41 thoughts on “POTW: Spring & Summer Men’s Suede Bomber Jacket Outfit

  1. give us everything about mens fashion ashley….. this really works om me and other ppl…. u help improve my dressing sense …. please keep posting videos …

  2. I usually use Large When i Wear jackets. Im 193cm tall. Should i size Down to Medium If i want a bomber jacket like that or? Please help Ashley Weston

  3. This is interesting timing as I just bought a faux suede olive green bomber jacket from River Island and wore it with dark wash indigo jeans, a grey henley and chocolate brown faux suede desert boots from Vegetarian Shoes in the UK. It just looked so good together and was also great for walking along my local sandy Scottish beach. I'll try and get a photo…

  4. Hi Ashley! Your videos changed my life. I love your work. Thank you very much! Could you please do a series on "workout clothes"?

  5. great video Ashley but i have a question can denim jackets be tailor becuz im a short and skinny guy and its hard to find things that fit me

  6. Another great video! I love the suede bomber jacket too. I want to take the opportunity to ask you what you think about this baggy mens' trend that has been showing up in these 2017 fashion shows. I personally think it looks sloppy and hobo-ish. I like to keep things simple and classic, not too tight or to loose. Check this out: http://www.gq.com/story/how-to-wear-baggy-pants-loose-relaxed

  7. I really like the way you made this video. Very simple and casual, a nice break from the videos you make in your studio (not that those are bad or anything, the variety is just appreciated). Keep up the good work!

  8. I like these short and simple ones, if it allows you to push out more content!!! Great job Ashley & Dorian for all the new consistent videos.

  9. I enjoy watching your videos. I find them very informative even though I don't always agree with you. Thank you for all your advise and please keep adding the funny outtakes.

  10. I really believe this kind of video is what most viewers enjoy for this channel. Real style advice from a lady with an actual outfit with pictures or video of the outfit itself.

  11. whats a casual outfit for athletic shorts and graphic t-shirt? I'm in high school and this is just something i do alot.

  12. great to see "the gang" – Oh – and saw Snoop Dog wearing a bomber in a super bowl commercial this year. Just so happens H&M had a very similar one – so i snapped it up. cheers! have a great weekend!

  13. Dear Ashley, love your tips and you're right, although there are so many YouTube blogs on men's fashion and so forth, yours is the best! To the point practical and beautifully presented. Can I ask you to do a blog on Vests/Waste Coats, if you please ? Thank you…….

  14. Hey ashley, i was hoping if you could make a video about what one should wear to prom and like step out of the box, have like that alpha male, in your face vibe going on, pretty much not wear like the others, normal black/ navy suits. Thanks ❤
    Ps: I really am in need cus prom's in june 🦉

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