combat systems little it’s a little opaque it’s kinda
weird it’s not always clear what steps
even going on tour is James Beckett to 25 to the cheese salt to do the wrong person I think
OPS bucket the Libyans turn again least, so I think all actually have
could tell, fuel teal Edward the second half of that if the gray use a mixture
of the car to go kick and cheese Edward to keep them alive and then I think in a move her
up and we’re gonna start the wilderness are hidden in the
boss of the mace year as they might as well start they
can use about the that all P
mace attack power and and that’s that’s the downside
of of doing that but if bush is
paralyzed two greats as end of
its the parts are gonna have to turn out
to do that and hopefully he gets another
turn before the Dr. does some
week in the upper back of the followed
all the joke about the tax service and all that good seven image
interesting bucket we’re just gonna go for
broke here , the 10 and see if we can finish off the
boss with the the mace designed a feeling of pride and
after restart this finding new
ways if this doesn’t work that a well they still want to still hope
you’re the contact , to me to get Edward backup to as high as we can . Are so the the mace didn’t do as
much as I thought I would sign a
back to dunk off again , the divisive and where to get the nod that since James to stay means less generic names
for the characters to some other
trouble keeping up with his hip of some magic James they’ll so if if the boss gets the spell
off here before that gap and
will force the case ended on the right is
dead and conduct a silenced again the token of course the course
of course of course OK the right to all the right . If gap and then James is still love
nine good lord , if then. So this this kind of explains their it confirms that if a
character is downed win a fight and as they don’t
get EXP to its it’s kind of what I buy suspected before that knots there much confirmed grates to that’s a second fight that
we’ve had a good character and
where he’s been done things missed out on 2 to 2 full
fights to the next guy time he was last year for the we
got to know is already behind
two levels we got an though off the musical Monty
Huynh an instrument to the flights of cases is cut 200
HP but this is clearly the great bodice are given in to minimal
eight , might as well that’s just a point again in a game six a ways he doesn’t
it is observed to get this
state’s be a new ways the cave, so perhaps this did
something in that room below but
I’m not holding my breath for it , so let’s see if there is
anything else in this room can’t see any obvious items on
the ground to let’s see if the door does anything to that to the cat why did they put the logo at the
end of every half of the bluff that a a a bit sisters are owns at the gate
storage room tour to refine that it maybe that’s the the statue, that now I don’t that’s a statue reenter the
necklace on you at the attached
a necklace to the the separate
statute and I’d have upheld the hell am I
supposed to be able tell she’s
Turner had the look of something
from from this faraway take this game really expect me
to to find objects on the floor
like this that cable is a statute and tangles arm as to so the chore to their if there’s a spooky
Skelton inside of this this statue to modify all it sees a mummy OK this hidden in his statue of the seductive side agreements
before if they not object darts
to picking the line capital of
large guide is in it or Sibley
shov OK to garish of this line and
the into something sure then stone tablet these of the printing press and a determined peers to be a
map of some OK so it’s it’s only
get a map so we have to buy some sort of big the
parchment I guess to do that so much sure at that time VAT of
acid and it can container of
acid has anything to do with
anything to lay looks like they should be
able to the to climb up on goal
is to get up to the door and we know . Currently not knock is ended the day to have
to reverse the map and that
their requires too much thinking that is too much they can buy when be able to do that by hopping jester is just accent
and then spooky ghost is water I
think an NT James can stay alive for a
fight and maybe he’ll get a
level up some time this year is probably gonna heal adjuster
can I know this is a lights to light damage weapon captors taxes so useless of have a Tiananmen could tell kids as
does blows up everything in one
hit are hopefully term this fight the love boat drop in accent
isn’t as a garbage and we can
equip on priest aired on all the connectors buffed its
attack a lot of it’s probably gonna get a second
and didn’t OK and I’m shocked the right and get this is built and it’s not want her
stats are naturally inclined
would set so it they would make sense that
people would probably put their assigned a bonus
points to the two that , so sure about the bomber that
and also make a little faster the flight hearing his his
staff’s word these are
essentially his starting stats
so his started 899 and then
could help is start , so it just it just makes sense
to two and to spec out the characters like
that , and then this guy I am still a
chart what this case for he and his
initial stats kind let you go
either way with them but these
kind of added everything to have
a buddy we fully funding at the
level up with them at least the the right to whiskeys and a
dagger poll taken they be the
dagger we can give the Jameson
then you can to see maybe be
more usefu the fire dagger OK to some fire
dagger that also does poison tour and the six men note that James
is like peas the end of the
bench and he’s also a two way
player in the gee league or the hawks that that is James so he can even make the rotation
on the hawks openness and to get that at
people like how the game does is
it it tells you what happens in
the in the cut seen before the
cut to no reason for the off as the start shooting at you OK , OK from that that’s also
worried that could’ve been in an
endangered cuts in the if boulders covering this now this
is OK this is a new mechanic and coffee bean bite that the off button a less save 7 minutes go
ahead while , we found somebody who could
run actual gun to our carnation
magic fight all I can even I can even a stab
in either of so we have to shoot and my guess , there was this that 18 that it is apt to Zen right to
die read that right to spear disk 880 and it’s also up, two squares to sew up to the domestic have a tough the right to shore so I think I can actually
confirm them behind cover with this and this works like a thing of
those cuts I’m hoping because a sky
only has a gun it’ll be single
target only to a messy tea figures out how to shoot
more than one shot at the time
they still might be OK of them let’s) I’m sure the Liu you can attack those
interesting book a beacon attack to cover the hot mechanics the right now we can back in the meal steady and even when shown good , that that’s OK well that’s just cheese about here hopefully more boxes don’t like
to full at the ceiling they kissed to fight even longer
than meets today the cave, we’re to make a I’m pretty sure this is bosque
as it turned normal encounters a
typically doesn’t this and have a plot message
perform don’t kill Codelco’s toll tell you do it the case
that’s fine I’m OK with that OK teased I’m boxes the kit good and now all now we cook and the right to stay is so folks now and less is just
a randomly heels and if the
right to serious this is the spare not be at the plot
and counter , god bowl will fly out if this is
safe to fly your spouse a loser
not and should probably updated as she and it’s OK as this might be one of fight
that you have to use an item on
TV and other unspecified and yet but say if the soft reset the off the case at least now we know
the mechanic for the fight and
we come across again but II have
a suspicion that are not suppose actually fight
they carry out maybe it’s only guns or it might
be bike your spouse to show him are
are lined statue or something and not the one look around
first before I ago to fight
again to allow the teddy bear and I think the two was a with the halls and
human genes to air the rifle
equipped, but that’s that’s a peaceful and given that the dark turk
again communal service to the evil horn is
little 1 to 0 with him to lookup that on them to look
is Dr. Tse four and the SMS is
level one BDD weird baby at the KB that’s not
actually damage range maybe
that’s the Expedia you have for
that some that type of weapon Blake we’ve used axes before are
we we have little to axes on him to fight him right on here’s a
guy to say two – something the am OK to that’s what it is
to that is in a damage range a
surtax P with that type of
weapon book a the Manual does imaginary this
by the way the guy sure jell the
menu that many last time and it doesn’t say anything about
any this boy to scan at the figured out
on our own to the case so that that’s all
Zionist resets not a named range book it that it’s the law. Tse point oh OK set to the store was the cuts
enough , as a chandelier getting shot ensure watch us again that that on mustaches pretty
good enough this this game is has
given us weapons for days to some healing items and then
to no armor worn accessories up
to it to a total fat some
purpose or are what the low to the wrong seifert’s
they just realize this will save that separates it
again bucket and yet it’s that’s kind of of
the downside of the inning
randomized I assume randomized
loop for the entire thing is
that and less there’s some way to
mitigate it in the game code you can get to put a bad spot by the time that the drop system the case so the fight with
gunfight guy was up the stairs so to go back this way for now to me go back to that roamed
those towns stairs and the essays below this room is there’s a prompt on the wall
that said there’s a stone tablet
it might be able to be dissolved
if keep if waters run the ball book a Solaris is glass on the
Wes Kurth on that guy and then
the knights I think we just give
them , so close on these are tough the Notre need to this like to play the first one
to the first signs of the
backlog this is this is the
running the right thing here for insert
game name is in the backlog and
Nino Kearney and one at least as
in the backlog to think that wins apiece to
regain and if it is side of probably
have it to have pretty much the complete
library for peace 1213 in my archives of case are still waiting on her
to cast a week ago. And stabbed
as the pottery masters tennis bookcase who should be able to
deal with the night which is physical tax the right 36 whole damage Nystrom of earth probably gonna be one here and then it the right and that you give that James
Lovelock , switch to a guess , can’t see all day and we finally
get some armor it only took the carver many hours that we get births e-mail afflict absorb interesting OK to sell its weak to wait and that’s weak to earth half . I as e-mail bolo case of the to the accessories that you have
on determine your weaknesses and that’s how often say even though
it’s they’re both near rings to their bulls we have a roof to wind but these to that skylight of this does any of this really
matter if you don’t know how the
time what the Cano it’s kinda like the one for the , FERC run across kind of the
little weaknesses but it’s like
they they did a horrible job of that
kind of their 35, okay systems won’t
wouldn’t be having him on the
front lines love this time would that the attitude if that’s 35
when Tony woods is the the ranks
give the Keck is even more any
reduces pie to I think I would buy that they’re ranks buff spy to we’ll give him that because
we don’t care at the other stuff
to use them a shipload of HP now and then , so that gives more pie and CODELCO doesn’t really need
it to the mizell give a damn taken
you can cast for the count to Edward has just begun HP for days now and
conductors got almost 300 MP now and spell still only cost 8:00
PM PT cast so of the AMA is as we use it more by
fuel the Loire almost a little
too if layering at all the damage
spells and could uncover stole
the level one , that meant to have that maybe I should be men Mac
saying, the damage spell that will know where we’re
clearly missing one spell here
which is if ID guess that’s
probably status Il make your
maybe or mayb the nose, but it it looks like I haven’t been casting megalith
that much more than the other
ones that are but turn the looks of things
here II should probably just spam megalith as much as I
can adjust to get to level two
effect ’cause maybe level two
cast placer something , and Cindy I use only a 200 with
those two to oh if I if I spam
geyser with James and to spam megalith of Caddell cuff
to get those up that mites the bike be beneficial in a 60 and he’ll interesting by affairs of the limit brake
system are something it’s not
mentioned in the Manual but to
the Manual did mention a lot of
other , came back and stare is if to
we still don’t have a container
for the acid thing and we still have
the dolls for true that the money money
children boss fight to suspend the plasters coming
part of the quarters winning and
while the case that’s from the
font upstairs fined eight goats statue that. Timothy Wilson will have to. To get another puzzle item that it wasn’t a puzzle item was
thinking of a heavy metal on bob get tarts and undergo to give its running session and
find the Tailhook case this
dozen mentioned the scratches
like the alliance statute as to the scissors been forcibly
shoved into a container opening
of some sort interesting interesting and then this is the the
backwards map which having a anon backwoodsman
to be pretty nice to meet they can just hold up to
a mere and now work in China think if if we passed
anything already that can be
used to make them up and the early as they can right
thing to also just knows the
Edward has eight mp to that of a
rock and metal if nice the then of this or sell the statue
brings as well that the icon to con rain save
the rain necklace and the PE earrings or eight the statue
somewhere , that’s a squeaky doors in this
game just like tackle a of the have disk cryptic old
letter at the secret pain people liked to sold at I can only backtrack
as far as that of jail cell that
we ran and then that brings me to the
money rom which I am pretty sure we still
can’t believe they beat goes on
to those statues and I have a baby those of the dolls that
they’re talking about the golden
lion maybe those are for the other two children to me
things and that’s how we get the
green team and the green key
unlocks the door to somewhere the if that I’d I’d still don’t think
we have the solution to that there is the the acid the thing with the acid
and it and they don’t believe there is so we still don’t have any sort
of container to put the acid and if there is the door that was
kind of halfway broken bow we couldn’t
get past it and then from then on it was a
street tree path old lady here , to this a path and then the
chandelier rom and the end of
the gun boss to I think our only
way forward to after thinking
about , says like another door in here
that to a missed a case of underground storage
room services to assist only underground area to there’s that door in the
stops enter the room that can
remember where the door wants or
if it if it even as open bowl , the top of that of the here’s a store the right
to your case to another rookie and pretty sure interacted with
everything else in this room is like there’s a trunk Europe,
can open up this this this bell system from
paintings were no cuts in of the the door to the right
goes back to the underground
area , that 22 puzzle classes
apparently , which is can run for this
fight this is his monastery to I think that it’ll be kinda strange to
me know that we would have a
boss fight that would require
guns considering ammo is is a
scarce r so that it’s kind of bizarre that the guns would be required or
maybe there’s some other some
other weird gimmick to that the
gunfight boss that maybe we’re supposed to
enter the fight with the the mountain goat statue when
the game just to two is no can
do anything else you’d got them
under the book actually love what I’m
gonna do Zina backtrack back to
the other two mommies and bomb if that the goat statue
when the tether statue don’t
work I’m going to reload my save
back to the temporary one back
th and then the we’ll see if my
thinking is correct here , sure enough back this way ’cause a nose maybe they be the
statues are that calls that they
want is a symptom to us was the I think this is the one I’d
hopper this a shaky boy a ball just loves Bernet and offer
the best actually this is one
where guys are so we want him to
spam geyser and could help get t and of the fire, birth to get smart speed on those , as couple flame burning tell what the game is at the
zephyr lunar or star ocean or Grandy of , or we just hate to sort slash
and in one shot and that that ex PLO’s gonna get on
fire a radio. The upgrade of a gritty was agreed that some
issues with the bow I felt about
issues above the leveling system and school system but nearly
everything else in that game was
amazing book if an ingrained into is on the
tough to do list to Velma invasion of boulder green T away to the spektr dolls . And I’m a I’m still not sure
which version a grand yet to do
is is dreamcast there’s PS two
and then there’s PC and I think it’s also makes
which now bonus a bucket will the the statues still work , to work to get so I haven’t tried of the Ventura just waiting in this
fight that I don’t think I’ve
always tried just being
aggressive it’s a debate today even do
anything , they said they’re not even
aggressive it looks like this fight is so weird that so maybe this is they be this is a good way to bite by I’m not sure if we get
acts P4 OM for casting spells in this baby this is a way that she’s
the of tax fee system for a for skills and the console and it won’t show
the text event was on before I’m pretty sure if it’s a miss
it doesn’t it isn’t the acpi that waters and work that did not work in so tornado , and if lawyer and then let’s see if these a part to six of our amp,
the one heel and OK it’s that was the wind
knocked in work . Far did work either and then healing in the half , and I don’t know if there’s also
the of the uk’s key items II look for
the item list and those are all
grayed out the third grade at he’s on tariff today we get any expedience of 560 to 560 hands to 40 that doesn’t look like we we got
any MX P from that either or the
magic though this the whole lot enough in
their , say is there anything different
in this room and that there’s an so nothing different and hear
from what I see if that this
this might be a force to
backtrack scenario is you never know if games is
sold that still closed in that still kill nothin’ doin’ their bucket that’s annoying and it is
eyeing in a soft reset move in a
low that temporary safe again , and say the face and I don’t think the the magic and be changed to an
even if it did I add open to
clear want to to have to just
just she’s the polling system
like tha but I really have a good reason
to like if I was heading up the
wall in a battle are something
and then yeah I don’t consider
it that so far it’s not an issue
besides that the immortal guy
with a pistol , and I think that’s our only way
forward now is the the pistol
guy biting behind cover so that might be buying this is also weird where
it’s it makes a difference out
when you walk on it that it’s a stall like there’s anything
they can use your that there is a trapdoor
something there that does one use it to off then says is where we got the whiskey to sit out the old the though OK the rate so we got to get that the Gama this the GATT the GATT this and we got this these are these are star
signs I think them at the straw
chicle signs to the site , the if OK , let’s they be that was the trigger for their pistol guy to cannot shoot us are something of the kit for marks lineup to
shore of to far we haven’t had any light
proper puzzles besides that, if tear it to silly and in a
previous part of the game there
was a locked chest with a
numerical lock on it but that was in that the first
part of the castle and we didn’t
come across an eight by
combination anywhere that I
found , and maybe wolf will be back of
the part of the game later so that I guess you’d consider a
puzzle crisis is buds on being an but
some ease week two, tornadoes to get but some B and Carmen and army is megalith book of Bono to roll damage to Kate autry cells that they have the though probably be fanatically
correct and that that’s on the defeated the cave, and I don’t see how the help says
defeat and enough got no , the gotten a bad smell OK the fire bench and the water. We defeated the that we defeated other guy from
some of our island gold and silver medal the
creative kid stuff of fiction.
And some words. Sure what kind of stat buffs
does give terrain of the two that take is a bunch of
magic stuff but they don’t care
about that on him by the sums to mind and be good
if he’s trying to evade the V
getting hit by spells by cuts
that the only reason to have
mined o but so far that’s that has been
an issue the issue has been getting shot
to , in a tent is big enough to click
the the most inclined to put that on
productive and then take that
the earth to earth jeering off
of conducting given to him are even more that big magic but making him more useful as
probably the the battered that a
radio bouquet if that word would not just
completely relying on crude oil,
to blow up everything herself the case of this out, that’s this room over here is
the this a point room. And then is there anything I
missed in this room they also can’t interact with
things were pick up items while
you’re moving to choose why you get up the really deliver a movement’s . The thing they interacted with
the the back part of the the
waterfall and tear either to maybe there’s some some thing and waters was coming up from below flood in inward eighths arrival horse a
guess it depends on definition a
tank, but we haven’t done as an
evil two or three yet though, Bricker kept disks was a
back to two years so high as poet we
back that actually done, Tori eight
games and peace explosion some
floats and to serve streaming
and the last year so the cases is room where we’re
pistol guy is so weak we still
got our pistol that problem of Camden empires and over blood
levels of amazing if the if if the memo that some the state liquor we take a look
at the test of the database here and
the Betsy to owed it to do lists were survival for guerrilla mail list them off
your of there aren’t that many laughs
others die no crisis two
parasite eve two a resident evil
to resume bowl 387 pill and
resident and that’s it that’s all that’s all a survival corps left , to see your there is tiny no Christmas two
that when the crisis to is one
of the parasites and to their city
of two presidents and roll off the bill
to that one women and yet and we’ll
be doing the special pool shock the addition about one boat not
that it they’ve really matters
so for all they’re all very video game of induces was an evil three
nemesis side but actually never
played the song to force this
will be completely new to me , and it’s see to silence bill this one also
new to me I’ve never played
somehow one before , but that’s that’s one templates until two so he’ll two
was great to be the lutes that, if and then this last one as an
evil survived and survivor that is like a this is like a
first person shooter the set its
first person resident evil is
that one which the total and I think the Japanese version lets you
use a light done for ectf , that the U.S. 1000 to act as this was this came out
like right after column by and I
think of that that the big school
shooting in the the late nineties and
they, that of a patched out the light
comes support for its are fear
of of legislation and will add
to the remove the remove that
from but I think the the other
versions of the games do have
likened sport that I’m not sure
if that if that even matters for
the gam two viable force left in peace
collision the kit of activists let’s try
not to get shot by the ride and I hear if the loan and if the case, if so we’re still just kinda back
where we started there was that
the there was there wasn’t this bike
maybe we could we can get to the
upper level for fear the , like this this room still doesn’t seem right to me like there something I missing
here are ethers surfers that for me
was ARI two the guy I went about one the
staff of fall the Teagle and
recommendations , and a friend and in elementary
school middle school was
Japanese so he would suit import
be up to Japanese versions of
the gam , so when that when they came
out misstates the givers needle
to trying to turn out to be
really great game to think I actually got multiple
copies that you like about the
original one and then the dual
shock version of the case this is popping jester
which is just physical and then ties are on this one and to the raid not stay of the only
thing in our readers and mentor
and now is so the is that letter than all the letter said was the there’s a letter about its two
great pain people liked was that
the letter that we have ARI two was banned in Germany
Sea to play the Mackinnon all you’d import the inner conversion in EL Ed germany’s germany’s a
specially weird with the wave island games from what I’ve
heard that enemies are turned into
robots are something of have a bother with a just arrived and
they like Australia did a lot to the games that just note can
import this and other countries , the active by a soldier fortune to have a yet called a fortuneteller game , Kay tent that , the Ritz old to the next fight potentially is
the the fight with with a guy with
gun two and as the pistol rifle in
the bullpen to the program doesn’t really
affect magic that much to all of you that a cabal, and then they will give him the rifle and then pistol good at him and
we got a reload all those close
to forgot that something you
have to do in this game to the
U.S. them this menu . And then open the rose tour are that’s try to do this fight again and the OK but let’s put see if we can
figure this find out as you move across the stairs
congressman. And so it’s just
like last time I don’t see
anything that a place on the
screen up he to cut saying a word to start
shooting out to services this is
again a shot at us and the FM
the the shot the chandelier they
fe and then they put system this , to last time we thought this guy by E. Bidwell to cover in the
room , then he he just off and does
that ball good it just killed could
open to strip kill their excellence , that we might as well just use
seize the ease of use whiskeys
if it’s gonna be like that , if an 10 the right to so says a study to be a mess it still miss they be this is one us fights
that she’s have to escape from to last time I5 am I didn’t
escape by just that the party
just got wiped to maybe you you
have to skate in this fight and can’t escape can’t skate to Netscape can’t escape interesting side ono fax eight a failure to
run we just flat out can’t
escape from the spell out all the data we have to wait the
after tackle mike 10 times and
then patton’s the battle or
something that this order some other mechanic that I
don’t, and no and the fight as long as you doesn’t get
multiple turns off it wants then
begin at least the skier way
through this to her curveball guns out of
bullets of the guess we’ll just do this for now , and see certain mine is all just as well
to cover the weight and form to do this but does weigh less damage to
him than side and try if they don’t think
I tried all the spells and my
disposal in Ciskei ’cause I spoke after cells can
immediately murdered less time , says Sarah and as all the although the plot items are all
just grayed out the key link about his neck and
neck and help matters ’cause she
just as in one hit in new ways , and he does not have a mystery
empty city can even cast spells
of the one and two , art and pretty sure that the
gown idea is not the can help us
here , byard are off to push to the hit
to maybe that the long sword
with which has a better chance
to hit is can the tenant perhaps help , do need to get this stuff and that it , that cultural Martin IMS can become up a circus
acrobat the right over there, who have an I guess that upside is this
fight is that this guy can only
the attack one target of one
sets that something how hard it
creates not dead yet the case if they move we we use whisky a
time when he gets to drop the
name and then uses Mrs. All the time , the commission to barrels 18 whole damage the right of the arts are at all ticket to
have , England no because you can’t
move any any further up in that
direction of just how the battle
System Works in this , and if he moves from a balcony
ways . Like I can I can move up their
bets that spell I can do , but we kept and OK to treat this
whiskey have the cave, I can’t remember fight I try
casting spells on him yet to flight basil star from the top and see
if any of those perfect if if
service that this this or that
he’s gone now is bonus to hit so if anything can hit the sky
to be this there we go bouquet bouquet if the locate a arena or feist ranked memory and in the business or defy strengthened and then 45
of a chance to hit touch’s and Tuality the rank and likely he’s got a ton of
defense , said texts is what we want them him . And then the just the the ski buffing him
put the the casters them and have it were just in
the business of killing a Kent and despair reformist and II
assume that’s because it was the Berthelot chance to hit probably
half and of this or that I’m
using now has plus chance to hit solo to keep all of all three
characters up at least to my kids rotate heels to 10 of
a bummer that I got of together
uses whiskeys on this fight but if only one my characters can
reliably do damage and this is,
my only option is it like I can really rest
tearing the AMA to revive magic to look the hour was a dark attribute that the thus causing
it to miss coco that plays tax or die of the cane undertaker risk here
and try this and hopefully I can take that
off before of 10 guys sex again Borges to feed and the kit that works to buy now
could often misses out on the
next guy , whenever whatever are genes is alive for Boston for
once in actually really need as much piety
anymore around glass part and Ricky oh
case together a key that opens
the door are in these boardroom and three breads and then this
is used for the puzzle I guess to queue up before we talk to the sky the ship to a the right to guess we’re done
talking to the guy the right to me to research and we can OK to surrounds them or pistol rounds .his staff to a a a a the right that bought it at it if both say that banks Manual of the cave well that sits on equip the guns for
now , okay side and the Meese on her the ad that he had , as it turned their car think like that tour special event bouquet sold mizell for a way this that this is this means I need to be really
careful if with what I pick up
now in terms of items to that’s that’s annoying services HP drain to six and eight so this is a slight spells , these boards is to this to sell beer and if talese make room for that to the eighties to normal knives
are just probably super useless
so to get rid of those by the we’re on the screen
doesn’t say anything about how
many items you can keep the Bevis is the real survival
Horwitz it’s not knowing any of the mechanics and the
game ’cause it doesn’t tell you
anything that we found and a pistol of the Mccleary up yet sure it’s like a second dark souls practically dark holes here with
the foul transparent they are
and how everything works out double action bouquet or shore needs the case any other
red T of that lets to C anything further along. No
purchase the store Buckley is a mechanism that. So we we wrote down this before it was it was this towers that that that and then
that are the four symbols so get whenever this item is here
first pitch shot off taste that theirs
is a shock and apparently were the case so , are so I’m assuming if I step on one of easy won’t like copy to
the floor like this is Indiana
Jones and Alaska State know that the case so it was this one bowl that’s helpful if it’s a
it’s just the Katyn yet by irony with that
down to us like that and then this and then this and then this that the bided by baby that the beginning of some sort of the special way your spouse to do it says something and of the menu
here about, though. And finally the room and come
back to what could it mean to me this post the box treat their that this if the a and that the AMA then that and then this so it it must be how I’m doing
the first part of this wrong bike in order to the to get to
that first tile you have to do when a specific order to get half the start from down here and then to this that so dismayed this, medically and must be another the
candidate is another said the
symbols behind their red door that’s Gotta be it that’s Gotta be it so we publish
to go to another red door open
the red door there’s probably
another set of four symbols and then of who can be on our
merry way if the senate not fight it just do this to the red door was two screens away and charity got the hand that was over there that skinner health bank here and is will save over his head
off to do that fight again the case of the red or was there
here and it though is that this story and
then downstairs and so we still have that the
doll are still have a container for
the acid are still have a map of the of the thing to make a map
that the don’t have the map from it yet we have nothing to use those
pieces of the statue with we
have nothing to do with those
two statues that we got of line
in the g to have had to serve the
mummified arm of statue guy in a case that’s where those
symbols were in arts this is this is red door and walked with the red T you
used a raider T 10 that’s behind here interesting . But it’s more nuts are eight there’s an item on the creek
here are a very useful their useful and more a pistol ammo that we don’t need the music box are. These books to hold the view that spread of
the two kids and then we can be can defeat
the two kids about maybe now or notes when the ladies open
him of the angels is carved me
and said would be a bit of this might be for
the other two ghost kids they be but they be one of the
doll that maybe this is there room , that that of half bouquet it’s our time boys the right so we got this circle you got top this trough we got the tying goal they’ve got the wheel of time symbol to get the Kerr they got four and we got that and then to we got blue line in there the use and got fat to leave that to get that
looks like that and we’ve got its they’d if the boy red line goes like that to cut the move times to blue line in other linemen picked up the cave interesting tour top. If some are ready and others below the rate as some of those you
walk over twice today that maybe the way back interesting Tass in a 10 of OK if so I think next thing I wanna try here is a lawsuit that music box its
is passed of the two money kids before we head back up and tried
to walking on things that was back this way the tent giant tent pole that thing to shore giant thing we don’t have to
fight to open is since this way to the rights and then down and then to hear and then right side up the
stairs that is just the air and then on the left
side and the kit is to write your are to this Packard Bell’s a
save arts and whenever it is we don’t
haven’t seen its I guess I could try that of the weapon we used on gun guy those plus ticket service this is also specialty
pet to weekend we can give this a
try there’s a dark turk and it
was the there’s a norm Olsson so both both of them have plus the state
weapons on the maybe they’ll actually hit I kind of thing as if if those aren’t hitting
then than it may happen in that just to be sure those that look like it that can . So the load this was the closest to save the ticket stub a waterfall and
is probably are close to save that the Hingis this has the music
box , this one in new ways to make
sure this one has a music box of can’t see why wouldn’t this is
is the most recent save but enough to one move unless I know I have
everything that sold is the store to looks like are only way
forward now is the the room with the puzzle floor to lift the putt on our thinking And we get
to that room and try and turn makes sense that although
hard safe here just to be sure the room, to
worry about acts and looting the
wrong say next time the oak cardinal sin there’s also this is the door
next to the guy and evening on and the use of a
recent comments there’s a door behind the thing
that’s what brick rates and that’s what this rose four
to book a book does this mean that the SPARC accept one those
on the box the basement the case
that is nice if they show you
that again , OK so we got to the sun is bright
they’re so I think what this implies is
that we need to go here are
already here and then the line also goes up and then this goes like that that and
that and then that should work to work the count to what’s with
this theory here this this this this this by his buddies action now to the area that that it’s good to line their that and
then torn open interesting in a box to India to walk
backwards through it , was this this this this this , the site as the gap is
backwards to let it be the ball lines mean
something there is very much a red line
now as walking on the king on these
would make any sense to me have to like it that hit
the Exe button on each one after
walking on boats is reset the room to the outside and Ron have tough picnic spot and on each one in a as an bucket to read that doesn’t let me walk
any further that way the kit that takes button hit it and then it goes to this in a big you get if you really quick
about it and you get a hit all everything
but those bike if you hit everything but
those you wouldn’t be able to go
across as a and B V’s this than the ones in the quarter these two it has hit this one is enough to go up from four the beaches can be really quick
about it . The issue that an affair and over Iraq two things here the case are running through it
doesn’t do anything to send two and a wrong to choose the possibility is not moving
that but this at the controller to women
are an newsman light as does that we’re glad you’re
having can do that it’s a performer the secret
experiment to forget the pain of
love mail people be saved by
god’s divine delights can’t see how that would relate
to this so it was top to bottom and look like that to clearly that one clearly that
one clear that one play this one and then for the one the right of the only way up from four is
this one and then the beaker pickup to triangle and then them from their time I’m still not sure about
the the blue lines like other
blue lines are what’s kind of throw me off about this has been wins and that is there’s just a magic
pixel of something over here that because the work and the Edison like walls and if I leave the room and come
back it it gives the prompts
back again as anything over this way but that design on the four main maybe it is just close to walk
it and it gives me that again the response to get to this one
and then then walking back of the Andes that it’s got a right to sue watch it sets a leg
linger for a second on each one to get suppressor player
something that if is like that you figured
they’d make a clicker something to do that or there may be the need to make a
second loop to maybe that’s what
the blue line is set at scummy
think it may be the red line is the prom the door you take this
this route to take this route to from the door and then according to the blue
line the blue line goes through these
two so perhaps you have to once you get two of this year
you Gotta go back this way and then walk off the path here on to
this board of this and then the two that perhaps bike walking back through the
room and then that unlocks the
door ATF said he called the ball
the spaces on it towed to see and then back this way that come here than in the lineup Tuff baby that maybe the blue lines to mean
that you have to backtrack by throw the red lion there’s
only one red line so maybe that
means you touch those ones and then the blue lines mean you
have to tip go down and then back so
maybe you’re not leaving the if the leaving the squares , and other possibilities that
you have two starts on the thatcher not starting on the
blue one maybe you have to start
on the start of the blue ones baby and then come back and then do
the red ones though that if an to hold that even work like this this walk off of it to like this and then this book back and then the year the year to eight and there isn’t any
mention of backtracking on this
once we got a backtrack to this than here in a homage this and here they are in here off , commitments to note that there is says the
music box poses a bat again to pull for normality to him of
the angels to this there is discolored
colored lights thing that they’d and can think of any anything that would be useful
for now it looks to the right to yet get
us are a key to takers room. , , the that it’s Gotta be to cut the only specific order for this that sold so the lion the line here definitely goes goes up to the
top so we need to the there’s there’s nothing to the
right of or though, the , maps and around the floor tiles and think isn’t that to maybe they’d be the blue lines are
irrelevant and the seek in the can like
walk off of this no then minutes Britain on the pillar of sets
the tone that order . If the anno that the site to
site is still do inside things the in the 505, 0:50 300, well and colleges can
have to think about this one
have some old bull of those are
less safe , this would actually looks like
one of those statues had the that’s something that they can hear the looks like
this the statues holding
something that and not if it’s even a statue , and the case that we didn’t they
didn’t do anything in game that
was progression since the the temporary save in the to say
that the the water thing so the
cave yet half to all to think
about that one is it’s the it stops as the comments can
work if the kit to willful gifts
and then park three expos of
productive still want this to locate the right play the switch over
to king’s quest here and the we will play that in the second
time a day to eight clicks
switching the way to switch games quickly
and swing of things I I did this to this lets announce that
make sure that closeouts OK good the right to all be back in if
the minute or two and we will
king’s quest to attend up up if the kit tough to the right so if this is our second off if to sit
down with the with king’s quest
for here are about 2 hours into the game were still on the first in game
day I guess up to sustain as a
day and night cycle and if that is I usually do with the
with things like this with money bus in six of two settings the CIA to make sure my
TV doesn’t turn off here and get
the switched or if the kit says
lee usually do with games in P previously a kit the right, it’s the instinct on
this side of turn on the own
role and can own a right to the right there . Not sure bouquet as do it and I can easily turn it up from
here now to mean you can reach that far the kit that if Peres was all off in a dozen sadist to a 40 more
to fix it if they had a right so just like before this
is the NT 32 COD Committee device does
display bomb as a can see it
producing the music , over my head here in this game doesn’t have as
much music as I thought it would
but the if that sure you we are bookcase old, it’ll turn set currently keeps turning itself
down that if if the right to Seoul,
where we last left off in our
quest , we of were cast by the evil witch
too giddy unicorn for to so we befriended the unicorn but we don’t have a bridal for
Souljah site king’s quest to we
got as the dumbest bridal puzzle
again , so we don’t have the bridal
the diff of that sort out the
fine that somewhere to , as GATT sexual content to $32.00
and for all share so if we put the game to look up here and to play and then when we launch the game that says king’s quest for an
NCR presents the old IP nine enough to give students and
again as I read that the game book it if to that the that pretty much put sister were
before he can keep a reaching
over and turning up the sound on
the NT have a as damn thing if t a cake and to art so that I
think we stab list last time
that the so these trees are pretty much
impassable sold not much do in
their but the switch or my notes to
king’s quest here so we are demean a map of 40
much the whole area to to
everything to the the east here
is the ocean and I’m not
entirely convinc because I when I was RE watching
the footage four, the opening of
the game if the apparently the
the good fairy dns towers on an , somewhere in the ocean so we started the game , up to your I think then she flew off of this way , at the end of the opening cut
seen so I have a feeling that we need to make the the whale
not spawn to own the ocean and maybe they
beaver island is at your son and then that’s that’s a possibility
to pursue , and we also did not
investigate this waterfall
screen yet , I just kinda walked by it,
passed to the odd to the evil
which is place to that is that’s another
possible avenue for a for
progress of and that those pretty much
everything I thought I can think
of a way to get past these trees
so I think we just can’t do anyt that much for that either if
sold off we are currently we are currently cop here and I don’t believe I can go
north from here but a freak and
Albert is pretty close to the
the waterfall town there and we can begin to talk about
waterfall lower in the region to let’s do some editing freeze what’s up you’d bouquet if so it is kind of a
bummer that this game doesn’t
have as much music as I thought
it would initially in to leave a note
those of NT 32 sport is in play
musical a time like to face
quest to three and on words play musical the
time that this game that’s much of troubled me know much and just plain some CODELCO
earlier in and was getting stuck
in an acquittal, the cave force of water pushes
back . And if someone are full troubles
and a deep pool flows westward of it looks like there is there
something behind here may be the cave in to nothing special interesting that sets a big old
beagle bass cursor and because
I’m using APS two mouse that the
PS slash two , to actually polls at the
hundred hurts I think and other
regular USB mouse a poll the
1000 so often looks like it’s
kinda skip is actually it’s away smoother
you can actually see it smoothly
track across the screen to this
is a windows 98 is one of the ki , between stuff as you know this
is a DOS DOS game is said being
run for windows 98 and all like
dimple polling is handled by wi , Seoul City and the is anything we can use here
to we got that to get the
lantern of tickets can help here the gold ball problem at a small crown to we
get a small crown from the frog
prince and when he took it off the turn
into a dude from a frog than maybe a frog can make it through
the water if if again become one to four with the there’s a small crown and put on
crown if tough. And at the cave tour not sure if that this really
gets us but this is says that plank whether
it’s occasional board OK to
forward to connect and I’m right
next to that game if that’s so that the board is
bigger than she is but bowie’s
we still got it the cave to get got eight Ford are if that took it over to Roberta
shyness mercy in this one
instance , tour to Kaweah way we use up
all their space a slots use of
this directory can hold no more
save games you must replace wire
s to weekend we can make the
second seed Director Freeh need
to that of the sure we’ll be fine of it’s too dark to see if a cup of Asia stroll they’d be when it made your
dragged off to me it and then to disappoint Roberta that OK and server burn of the survivor of the best the OK Kim we we like the bulls been called planting pipe
then turned to these include custom ruling to
the lightweight and burned mike,
can and can see obviously
because real time lighting that the Ken that they’ll answer is
not doing a whole hell live here , jet he but this tear this part is
terrifying me as an adult right
now it’s actually two deaths are
there to if well if their burden to get it be on the lookout for
that to troll music for maybe we can
take a pass a troupe the chat maybe this is a rangy in the right of server burden to
the fillets of slight delay in
turn in and that’s that’s enough to
defeat slip , though my god that figure is another way
through the baby itself know god of cave for week in we can go south to the Newton go west from here the
strip. The patrols in here and this PRN G that’s the cave Colfax sake but but if the bird of the burden of the mice posted a safe bet that
end of every screen and then
just hope the late it to if I put out
blame turn if if or close winter and if that it
will if we try to enter the cave
without the lamp we just I
immediately the case of the screen with good so that 161 . You’re down near the screen
transition to if tool safe here OK we’re still good from the sounds
of things to know that if we can’t go east room
here in the kit to the need to cave there is something over there if the bird of that that sure is fair to those like right here the
case so UK and the cages and
they’re lee C8 write their bases the case so these board use board to cross to have some , make bridge use board use the word on chasm growth board to walk on board to , if it beats jump over chasm the guy
I assume there be a Albright than we have to make
abridged word inmates like just jump over the
chasm that’s that’s clearly right here to burn the bully current OK jump to as an boss chasm thus chasm with board use board on gap to use board on
ground that the one idea to try out if
the word on brown that to know that there must be some
verb that were missing here so
let’s refer to the official
Roberta knowledge base here , the total balance break cradle, test
clean climb to cross a there’s cross , for us to four crosses the buses
crossed john Poole A they need slowly border the case or potential winners
here are for us , Celso drop the lady lie , and you should sleep talked to tickle the block in both tour of so it’s cross chasm with the word if that is
not understood OK to the cross
chasm that not understand grow up toward the lawn chasm can do now. Laybourne on terrorism in a dark image to play support
across Chris now you can cross
it safely bouquet there we go karts and now cross
word to cross chasm to try another way to say that if
the kit of the kingdom OK bolt so where did she put the
board as I guess the next
annexing we Gotta figure out
here to the board on chasm in a close enough bow my god bucket bowl my god this game to burn of the board on chasm that I can cross it safely cross
Ford cross chasm that if they beat sit along the
very bottom edge of it at all if to a a a a a a pick it
up to the have a a a a a tollway god they born on chasm in walk across board if don’t have
finally don’t have the holdout , that say in chasm room the book board build and I don’t
have it to pick as it’s too dark
to see it , have the right that if maybe it’s just skin or from
here now and that what about to strike this
way the case so it’s you just Gotta
go straight to trade east and many pick up
the board again OK the rate we made it three
defeated the final boss of the king’s quest for that chasm of the case to know what if I got you buy that role not
screen I would have that the
stable over to want to enter: if the UK of an up close and the right mix of OK to hear large and wishbone there’s the season and troop
move from temperatures OK so
what’s the hells appointed this area to as the tip off to the official or
mention anything about this one the aid can remember , they know that there was the I think the the fruit to save king Gramm was
in a swamp they think to maybe that that fruit to save
him is here to get a ticket to the boat book eight banks Roberta if , I’m not sure there’s anything
we can do their if I have to come do this again
that it will leave. Ball my god by E a pop you up at the a today and there’s nothing we can
do here just yet the there’s no and no different
death quotes like they are in
ball the other one spent the day this is this is a first
game and that the menu engine
that they made so it’s there’s
still the one out , the padded venture game. Comedy ago follow if all the
plants here and cable that that clearly didn’t help the brig at me again if a cave, so I have a feeling whenever I
am and doing here I probably
can’t do yet anyway is so maybe we need to come back to
this area later as we probably can’t do anything
yet to sold comments from, crown to field a Friday , the 40 watt and my stick your and I bucket of scrimmage around it to
have the death of probably didn’t either
that or her to writing shops are
already stretched to stretch to
use them as they get by writing the unique and you can definitely not to
the stolen story for for this
game to a heavily totally inspired by story this game , the case so a thing next step
here is we’re going to the ocean
and we’re gonna to go and try and find that
island one skipped the step work music
over here the like the door song that some that NT 32 also in a turn off the , the regular a child to the city from what the new turn off the PC speaker
input to the titles and a
buzzing anymore and as realized I could easily
and can easily meet that the
real that it is is there’s no reason to have
any input active businesses and
NT 32 only game that means it does all this
sound effects and music on all
in one unit that sitters are unicorn body
they still have a bridal city
can do anything with unicorn
body just yet , so let’s see we still have the
time musician guy and musician died of to here’s here’s where the
making of the game was and this
is where the ferry eight kind of
flu wave of just a start in cash to sheaf lofted a laugh from the
screen so I’m assuming if we go
straight to the west from here will make it to the ferries
island where she said she lived , and less worried and by the
the whale to if I see the whale buying me go back to screen and
try and east gulf folksy whale and retired the auto th the right that Roberta got us the case of minutes after the
screen and apps is from the screen though the mail the kit Kat you can’t keep the fever
burden these she is the final bossa
king’s quest didn’t give us the you’re
getting tired just yet they’re ago is now in the case
so was a screen down from us a cave if the Rwandan to assume this is canisters
island and your some wet sand beaches
from the island of Leon and
Jessica I repel Stowers from
violently miniature card. If the
scanner insist to the got the Inuit and wear down
the swells to cinders and anything to that
same description 10 , it can’t see anything of that is that some of the aisle and behind
you, sparking beach, was
assigned both other OK the right of the other the right in assuming that will
be used for more inside the
whale two love to make it out of the
whale to weaken our art glass
bottle from inside the whale OK Tedi Ferris guard post or an innocent dolphin statue if . In interesting statue there fell from if the right you’ve wandered onto a trapper
keeper binder and looks like the burners and that get this is
definitely a trapper keeper the home of the swans . It can talk to us one OK we could the other games but tour that many of the day tied the doors locked doors locked and there’s no nearby this one are
eight talk to her a lesson 12 OK
News there’s still a talker goes , it’s like she’s she’s got a nice
safe staircase here that’s how
you know she’s the good fairy
his it looks like you can’t fall and
eye on the staircases here , eight to one and Herschel bed that belongs to NASA will these that can put the cat prophet who have tied up. The cause a leopard to, and that the leopard that what can we steal from
contest is room to write OK all Jews in SF to this tennis to talk to you again as
tough to that disputes are in one year,
okay out to the right to run our
own OK so all we got was a feather
out as an elegant image to dye Mr. Case
and how is Roberta wills it to cave to six and Kate egan Estes had enough of our
ship gonna get that medallion the sap if OK so it looks like that’s
that’s a week and down the aisle
and a mouse are some that there’s a peacock that to sure where to get everything
we need for nothing the case will let’s try and get
eaten by the the whale again and courses problem knocking the
spawn of wheat to have a way to deal with our
whale problem in turn up the speech here are a whale any day now oil to shark is a rangy bully shipper bird of the of con believable and old if our Winfrey 432 from the scruff , Gober Burnett of queries is whale that once we get back to the
mainland all say they are and
then Ter Weil search 1989 all over again alone if are old enough and the pure as as does mos DEF leave my dad,
per boat, and if more the right to a pervert up at other game
with a few more bowl should
deaths sure players will play is
a lot to gain is so much longer now the move our whale come on the bed king’s quest of a good
one bulk pending if you like
adventure games are not care if
they’re all bad if you don’t
like, but this one so far is is kind of a step back from OM
the early ones I’d say to the the graphics are
certainly better in this one , but the writing the writing so
far is to significantly worse than 103 others are cut off by
whale come in the borough . I think the the puzzles are
there were so it’s a bug so far
if if I did pick a favorite of
the one survived to streamed , it would be 3 to 4 to Casey got the bottle so we we’ve
already seen them all before it
has an open it, so we can keep the of the note
in the bottle I have asked the values login if
they suggest notice I write when
you set it to them if the demo when I got turned down
the needed if the of sale will worry about the bottle
later to now we need to the to
tickle the uvula and how they apparently the Gotta get up to it somehow it could dump since there again to act it’s a pretty high to the just the nutty of you actually see
your it says volume 94 he got it
by default it sat like 37 and it just randomly turns
itself down to 37 sometimes . But then if I go up into the
overwrite from here, it’s on the right side is so this is a great puzzle, I’m
really enjoying this part that that I know to the cat back in a separate for , got its like it’s like a
hidden it’s like an invisible set of tough ball off the Palo to reduce post an old OK to cold the view of with the other that here the tightest ages can anyone really
careful that here to cool in the new law if if a look, if you this stinks look now that Malev to Judy Lovett punching bag now tickle the view, with the other to get the prickly there ago to confront the pier. The Murphey to Trumbull under
Situ paquette if to set the zig canisters island
to the north of us if the pitch means that we’re a need to go south to get back
to the bargaining ahead this way again
and hope for the best to turn to
speak here we don’t get eaten by a shark this is Tuff of the Oscar if
it’s tough thanks to burn the that what if we go south on this isn’t a work either because
the way that that the screens are laid out the Kiwanis itself and then and
then east or to or it’s just north back to
the Guinness to xylan if if if the tuna and related island bouquet book a rude pelican . Now when he gonna do that’s good
question of talk to pelican the feel silly bucket will II 8 inventory
cannot be displayed his time
well the case by I do know that we
have a dead fishermen Tory and I
know I know pelicans live fish
so the deficient two Appellate and
if the stinky dead fish and pelican
case in large bowl and know
something shiny fall from
spilling over the KB the whistle . Though is that one PC glint coming from one other
boats . Here to look the left column to Brit who caved the right, that sells are
brittle problem the cave 😉 Betsy mind and Torrey it’s
kind of important it’s kind of important to be
alessi that if it if if the if tour that whistleblower whistle to a friendly dolphin the right this is OK Roberta about the streams
anything to only one lonely can’t RE is that isn’t the name of a tent that the coconut on it if it can’t get that though the
country . I guess not picky that talk to dolphin beach and crack cocaine:
disarray in this tall thin to flee this is a friendly
dolphin to the toll that just happens to work
out that the random bird has a
dolphin whistle in its mouth and this is as if there were vertical
incense OK again and bring
suspects and that’s a mainland the cave Arellano we can we can
solve our car unicorn problem for now , . To the Parker dolphin vehicle if
the right so we parked are
unicorn , it looks like a few screens so
we need to go down to where the action to screen north of here to the north of here than two
screens to the beast to be where we parked are
unicorn and then both flee the bridal
works they kind hoping there’s no
snake bowl ship like in king’s
quest two two we have to for rode the
bridal on the the horse that one of the course not to
use bridal on the unicorn to the bridal on unicorn if if the
tip the folder coffers no resistance
shouldn’t this coleman’s wealth
burden range of majestic head
looks a view of curiosity to 10 to 02 write it the AR eight 10 unicorn is slightly faster than
just walking there are self and
OK but to no surely the evil witch will be satisfied with us and
we’ll give us back guinness’s
medallion and will be good to go at it and I carry the horse off
of thumb date the something they’re gonna
carry a horse have the Le Figaro prop. One of Kent Com’s commencement in sent butts
the quite now wants him that lays golden eggs kept
by the older Tahoma got the OK
to get again in the ogres how
somehow they need an , Kay to face up and it changed retreated again
make different to save starter and Susan to an in this folder know if , need to get an if . If sold of the hand was jack and the beanstalk I think
was the was at the golden goose that the practice in case it’s
just that is Roberta copying homer
key index of changing one thing , so maybe they’ll be something
different with the new giants house so the south of the screen was the
creepy trees and then south of the mind was
the Giants’ house so ago here go to about the middle the
screen and then to see if there’s anything
different with the giants House
Committee we have to
intentionally kicked out by him
and then the case NASA no grace the manages drops which have a a bouquet so that’s different says
that the ogre anymore it’s
though grass , if and the doors open now and
there’s a bulldog , can we shoot the two dog with though if that what happens if we get
mauled by the dog to LC up up up up up up up up up tech’s I’d be more careful there
a burden to to get us of cocaine and everything I can deal with
that dog run as I tried shooting at the
Boeing that can do anything they have a shovel but I don’t
think the shovels can help their
dog problem the lead and open
the volley at the open, to the vision of the bottle of two above the ball just gives
you ran down the Internet’s , god so seven open the bottle
only serves to promote other
Sierra games king’s quest three about some
nasty pirates won if you need a
sharks the out at a oust up there to so to sludge role halls holding the
prison space quest to that’s the that’s the end sequence a space
close to , that’s news to layer one that were made no the no asking for help in
infants when they blasted by
this series can close in speed
plus one and the Reagan OK at sea and
sequence of space close one of the black cauldron all men
that that’s that’s one item
played before the defense theory up to now
living the Kings has won their
ago I had a condor dropped a spot on
the new station copy fight the
fire began drawing lots easy
just kill it by apparently there’s another
way to deal to drive the kit if if that’s so that’s a bottle am not sure what
the bottles, the forests that what happens if she grabs
this bush’s dragging a deer of that burned us again to as the older , the wonder if a week to shoot the progress
of the Boer something together
to assume that though Grasses and
spawning anymore just the
regular over the love boat if there’s a
reason for that interesting and maybe she’s in the house down that maybe I can make up the
stairs before dawn gets me out
to fully not to definitely not to if if if if the cave this uses juices dragged around
a deer hunt saw some bouquet to be a good eats it come on that screen
from a different different way this is jagged dear the Kent to edges and spotted me
yet because I’m behind the house to be looking lady to cut its OK or even am I the Arizona the cases behind the hot tour that’s interesting that that they couldn’t see us and their the what happens that’s the bulldog is still the mad that maybe after that-if only I
had the dead fish and the dead fish from assault
their dog problem for his canoe too much for that I don’t think the dolphin can
help us from out here would flee bouquet of two we hit with a shovel the world’s deadliest weapon that of where shall there not a violent OK well the
dogs get us otherwise though the Catoosa glass bottle of that’s true that is true can be the
cartoonish lead a large piece of
meat told Paul maybe all may be all
fetch the ball the role of the old old they fit Shui of the old ball if OK , not both report on the par on the
crown , good idea and on hold, the common cold, if the Kent to the Bowden work before children were grounded Markel
Bolden do anything when turn
probably knock accomplish
anything of fishing pole no to a crisp and maybe the next thing that checked is maybe
something’s different fonts on
the screens now , if that I think II also might be
missing something in the the
spooky house in the cemetery is known that they get the feeling
I missing something here , Bofa tell the dog he’ll tell the 26 to one tie for that buffet will the rate I don’t I don’t think
that’s gonna do anything to soul giant house off we go to the screen here and
then self old Todd if this perfect for cave, so from the mine if we go to screen the east and then two
screens nor think it’s just a
spooky house and maybe discounts is night
time now and the then maybe the cemetery only extra spooky perhaps a case we can cross this and to really raining outside and storming on around here
lately and spouse to keep a rein for
another bug weaker so good old bay area of and Kay , in Seoul last time were in here
we open up that secret to secret
door this is like purple thing or pleasant for windows CE . Tour and shelf only one catches your attention
that come plea acts works of
William Shakespeare tour and they can get it though. Take spare book the right interesting . Sapolu nothing there to we got the book says far as things currently on
solve we can’t get past those
trees yet if we can’t get into
the overs house as far as I can
tel , there is pain and that is fluent there’s just one of the
wandering in PCs and I’m assuming we have to the trade trade for pans flew whiff
of the loot from the minstrel and they be that book by baby it may because a
minstrel we know that he’s bad
admin strolling to maybe the
book will will make and give us is loops and then what does that
accomplish some family’s at
japan’s flutes and then and then what the hell can we do pain from the the causes of trees to ghost
sleep virtuoso and as in this on PC
will weaken we don’t have to
imagine that, just to they don’t have to imagine it
because we can begin live that
they can hear that sounds like to buy enough to get unneeded on
the year to get them is buzzing
sound back the rectory for Simpson B.
Dubois the update the AMA the this this would’ve been how
the 99% of people who play this
game with experience that that is it was extremely rare to have an
NT 32 when this game came out.
And it continued to be extremely
rare to have one for years and of it and that’s why NT 30 twos
are expensive as their of their
just so rare , is like i.e., the four per
reference I paid I think 200200
ish for mine and I got a deal on
mine and then on top of that you
als which you can do that for
software to think of soft and
you if or you had have a custom
board may be called Hardin pu or
you get 20 plus , do I get to a 13 to 32 in the
usually go for life 300 to have
to borrow the to those of his
organ clearly didn’t do anything
n and UNT it’s at its built into a
scam DM and um the and some some versions of DOS
box and like when I use to do
speed runs a space question all
that I use months, to you can
actual and then use a USB maybe adapter
two connects your, your old bold computer to two win new
computer to act as a virtual NT
32 , sets that’s kind of the
inexpensive option for this fall
that the cheapest OP is a
suggested DOS box for everything
but the like playing on original
hardware so this is this is where we’re at it so I
had to spend about $400 on NT 32
stuff up but I think it was
worth that IE I play enough them
to in the original hardware was
worth it is II like playing on stiff like
this and then that’s not even
factoring and the the other
needy boxes to there’s also, the
SC 55 there’s CSCE 55 mark one
and mark tw , daisy SC 80 eight’s , and those are those produce
slightly different sounds and
then there’s the Exe 5080 which
I also have , and then there’s there’s
another even more expensive
variation OK don’t see anything
useful here there’s another even more
expensive variation of the NT 32
called the of god it’s like that SC a C100
are something that, in light of the eye of different
games it has like extra sound
effects so we like Waltham
underworld you’ll have been the
D that and those things go for like
$1000 to serve you know hope
house completely stupid bold of
retro, just music interface
stuff can there that’ll give you an idea
of all that stuff and you can
also annually that with with
month as well, by actually
considered that’s a lot of money for
something all use like once that
NT 32 all use a lot more than
once but fat than the superdome
$1000 t the facts, I’ll let that the
tubers to what actually make
money off of what they do by
staff cuts and all of the case that’s that spooky
house and we get the books so lets the that’s headed west from here and
let’s go to the minstrel who
should just be two screens to
the west of us and see we can see they can do something with that
book can see anything different in
the screens either an the unlikely once you get past
events pass DOS stuff you can start using more common
in cheap parts for things but
the thing is like it if you see
me playing these DOS games
nothing bond richer hardware two to
think that that is that the
cheese if I could move left
there for some reason that it I’m stuck on this rocking is that a boulder computers are
getting more expensive rather
less expensive now bike if you wanna get a 486
expect to spend the hundreds of
dollars if you want one in
working condition, the date if you do while one get
one like secondhand from author
shopper something that you might
have to repair the book to demonstrable if in the Shakespeare booked the
minstrel he opens it could load and Kent this is wonderful new lease on
life no longer mere minstrel
become a famous actor in not be the gizzard alerts and wonders
of OK if it would pull to the right , Tino we get it tracked down pay
an hand was an orphan year you want a bulky Windows XP
laptop 12 , in the state’s the the best
way to get one of those is from
goodwill’s auction site you can
get yourself they they are only
tw or five bucks , given to pay off to prevents to see you and look useful
enough to give them stew in the
body of Ron to 32 games all show
you a second here bill Beazer Fi show us that I
have , could fix a PK of kids who
flew up in a dance is waived the Kent the rights to get the pamphlet
now if they live , where is it on their Bose overflowed OK to write the other cells flip. Those using that to here’s the there’s a
difference if this trip e.g. for
DOS nation windows of that
better exists, Mr. Can do if
pour 86 emulati but it does work the case so for NT 32 of king’s
quest for by and six support it , I think lore boat two supports
it this far as leisure suit Larry
had no idea I never play those
games, police quest BJ remake
and maybe two and three and four of a quest for Glory you one that can only use NT 32 bus rule are too can only use NT
32 Basra with resumption will
then I think souls for , and see space quest three uses an
exclusively of four is a optional I think
Willie beam issues and
exclusively that could be a nice man is
exclusive and forget about it so if if you
wanna see some some bad as NT 32 check this out as this is this is a great usage
of code name iceman says of 1990 the couple years after king’s
quest for services this is the NT 32 sound
right here the candies lee replicate this
on Bonn other stuff that slap and bass if that’s that’s if that sounds
like and then to similarly we got this to else’s see your insert
buck is awaiting so this is the
time thing that you really only
get with the NT 32 to if you’re wondering , why specifically you have to
use an NT 32 for this to so bullet display for another 10
seconds are so than all
demonstrate what this sounds like bond
something like an NSC 55 which is that this step
up model the newer model of
something like this service is
this is how it’s supposed to
sound the right if so what I’m gonna
do you run you don’t mind mixer
and I already have the, the SC
55 plugged in and ready to go to our here is what that sounds
like you’re in sy 55 inside the immediate here in
mime mixer Steve this book it so they’re just as so if so you can see why you need and how real NT 32 or
wait to play NT 32 are games that are meant for the
NT 32 off up up up up up up to
snuff that you see why now you see why its own port and
they use an actual NT 32 because that is what otherwise
sounds like it to if that backed Kings close and is art and NT 32 noted there to oh, and there it’s and this is this
is not even getting into the
variations of the NT 32 there’s
two models of the , if there’s the original
release which is the one that I
have a and then there’s the
there’s one with a , there’s a marked two of the NT
32 that has slightly different
sound in its the Tom and has glitches in some games
and actually does it has a
similar problem with the USC 55
for newer nor games to pay for
the ear it’s it’s a crazy convoluted
complicated thing with with early DOS music and if that’s why it took many
many months of preparation and
research and also to groups to jump through that they
get all the stuff working but
the effort in a gale working
captured in is as adult the case we get the flu now off
of the hell can weaken the food. So
if we play the flute , as sold and the beef up laid out by the
trees may be the trees will go
sleep , if region in Cornell and the
unicorn is and can be turned in the Viking goalie of the ticket ID freeze them a good one and two men in the pool of the if not the case may
be getting go to the giants house and play
the flipped take an to the the pool should be over
here , it can play in this out which
which we may go into the Giant’
house from a single women are
from the north’s and it’s that’s that the the case does the case and we played from from rape that wouldn’t be a good idea
right now OK to wonder why then faces a dog that the plane from
a dog that would not be good idea if
that throw of the flu dead dog 12 to OK we can look in and
Torre became 88 because the trees than arts that reserve are on the
screen by foot that the cave that wasn’t an giants house, frog and strolled to the hells is from four free throws the error if that enter the Takei haven’t been to the the
screens south of the giants
house to the pine cone tree is sold that we need to go to the screen to the west of us and sell from here and then these out that there to
giants house , god this again , for the bird 82 on me here that I think this is also screen
where the giant can appear that the happens if the input from pier OK the bird stop
moving out and it’s and it’s just as animation and , oh. To the pine Cones screen is to
the right here wanted something and play the
flute that just to Roberta and boon to play the benefit for
the crew if that be a good idea right now we are now the giant is in
spawning and so Glenn Aron G’s listener
thing in later king’s quest
games because this is a great game
design . So why is this a China only spawn from the
lower right of the screen but that playfully to have the mist and also still not sure
why why we only get to see the
old rest once and choose driving
the deer and that maybe they be the deer has something to do
it this , so there’s also the screen
with the there to flee before play two men from a
creepy house and her flute keep its bowl to get this glass bottle gene pool and it’s not a night time in the
game yet it is nice and Bolivia tenet is a day night cycle may
game but the the thing doing so there is this
a script over here which is it added door but it’s a locked or was last time we’re here
maybe it’s no luck now for is locked. And we get a bite in the good sleep , fruits are just written a play misled
the front of everything in the
game apparently the hope of that the eve in to these these trees don’t look
any different now these trees can talk to. What the hell it if it to go back to the of the two
face again but maybe not we haven’t good
bottle we can they can do
something behind the we filled bottle used on old men are to end is glass bottle I’m not
sure what that will response to
do with that but we have one now , said last bit of progress she
made was we got that the fluke
but what we do if it I have no idea that many will and will Tennesseans in sight or they just cannot fly zone can
is gonna fly speck the the over here again this solo so perhaps so maybe we can’t some trying to
think of how we can solve a red
dog problem regarding a problem that may be made we do need like a piece of
meat to give you the dog to
distract it , and some think in the places
where we might find that may be
in the pantry of the of the
seven dwarves house here buyer that or back of the
fishman’s place , and can we get to students then belong me out. She has she is no problem
stealing from everybody else but in the seven dwarves know when
to go out of respect their
property , another Stanley took it will
meet is not that a puzzle solution I guess , I don’t think we’ve searched
this stuff in a soup for you
sick to fill teller a note of pride and OK,
it will that Everett is it’s not here
apparently the right if so that the checks that often less than sold two screens to the left of here to there was there was the
kitchen end of the spooky house , maybe there is there some to meet and spooky house this
and ghost meet we can do to the tune on ghost dog to the the
kitchen was over here think , to theirs bread crumbs the
remember correctly in the team here in a . Red if it prompts no use for
crimes book shelf book teaching and the trees NT. Cemetery perils of the compiled contain useless the is a poker for the fire the thesis. To nothing here the sub a library was are here and then there’s a seeker room
that goes up to the organ and that that does not help close the
bank in a bowl of butter churns with
that is, try using it before and
it didn’t they didn’t understand
butter or butter churn or chur and it didn’t so consuming this
is nothing doing their the 10 so with what we got to the sides cupid’s bowl and not sure what else maybe if
we blow the whistle at the dog and I’m sure that will the
problem to anything either like
using the flu so that it didn’t wanna play
chase of the ball pretty on the crown they would
let me than enough looking at only have
the shovel the routine to the
defense to start digging up
graves and we were you shovel the aid take you don’t know what to dig
for the yachts OK, it sounds like we’ll be doing
some grave robbing in the future of so north of the screen is the
creepy trees north of here is the pine Cones
self of the giants plays if the
10 back to the giants plays this I think whenever we need to
do it’s clearly there though Jews that the bucket as if to excessively
dukes became every of the to get it to overhear to buy doubt he so why he waited CC me but
though Greece did not in the log get grander thing portents the look in the end of the prod
if you make of the details it
isn’t good games are what if we
knock on the door to Justin and coming in over a small god to have a up
up up up up if II thought we could we could ring the doorbell men
run away that the guaranteed strap that apparently not to if the cave that’s of the volume back to 36
again the then a ding dong doesn’t mind to 32 steps in the volume
back to the 36 to the annoying and doesn’t bouquet, so look can we have from the Silverdome problem so reviewed below whistled the case , did not care about a whistle cave that maybe if they still think they can to get up to that the stairs though dog is clearly too fast and if they think it won’t even
let me play the flutes , good night to roll the ball a role model not accomplish and they beat is the bono’s is to
never own command if , toots towed away if the if you use bowl with the shoots the dog with you. The new . So probably not that it can’t play the flute goal
ball didn’t do anything to do if we put the crown on the
dog that around on, if . And then work and , often need to move if thank the what can leave until it does point
then click what we can maybe gold back into
the waterfall again that is that still am not sure how that’s gonna
help us to pass that televideo and orange line unicorn as the beach to teach are going back to the
fisherman’s house again worst, and Cones the where we’re pretty much done at
the unicorn as we we turned in
the unicorn to the Watson face
that the evil witch and will
ferry , we haven’t been back to the
fisherman’s house and while
those so I think though that
might be a worthwhile based ago to that is two screens this go this way and left here it’s true that
this be one walk their comments of screens south of
here . They they got some thin , talk to you to move may help to those diamonds
and come in handy can think
enough to this and bring new close willing
to give them a bag full of
diamonds. They hope they can buy
close those , if in goods can can you can’t the firmly attached to anything you can best as I
won that I missed many the think we can go fishing
again because we had to they did before fishing boat of that burden is anything to do
it and got , they are ready fish for fish that so they can’t be dead fish are
ready and we gave it to the the pelican and that’s how we
got the whistle families to call
the dolphin two escape the
desert island which is where we got the bridal that we used to take the unicorn a case we can
plan from. , And we’ve blown the whistle blower dolphin for and come back that. , They can get past a third
party cookie saying, begin just
click through it and it will it’ll still watching the the cheese that that kind of
thing , the cave soul who were looking
for just anything new and one of
the screens that this kind of we’re out here on
turn to get this to work , and his death and the new beets are suppose you have six
safe to return to think of like
they’ve only seen bones that in in the dungeon of Blitzer faces place there was a
skeleton inside the way all but
I don’t think and let me get
this skeleton to change a directory and go
back to the locate and restart the game in
order to get back to that other
CIA director of if , I’m pretty sure to let me take
any bones from them the whale right in wail to their dues
Skelton here and there’s the
bottle , to have to take the different
rich tip to school if you keep
that in essence the only thing
it seems even get from here is
that , and see to like here to this is this is gonna be the
closest saved for first their
first trip to the dungeon in the in watts are faces the tasseled that if we turn to
speed here alone that it sends sell here so
there’s there’s bones to fund that’s addicted if
reproach to get as gelatin and if if the si
them pretty sure it this isn’t the way you get it and you can
only go to screen wants so II
doubt there’s anything even get
their , tip that the kids are as it’s a
little busted im and still
working on it like it’s it’s a huge pain I know but if
you think Friday about a
worker’s pay and alleviates
would burst the trident get to
work to the buyout that still work in
progress , Tahoma how can we if the oak and we accomplished of it may be edited tight ship the
dog in here that the if I don’t think that is
mandated to do , but what does Forbes report as
saying today’s bates the pope pounds break are able to hone the whole , the aid is now , the raid in the high eight , they’ll we got we could just
type until the dog and then to
happens in our noses Roberta , walked look the move open up the
polish and collected it’s it’s also them
that this dog to start is coming
right for us to smell sleep under us again
begun dressed for the dog to go , Melvin seven know if the row
of 10 till bug you couldn’t kill that
big dog , the didn’t try Rosella the fifth the the pet the dog that this dog , can we play dead that is not understood or bowl reverted is not
understand the , sweep in sweep the leg , we tweak the we’re we’re entering to feed the ally I think all taken hand
for the dog at this point ’cause
I’m by think I am officially stock
right now on dog puzzle , is CIA had it on, no I know it is this is much harder
than to no one’s , that maybe himself locked,
though the two concerns Iraq to
distract it will tell them I’m pretty sure was that at the U.N. Food if you would always liked will
it have prompted the ball and II gave all are tried it give the bed and use rework the ball
to dog if the cannot be
interested , togs like shovels right and balls close to not quite
interesting and feather ’cause we don’t need
any more though that the feather I am
pretty sure we need the board
for the K if the dog would not be interested
in that , that dog can fish would you give
the guy that to it by not having a
OK but that makes more sense well and the KD know what screen the
object they need is on 10 ’cause they and I don’t even know what
screen to be on by clearly at they can’t get
past the they can’t get past the creepy
trees yet so whatever is at
least I’m pretty sure they can’t
get past and to efforts on that screen then
and domino Heidi to get that , we’ve already been over here to be obvious wallet it’s
clearly not obvious to me
because whenever it is I’m
missing S a eight to it that must be a
steak somewhere and the owners can stick minutes
on the terry’s that line of
pixels that the also just noticed by the way the industry has a but to have a a a off 10 center OK interesting , which is south of here that tree as a but to life tried to try picking up
this cross before maybe it’s
maybe it’s this cross analysis
and in the wrong the graves ticket that it’s a range and points is a real tree new and the city may have to be beatable two but I guess that this to prune trees . Usually find it the cemetery
will puff up to a tiff the inmates this cross the Rio take the loan I do have a tiny to get there
and mean it bouquets it is it
through the the key behind a
waterfall because I have already
been t to the the swamp on the other
side of the local waterfall , but when I was there I just
could drowning , the estate of town. And compared
them book a interesting so there’s there’s
something in and around this one
and , if one of the onion robe and
was it at a lawyer in the water
if the cave where we get a brave
all the issued again bouquet of this polls there’s something
I sit and I missed back here , lights and land. If . That time for this bull should
again that that it is that if the greedy and design the kit up to say I’m not even get a Cal
poses desk as this is bull ship test grade AA are able ship . If the ASEA you miss this part ID
if you think that’s bad just you wait to see wait till we get them up
to the next screen just you wait are so check out the screen as a side of counsel ID up its the array about here is where we got
to the SP is but here the case
of the screen to notice anything
unusual about the screen of soul to you see that vacuum
opening their we just Gotta get
over there right to let so let’s walk towards it to yet , so write about 10 of their you can see the
pixels are little different than a delight that’s because
there is a a a chasm right there
that he fallen and I , the Ford use board on chasm , ,, there’s a specific wording
Key ID service to , it was a lady lay board on chasm the case only place aboard
across the credits the Kent so we we laid the board down
send so now what there’s no
visual change here to sew to say
if I hit up to go across chasm to no proof
bowl my goodness if the chasm you actually have to go straight
to the right and then to tilling and are to
pick up the port of sautéed
kinda makes sense if you think
of like old boat they don’t have
the ole boy that this is Roberta
Williams games an eighth of this pretty great and then II think on the next
screen you can also get killed
by the by the older the kid you not the service you
have to be a very specific spot
before it lets you through here
which is even better if the case and collated was drowned a whole
bunch but I was in the swamp to Seoul whenever it is we need
to do here right now and the other uses lanterns the case soulmate who then discovered in a quite far the noticed the house of Swope
grass token from water case
maybe we got a late jump to the
grass turned to grow as their ego case that’s so I bought by was on the right
track earlier when I was walking
into their aunt Wright said to
stay close to the grass but it s the half to jump jump on the
wool dress islands Cold War if PO boy if if you do put on crown if it just does that and then you can move while you’re bowl to pick up if that were found
another you to death and if it
up up up up up to Tyson did know about that one the cave that’s a new one if the agent
address that 10 tips that must be the the fruit
of the mortality rate is the fruit
of healing column not know if of course it’s a snake off the burner guess again the case
I’m assuming that’s of the flute
is for the GATT charm the snake and then maybe we can take a
stake with us and third of the
dog , I’m still not sure why fell
all of public sees the board
that there to cross that the conflict are write the terms take to put the snake in the bottle want to know the cobra swing
music balls into a trance. , the visit, cross gap with the
word to use board the word , if the IP press to island with Ford if
these board use board on grass use the word to leave for their goalie mort bouquet that the snake is no longer
charm journal of leaflet can’t buy you kidding me if the half to go up to it if up a pixel amazing the maze and the amazing that the effort gets make the wooden one pick over the boys assembly plane that the top of our lap and are I’m curious
to the happens if we got tough that just like to cite that you go after token positive if if the nose
intentional the way for its point operated to watch me mad the case you get the fruit to get turn up the NT 32 again
if the if to get the firm but the don’t see how this all
search dog problem though , from two deaths of the title I don’t see how good the magic
for to the magic for does for
curing King Graham but maybe this is a trigger for boric turning in the night timer
something more of , I miss the dog and I’m really is a dog item on the screen the naval tree cobra as it was the dog died on all
its in that it’s in the cave whites to if a response to know that that if the board wants to there’s an invisible required
item to pick in the cave the case it’s just a screen in
the cave that I’ve been to as
like I haven’t been to the
screen to veal left of where
this openin passing and the 10 , two little like a lantern
again , Kay just six to the cave so whenever I see which haven’t had the West Coast see
anything in this game by Keiko north from here by canoes the self and if I explored the more
enduring like it and runs the
risk of just being randomly
murdered by the acute role , the concealing a screen
interesting to the other must be another
screen service that the tenant into yet but swears was
the castoff , it’s a more on the screen if towed leave word in a close enough to have to
burn the top bucket now came across it safely to shoot I hope so . Pick up the border bucket to now were now or in cave quest
again appear to have no to Cisco’s quest to the case and we haven’t been to
the screen to the left of here . System good at Pitt street column here yet
there’s a chasm that you can fall into it so it’s what I had across to
get to the swamps and it is
invisible or mostly invisible it’s a pretty good , the this is that this would’ve been the
first place I would’ve looked
for an item one of the screens I passed on
the way this will be good to its not this there again passed on the way for this won’t
bite time the from the cemetery and that the Davis might be a tree
your bike from the BPA night to get nothing, sis is byte is that is at a ball when
you do have to get a bone from
right there that the the mouth
of the cave can I put on to xray that of the
entrance bouquet say I did walk right
past it yet there’s a bony to
get an up and that’s with is OK the
right mental solver dog problem bouquet, we don’t need to wear
the crown for this does we can
use to this but OK thank you for vents they
convince the Decree have enough
to make for progress now to book
it so hopefully no more getting
stuck for this Christmas if if
book a soul giants house is the
best way to get there’s going to
be to the mind screen and then sell from the mine bouquet of the variants find
again abound that all the other
plays are those bones note can’t do it sorry to have those
bonds will work only this
specific bone the number of cocaine if the way it book a paroled below that dog gets an error that extends favor
of us down on it to a forgotten
you okay if Seoul and now what so we need to
get the the hand that lays golden eggs and it’s probably not upstairs that the that will fit on that
the right side of the screen tour of . This snake or to come in handy they’re can’t see him not to end up , if if the extra burden to the
cave Hondas and the boulders probably upstairs , there’s there’s an ax here. And
that the acts if OK tours locked away. They have to god and the comics to the feeling you have to wait
until the fielder’s coming home
prompt it would spread the case to know we probably to hang out
in that the that storage room over there until we get the ovaries here
prompt as if it did appear when I went
to the kitchen and maybe spouse to go into the
kitchen and then leave immediately and then the kids were not the winner
getting any prompt hear about
the older time to go in here and then
leave immediately the OK if the ogre in the house boulder in the house that be a good idea right now OK
so we’ll look to you hold if you fifo from my smell the blood
of a to that date that hands don’t have time to probably need to get the
key from a period to the real quiet, the weather wasn’t that that if the old get out of a result, six
to heap and it’s the middle of
backing the door of that didn’t hell of a bow ship the right bucket and sees a cursor here as I can
see where I am the case II think we’re OK now the right to know we can
determine our car chicken quest bucket the way that we use our speed reading
skills the the GK at the Tovar the case so they should turn in
that way if the lopes the kit and then we’ll learn what all
she wants to you right now and Kate sounds
good a tiny spent about completely convinced that. Indoors box possession of the purest evil,
Kay , I the thing right now the tent don’t know where that seem a
search for yourself will create OK of to so let’s see the haven’t of solo places where if I were a pandora’s box so we haven’t been to the inside
the crypt yet to that’s that’s possibility we haven’t
been to the screen yet assuming
there is a screen there , that that sound effects book and
NT 32 of the and yellow that’s the sides the
other places like apparently there’s a day night
cycle and it’s still the
nighttime yet to and that there continues to
bother me that it’s still a
nighttime when they made a big deal about
this game having of the night
cycle , what’s a mime internal board magic for whistle glass
bottle to shovel bowl crown
peacock feather this week if another lantern , without the inter . The Roseland. If it did and what , then I had known I have it as if
to confirm that if the in . In new here is if an , below can give the island can read the
note again and mysteries sharks can be just
gonna keep reading this into
what if if it tells you that day
I need help and Kinko’s for voice that period was boxed that this is this just Ken
Williams advertising it looks
like of tunnel think we have any sort of
T to open up this thing the missing another item. You
know if you know where the item
would be his main I’m taking think of any other place
like the delays and other holders
house and I to get into that the
holders take a locked to I have the acts and use post the 10 missing fed
those box is a backing the ogres
house of the BBS posted that the key for
the picky from the over teacup that a table than the overs at that I wonder what they’re
locked door at the up the stairs as though in the edit the locked door really
bothers me if the load funds if
if the boat and I cannot say before
what the tenant rate the case bogey
rayford loud NT 30 twos give to
if the IP’s , hopefully whenever this is not
Mckay again the house is too small for this something from the witch’s I’ve
even seen which is the twitches to OK maybe now that I have the
acts to pick up. And the 32 KB now that I have
the ax maybe we can deal with
our car broke the trees problem maybe we can finally give those to grope are trees the business these acts on tree they have the Affleck get here the real not bother any further
nice OK ball right to defy the deal
please ask souls perfect if the lloyd’s disorder
an arrest if OK , and I just did defeat the the
path in Bossier , would be through here can I get through their that OK all this is on the back
of the box bouquet to address this was some
back a box of medicine should if
the case so and the others three
which is I think also on the to locate to his new in bearing slogans and wilson’s
goal that stuff. Mounts a huge
rocks pluck and the north and
surrounded by those grabby trees tour the case this is the just for
completeness and will to you
which . The kit today looks like the school does
get that shot and head to the
smoking crater open hole that peering through the glass eye
you what tests have a up up up up up up
up eight the , the tiff the cave to Karen and three when I told which is OK a blind one night hanks. You
through a glass eye to eye cassettes I and the taper
left OK with five taken on a botch out the plow down the tubes of a a a a a tooth the right to the the kind of closeness OK to have the Tigard juke at the the witches
again the time unlike a right next to
it to have if they staffing which is as is one of the IE to late but that that if then it looks like it’s on that
school up their boldest the budget to make the
case so it and the two at the
top of the screen are passing
the eye back and forth the looks
like to know I need said the tension
which one has the eye OK so that one just passed it to
the one the left and no one on the right hasn’t and no one on lofts take five to eight I can’t tell which one
SEI apparently the off to have anything that’ll that this can’t be more
complicated than just take I grab on a committee I hang out in between
the two of them than a passing your back and
forth their ego Quevedo from him
between the two of the NIC a now that old line helpless . To move to shelve that interests you. There’s a business school. It’s
blinking , it’s cold to donate it , give grew to taper to win one it tough to which just to ask about. Or if talk about Pandora best indoor of is Eric to zero way we can to server for asking , will force free flight and pulp of pet to tweak that the witches , to shoot to vote soon set to speak talk I think we retreat of
content and , which is the big any given a ride back
and then all if the lucky me to turn on a polish girl to talk which is to something gave you for being
such a nice, turning I OK as if a free trip to the hot tub of that up up up up up up up up
up up to that it to have a a a a a a a a cop that he’d have a a a a a mix of the more careful of the can may be the take stuff , like this is blinking still
appear a little , Calderon and we’re gonna fill
the pickup that the pill bottle with the ruled these bottle with Paul Hearn use all with arch to match the new IE in cauldron , no fee if you do for why it’s
just that which is and we’re back to this again and to pay for me the gift of the , and when we are leaving comeback this is a this again in the case and with the Ira and the inning comeback in . But the one delivered the inet
the tree . In that that far in Inglewood are here to reply to the rule the day and then were nothin’ good book. You think about it the that’s not the lax caregiving. Orion if this keeps the Atkins that are no OK purpose and four to write to us that night time in the world of king’s quest for sure that the ensuing anything will use your new bullpups group this is . They and keep the eye can
observe it , to spooky house are I’m assuming , crying baby front stairs . Nothing new there to the dinners shares back here said roars open now talk to baby to can use its crying baby would you like to show they flipped the good idea. The baby’s love whistles to ball to baby baby is not interested in the region like this class I . Give to steer of two baby . If the if it will get on horse into bid for wall that doesn’t
stop most people don’t let your dreams be drains
get on the horse the case I think some organ
playing will cause the baby to the Crimean war that just in case it doesn’t the savior second would save enough to go down as corbel
staircase can to the weird thing about this
staircase is that once you get
up to the the band ended up here , normally think he pressed down
to go up it because a
perspective right to know the
action at a press up on the
keyboard to go up the stairs here which is runs completely counter
to all the other controls in the
game in any of the the Sierra teams
like this to some this one rom young
percent to six late work and if a cave in egos baby like that and find out to minimal ball and
shares the Jews bucket to this one of the added
down another controls a normal again
once you’re that this part , Kay and we can get down the
stairs slightly faster if that book a two as baby so crime yet to be in scare if an entity’s they can do something
different in the ditch are rocking the cradle to sing to maybe if 10 will lie it doesn’t work if the pick of any around nothing there but strange
coldness the turnoff lamp to bite those someone knows my
mentor a bouquet to SA you turn off the worse if you have an toothsome of baby is, the poll of the ball to be the the day the as baby dozen eight , Ken the recent things
different than the current house is that lanterns run now than
they were before the new and nothing different here to burden the room who left . , Your baby crying hockey events
in the new year yet but. We’ve no gross foods on
hand to think very depth of system of
thinking but there’s no love and not sure we’re yet the idea
to do that in the know that I
remember that from reading the
novelization , the proof that it with the listeners on the music this whole time if, god tommy’s please the interest that’s like there’s something
here may be there’s gonna have to dig up every pixel on the screen the new interest. That is sure I don’t remember
looking at the gravestone if
beach to miss up as net became a
look at the tough , some eyes are. They then get to this sure talk to rile its
own and peoples will become the a to file its own tour the my god does on the music but the sun baby son the case this this is
only got to get did hold some begin out here , you’re OK , OK the right cell solve our baby problem of the case their baby crying bucket, if give rebel two very top saw revenue for the
lascivious overcrowding of the
debate ago stock and currency
some big time Dixon tent outside next goes problem and know that moaning and
rattling of heavy chains. The rally the spooky ghost to the demise are OK to issue was so we can, well it’s publicly buried in his
career Ort something really have to be maybe the gold balls was
cut for the demise are grave was this
one I think the rides on behalf of skip the
solo if they’re this kinda weird that the you can’t buy don’t I don’t think you can trigger that time the less you have the scarab to so what’s what’s the point of of making you run into the
zombies if Pierce Post at the
scare appear , without one and this is the
miser , if left to that IP address
change was it the that ago. That did wolf they’re got its kinda weird is get is only
so much you can do when the beggar glen Freundlich it . To to a little bit news bears miser that they use miser to overhear their own to give gold: Stu
Coast to offer the eagerly sat is it
then disputes OK if tour for weeping stick to it and
get points for that if interest the cave and, in the cue from upstairs beef the that there are no to a ghost of evil young woman’s
sister can share weeps her
report if. Talk to boost the post . Karma think this was one of the
back left their stones that some bees blown off the kit to pull the pin on the broken a shovel by EU load
and no way you have limited uses for a
shovel if if the row of the Biden too many random holes the have a tip that that the enough bike I can understand doing
stuff out of order and not
wanting to prove for stuff but so will it and we’re so far back to now by five to load this save and to do a try the scarab can do OK
and the scarab and keep their eye on my god they were this of the lot at them pretty sure I
did a couple was in the grave
right and is now I can just go code
deducted to graves right now , boy that is on the back and just go get the gold
coins and as the freeway of supervisors was right here the output of the right to hold a don’t know
what to do for you at all to the OK Tedi the baby crying . We speed run and now , that they be there’s nothing there to book it tore the boat that the whole the fine acting on a cat , and that’s on the committee duty to the . If if the governments can
barely so looks like you can do in a
border bucket to have the scarab the case ballboy if it’s Roberta , came to view of the debates
the case if to flee if you do
this to if it’s not her fan and of thing and then maybe it’s
the organ and maybe a shovel suppose to
break their as a sign of like a unit be if
your some other solution all I can think of is the work
and if they be weepy post lady to the
likes organs if that waited all nine, of if the burden of its 5:00 AM give me a break to me a break for rough . If the sip by your gun to an and missed a 69 it was is a
pretty good won by a I fell
right here and I fell down to the beacon show you what it was here
to a lot like that they were were taken express
elevator down to the bottom
floor that’s what happened of 16 of the cable issues still weak and
so then the ghost to another way to say that ball hard as a command the old times known restored the book that’s the way to help the same ad goes
but the new thing different door here bellows and that’s if this were the bill was there but
we can’t take the only but I’m still pretty being sure
that I buy needed just to get that last
grave and I think I just wasted the
shovel they probably just limited uses
that show the tolls go back to this again go through all this again that’s Gotta be met the loaf so again I hope the
baby the shoulder to if that’s why
every did all that and I reload of the save as you
said was needed but pretty sure it is , if . Those 10 minutes book post is nothing in there crying baby blue that taxes on the screen to a baby was back there and look at it tough to they’d six months set up the pooled the case to get the rattle the
strategy before was was to get
everything in advance but it it
seems you can’t do that and those probably trying to
those causing the to shovel to break if if if the OK to give rebel two baby OK , OK to the chain’s bombing ghost miser should be appearing
shortly the coast and colby’s are. And his grave was a big one on the left to look at it tough to blazer soda to hold . The Lions th that some bees have about time for give poland’s two lives are at Cetus peers and then the back
too sore for weeping which is from her look ghosts
services this is back where we we were with a shovel broke OK if if to go back to normal
speed and this is this is back where we were OK , pretty sure her grave is this 1 May be flown out at that one no proof they view this one no , it’s a Dr. and Caywood, this one not close enough this isn’t one Caroline is this 11 corpse corps. To know perhaps it isn’t on the
screen so might be onscreen to
the rights the tough to eke out in sewer treatment of
chaos rollover tse one day of
cats that Sears . Hold the raids on these that they’d
they’d taken ads on these for water to spawns and then just
have not show cover again but
that and keep showing up is a little annoying -lock it say I’m not sure how we could to
solve this problem without a
functioning shovel , it had to reload if tonight’s the mechanism for
keeping people from been forcing
this puzzle as they you shovel
breaks after a tougher so many
uses the case . Walk its two coasts and we’ll look into this trap
ghost walker to newsmaker very
happy issue vanishes into their
current to loan out what the English wailing . And if it reaches me knew would the pocket ghosts temple in ghost of
the lord of the manner . So his is probably the one the left gray that the front
brake if the guessing the word Cummings be sure to hold them on Sunday’s of the water OK if a cave the aisle of wheeling pawns on the test spawn among they’ll give that old to coast they’re and satisfy the bearish
is nothing if Kent and against a giggle and runs from
the room. Again played host to hide and
seek to 10 this is probably an end in death
if this it’s a spooky go
slathered skin and disappear
winner at the top of it are enough Allman Bricker neck though. To deploy to Plymouth the attic . This flick of a commitment or a they be given the ball give the ball to Gustav this looks and what has to ship , the seatback. If, that Clinton . They float all their kid take disheveled . So is there are other anymore craves out there
that can be dug up an is these to hear a wreath at the top so if they can get the baby rattle a
deaf to sis is that Dr. This is one boy and Jerry Jones adult and
bones Nuys bones of self their corpse corps to move in . They install these tent as round. The Islamists to let the sun is sure how each new the period to salon . The moves this little boy , Cason AP the little boys get
if if goal we need to hold the toilers located the bouquet me that will solve our biggest
problem . . If Buddhism and if give: to coast to the torso little boy a an inch room, text and examine
it comes a two and then spears
to Kent that so open chest if the look in chest by Nicole set of sheet music of
the cave the right now we have a trucker
as is done over to the top 10, if now we Gotta go to the organ thus there is is a renewed ghost
in here and the toasted kitchen tip the month is
all . The undergoes their the right to free make it up the
stairs that kind horribly and sets to use sheet music to cheat at the new wave small drawer open New York . This is the skeleton Key OK to
see if to end solo Skelton key is
probably for the crypt off to soul of the should be able to open the
crypt now but don’t all their stairs continue to be the two real final boss of king’s
quest games are we can save some time there are both chip to correct its littlest the time top it looks later in game but I
guess that they as on these Sunday’s get
tips on these that the late it’s a weird in this
game like there is today has a school new sound
tack but they only use it for
like 20% of the game most of the
game’s been silence , this goes keynote book turn. Which , if we’ll be an issue for the oh god or later games that it is for
this one this one is still a lot
of the law today they’re in this
game to what the hell was Visco and looks like an eight to
barrel too much hieroglyphics
written on the walls and old,
gets a for wall panel of rope is
at the a to nothing in the bottom right so this is apparently pandora’s
box I thought this is like our
rats are at facing the camera
lingers its red eye there and
it’s side is in shadow that OK if that’s a box than
tour fine Roberta , used a rope off if the cup broke the state’s bell wrote by news
group is actually a rope ladder
attached via the platform to Jon and fourth holes and
alone bouquet what can go wrong if to get from Ali of god will share thing Roberta that’s that this is like
adventure game convention game jump scares up the road know if it’s gonna
get ceo among the Mets is to get
the thing to roll up the ladder is that
money doesn’t get out , pick up orphans fund word is located along came and are gonna let
this money scape and terrorize
the countryside to close the
door that it that the cert a pandora’s box and I am I’m curious to cable you be sorry if that was very foolish as all of
you loose the demands until they
soften the thrifts have what to weeded me then we didn’t even
disappoint Roberta we we kill her Burdette two
apparently what what the the right to destroy the world including
Roberta us so that said that implies that Roberta is is part of the king’s quest
world and part of a cannon that she
exists in the world and is able
to be killed by events in the
game the dresser name but we get never bored finely after 5 hours the the right to get married pool two to green guy the right person in the morning to pick tour the right and that’s what walk to be good if the few possessions were taken
away OK great to me that ball now we need the
we need a firm that was an
errant or eight to save king
Gramm the weight with these need that
backed the rest of the stuff to
appears I guess this and this is quite the
bedroom the right now what the OK the bedroom to or the Korean the Moises Eggers tower bedroom like couple that are no mood to
care that can we just two of the window to the live accompaniment. Well look dresser and you’re on top. Around and interests of the ethical
manner to it: what , then you’re a key kit that the open door in private to open or if the looked over and look keyhole if talked or if tiger does not respond . It knows if that the wheat what the ezaki attached to it . The ruse to get T from Lewis . , October the door. , Are this looks like an easily fall
down to believe they up if if always revert is alive and
well know if the case for
getaway for boyfriend are to
come back again the boy of king’s quest air
cases half . The two key from rose, locked
door if the open door to the left or error if the door pocket and safe here tassel to the right to have this all my cat OK I if I know
why that happens so it’s another
reverse staircase it’s just like
the organ staircase I was press , and it would make her to a fight press up into the
right are just be a you have to press down to choose to have to beat we
ought to sit back to the end are women going now OKs night to
hit the left but but at the that if if if the kit by
guesses is what now support is
this for the heloise click over there goes the mouse will not let you
fall and cut the missing something here that these visa pretty
treacherous of about those by the masses is
fantastic it so it works the most as well
as the board does that point to one result to quit is what this perspective the response to the if the really really really now the spouse to school after here there ago OK to get it to get out and save have that if
that was the unnecessarily down to sleep. Doesn’t have a key
year anything I guess so . That that bird looks like
trouble , the ravens, owner and hosted on the back door the judge said that said to buy suspect it is going to
happen . His is kitchen proposing to
cabinets to see a long table and
are one’s own window. And pour in some four this is Mrs. Braddock as the table to remove table. They mention the cabinet and of
the Kezar possessions of Kent get items if that’s the right side and
possessions the boy if the extra burden , and to sleep if the kit that so
there’s a work items back and we have the magic for a need
that to get cupids bowl of to we still have one era left
and keep its bow to maybe we
have to the week to shoot the
evil to evil witch with that , for something and I suspect that’s probably
have a highly to do that and
then get heard the tough to gain cannot be saved if this
time tonight to Kay week and there’s no time to rayford Jim scare again that a are not to I just got too close to the
attention last time currently . Both the Jews bowl good another
one of these of its looks like there’s a door
here too tough if that was just stood
at the case that there that up the staircase is a low unit . Tokyu Skelton key that that’s
interesting that it to ask you
which one views , Locke tour with skillets and
keep if it’s not fit the lock the door. Golden key bouquet of soul of the same T
who works on her door and his
door to sure to shoots her with bold can’t do
it now and from it on the gaudy side of town asleep in her massive bed. The strong dispatcher Mrs. Take
a signature that get the dow in if get middle , look to tune in again the loads so we we need to get that the
medallion I thought that’s our
annual if it’s to e-mail at that the god to th a rate is his mouth says the cave well so weak link and you’ll see
sleeping of the look two were in golden key
if the open door and now what , . Interra cannot be like this is
the one time you wanna see you
in Tory this to two shoots low loped away if cupid the old there we go out why didn’t do
that before the kit as a new direct hit the OK to burn the carts and its stock pain stop it Ukraine jazzy watch the evil
fairy die painful that’s what
happened. Keep it served on that thought they contain only love that must be a love so evil that
when all the pure love into the
body acted as a poison the Kent by don’t know how well get you
for this the cave to the gallon a bright new day is dawning of . The letter for just murdered
another the Mano walk freely about the
castle of the cave the the right to shore gets in the let’s the cave to a 2 to 30 cave know that we have to walk
and then swim all the way to the
Pulitzer faces island on the
other side of the game world
becaus the Mather and we can ride the unicorn to
it and that’s what this so the
purpose of this area’s tick and we and our gain even pat him on
that anymore if the if the vote OK to IP and the cave delete we have to return hand if get in or rule as books open chest agreed to return those to their their proper place are something interesting and then this is probably where
the unicorn isn’t this an IP two is your book as yields sell . The problem get points for
pudding back the stuff that you be permanently barred guessing
so I just need to not fall down
the stairs and die , cave by results into the game told I
and the stairs . The the most . That the youth corps problem
here there ago off and gates to skate this one and not close enough which are your that the dates for unicorn to the unicorn if the half, if what the eight just open the gate and is it this book that that of that if there is yet to be in the center book of art to look at all those this
phrase of the accord animation and Kay that unicorns by IDs unicorn
probably knows that we needed a
dirty the if if if the kit book it bouquet , Kate the right to wonders on c’mon to let the
cat the right the boy if the kit to sold the need to go replace
pandora’s box that can hear again for the money the cut the Pandora is box tent I’m not sure to kidney points
that tour the list or if . I kind of don’t wanna give the
hand back to the overstay is there jerks but might as well , sold that was as creepy tree is so if we go
north from creepy trees that you would put it slightly
in the wrong spot that TG if the extra burden of the boy turn would sign a tape of a joy
to put me in hot tub even after
I’d given back their stupid as I
said no those which is in debt and
arrive back in and just leave and here , put down hand tied to that now can the door hopefully that thought
it’s locked case the lightest for not just
imagine about that if they don’t
deserve avenue is that the pool is a sway against again fall the pool more
time for good measure of the case and now we need to
the go back to divest as island the kit beaten by sharks to locate to be the the dolphin that often
if we blow the whistle dolphin belts and key open Skelton was
probably that hopefully this will take us
to tennis’ they are a to lure that block away guinness’s
palace has guardrails on their
stairs say you can’t fall down
the stairs if only all the staircases in
this game and guardrails the right to you if amulets in the magic tells them to the
bank barrel since only the color
return to cheeks and are green
eyes begins sparkle she sits up
a tend the right to 23 at 230 in my life is all
of this is this is autoplay and use aide to mayor from
persecution of low we’re deeply
indebted to go to Ken when the glove side from some of
face if there’s 110. All those her hand OK the unlike Davis two points with
their battle think your hand as a hand
to miss the magic fruit to all this life . But first let’s replace that
with dow and Katie the right to Edward Gates’s blow
up if if that of a console hunt Edward Baker has
been in the subtle too long to pursue by must return home tour services the same exact music is
the opening of a game look a lot of slightly different
them on to think about this very
somewhere but not the same column and that’s the beautiful
sprite to a a a a a bullet’s magic tour disconnect to stare at the state the camera balls well that ends well until
it’s time to buy banks Roberta takes the net and Roberta and there’s no credits it’s just the hammer and I made
the game by if the OK if the who actually made
this is an interactive by
Roberta Williams user by William
Goldstein to programming by king
coac yet background scenes to 01
person did the background are
looks like animation was two
people covered for new wrangling quality assurance by a
cast of thousands to shore that and then this is that the
patch version of the game from
August 7, 1989 I can Williams production at the very top if that were made those stairs T’s and in shift
between traces of choices were
never really famous game so tour the cave than enough that was king’s quest or the ruler quit the U.S. Tanks for playing time for planned that stop and the timer on
king’s quest or the contents of the trap of
king’s quest for your as I got upped the can prepare
the Von for this and it’s a real
mall six tough bucket the right to happen up king’s
quest for soul completed yet to beat gain that she did the I’d ask for I’d
ask for hints in this one, so getting it done use a punt
this is not a completely blind
way through if the data received
outside assistance that to get
stu to shamefully saintly I got stuck bucket
things I liked, much better graphics compared to
the first few games of putting actual music with the NT
32 modules greats , the Asher that’s that’s not
that’s exactly what is said to
OK, that’s a puzzles were more challenging in
this compared to earlier ones the in and I’m so tired are now I can’t
think of more to say about it
but that have missed this was
pretty good if the things I did
lik Watson randomness in any spawns if to share this kind of my voice dictation is
getting worse and worse the more
we use it , let’s see if the even though
this supported good music it to
the most part did not played all so to sell and this game support
in NT 32 a play during the
opening the ending pad like a
few themes and fanfares here and
there but vows about it so the musical
we played like 20% of this game
and Los busing to be playing
throughout the whole thing
because to actually played music for a
pretty much the whole game but
in this one I guess they were
still stuck in that the PCB for
mind to its meat of fan support for
it but it would’ve been nice if
they actually use it for an
actual soundtrack rather than just added if tunes that wiped out the game , but A it is early days from
technology seeking a little too
much for that to a vote see if staircases of . And that occurs up to the
dinghy is a 10 minute cartoon of
beginning was actually that’s
sure Roberta says it makes me
more ca , staircases than to sure the kid rom base is not really a
Le mel’s the henchmen were so
sure that’s insane at the
difficulties of heart, so the salon had a lot more are
in G which factors in the
difficulty of sake of that
reversing the game world was
slightly more not to mention that sequence
behind a waterfall with a pitch
black T of where where if it seems as just random
weather not you die in the cave
like a few does happen to enter
the screen that has the patrol , and if he added that that’s a
bad way to do difficulty combat
in life that the invisible chasm
in the dark cave at him fall in just than what the hell of a lot of that the solutions to
puzzles me just didn’t seem
super obvious where they kinda did in the
first three , even with all the arcane weird
magic stuff those in the third
game, a lease what you had to do
all made sense in most cases in manna lapel to do it all that
all completely stuck in this one
and lake shore you can talk about
said just not been persistent of
but it the least any other games I
did some clue as to what to do
and this one it was tough to this is way more difficult, sold
it it’s still not to still not
up there with like a 5 minute
five which I’d say you need a
walk there’s there’s certainly enough
frustration with the the logic involved and some of
the of the game play systems
that this is this is part of an
average for a board in two games and then rating rating 15 to so
I think this story and the
writing were noticeably worse in
this compared to three I liked
that , for just felt like there was a
return back to the that there’s
the fairy tale stuff book you
hope you remember the fairy
tales the Vikings close one and a
little bit of two which would
make sense because it it seems
like Roberta was in charge of
the story , the I do like the game play
system changes that they
upgraded from them through four
I like that you don’t have to
actually be s and the mouse support certainly
help but it didn’t help with a
navigating the staircases thus that was the continues to
be a problem the series is
staircases of the tse audio and sound and image great
upgrade the rom from 34 if of and those are raiding so II still
like for a whole lot less than
three to this isn’t a bad game well,
it is really didn’t can speak to
me if there is much is maybe
three today by Korea as crude is
th , I still think the game just a
better job of it as an adventure
game and forded if of to eight this one did enough for
eight and had a challenge to be better than them like a two test this was kinda between a 3
to 4 for me , it’s are making them better but the idea of what’s that system
for the scanner for about four
that king’s quest for its four and five Puckett that although for
tonight’s their long stream but we
finished up 10 schools for the
pair’s result of the next Kings
close game award in a DOS king’s
quest f their teeth 35 minutes I think , and knocked in a imac a look
at my notes Ernie thing I barely
remember out, and I do remember
that there’s lots of soft walkin of Selby the next play cue from
vats, we’re still working on
peace explosion for CODELCO up
there to be a part three
Caddell, ab five for 6 hours in about one
I’m currently stuck on a puzzle
week to walk on tiles on the
floor and I’ve no idea audience
all t that’ll do its COL C all next time to fill the
great denied morning Irving
where the war next time there now are the war to care and swatch in

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