Pop art Girl with a Hat Fashion Acrylic Painting tutorial for Beginners

hey everybody I am Cinnamon Cooney The Art Sherpa and i want to invite you to come paint with me today this fabulous paintings shall call even if you don’t draw even if you haven’t painted a while this is a great painting for you to start with I’ve gotta know draw option lots of materials you can change out the colors there’s so much to offer you in this piece so let’s check out the materials and get started right now so glad you decided to do this pain let’s take a quick look at the materials that will be using today i have here a nine by twelve canvas board canvas board is then rigid and pre-coated and ready to paint they’re very inexpensive and you can pretty much find those anywhere that sells art or craft supplies look at our paint right here i have the very simple colors of Mars black, phthalo Blue Cadmium red medium , yellow ochre in the center here actually this is not white this is acrylic glazing liquid i use that because it’s very hot and dry in my studio and this slows down the drying time of my paint and allows it to flow smoothly but remember acrylic paint works with water and that does many of the similar functions if you’re better conditions than I am for painting and then of course i have this titanium white i’m going to show you how to use the traceable to get the image on the canvas with the no draw option you can of course free hand this in our trace this in both are perfectly acceptable and neither is cheating an art let me show you how to get the traceable on the canvas remember you can find information about the materials and get the free traceable at the archer p dot com let’s start the traceable so i have here my image that I want to transfer my canvas and i’m going to make very inexpensive DIY transfer paper i’m going to just take a graphite pencil and rub back and forth along the lines that i want to transfer to my canvas when that’s done I’m gonna take low-tech tape come over to my canvas and attach the image i usually like to tape in a couple places and I like low tack tape because it generally won’t care my transfer paper so I can use it again if I want to i’m going over my lines with a hard colored pencil so I can see where I’ve already drawn i wouldn’t use a felt-tip pen because it wouldn’t be hard enough to make a nice transfer to trace over every line and then i have my image remove the paper and your image should be faintly on your canvas for you to easily be able to follow let’s get our paint get started I’m going to get this number 8 bright this is a nice synthetic bright has a good sharp edge a bright brush is a little shorter than a flat and a little spring year so it makes easier work of a heavy body paint by being synthetic it doesn’t overload with water so that when i’m priming the brush with a little bit of moisture and dragging off the extra off the edge it doesn’t bring too much over to my acrylic paint acrylic paint can totally be thinned with water or medium like i’m using here either works very very well i’m going to come just paint the outside edge my canvas with my cadmium red just following along on the edge of my brush you can see i use the edge of my brush to get a nice line edges of the transfer that I made if you like to freehand things go ahead and freehand your image in but don’t worry about it if you’re just not a place where you’re drawing yet drawing can be learned in time there’s lots of artists that don’t draw going to get a little more moisture on my brush and show you how i can just pull out a small amount of water to thin my paint and improve the flow when I’m painting on the canvas I want all of the white to disappear under the paint so I don’t want to have a bunch of strokes that look like that that means I either don’t have enough paint on my brush or the paint is too dry sometimes we want that when we’re doing something called dry brushing in this case we want to pop art feel so we’re going to make nice fields of color and again you can do this in you don’t have to do this red you could do this in blue you could do this in green any color that you like come over and add some red right here using edge of my bristles to get a crisp line following along my transfer well had a boo i’m going to show you how fix that that can happen when you’re painting you can have a mistake I’m dipping my brush a little bit of water to thin it and all you’ve got to do is allow that to dry and when i go over it with another color paint it will disappear so never ever ever ever when your new painting get panicked when you make a mistake you gotta remember that acrylic paint is one of the most forgiving mediums and that’s one of the things I really like about it so I want a nice solid build a color I’m going to get a smaller brush right now this here is the number one bright you get a number too bright another brush that you could use here is a small detail round what you want is a small brush to help you fill in the lips i’m going to get this brush just a little bit wet and into my red paint and I’m gonna take a smidge not very much of my black into my red here just a smidge I’m darkening my red paint you can see it’s like almost a brick shade and while that’s a very bright shade in this darkness of the paint is going to allow my rip my red lips to feel very red and that’s what I’m going to want to come just paint this dark color on my lips first there we go a little bit for the lower lip definitely want this all covered up now if you’re painting student paint you may find that you need two coats of acrylic paint to get good call coverage in other words it look like an ice field of color over the canvas don’t feel weird about about it’s not you it’s just the way that paint is that’s how they save money on those paints and lower the cost is to reduce the amount of pigment that has for the quality of pigment alright so once you have those painting and nicely rinse out your brush going to want to make sure all the right out of my brush I’m going to need to change brushes entirely and i’m going to take a little blue over to my black eye in town during the block with this blue and this gives a really beautiful effect to the color I’m going to come right here along the Hat just paint this whole hat in with this color i might need to lift up my easel so i can get under it nicely it can happen I like to lock in my easel but sometimes I’ve got to move it to get an angle once I do that I think no problem always move or change things to make yourself comfortable going on a little blue pulling in a little black again I’m using the glazing medium because the heat in my studio dries out my paint incredibly fast very dry here hot and dry will dry out acrylic paint cold and dry actually if you just have an air conditioner running by your acrylic paint it can dry it out real fast on you and cause it to creep up your brush and do all kinds of unexpected things so at the very least what can be nice to have you been a missing bottle by your paints you can give it a light mist not a big squirt just the lateness is super helpful little blue to the black you should be seeing a little blue tone to your ship oh I’m curving my brush strokes curving along the hat to kind of give it that shape see that there in the next one that I’m going to do is I’m going to put in your hair now her hair i’m not going to add as much blue to it can be on the brush and I want to be just a little darker than the Hat almost imperceptibly so but still just a little bit very very carefully going to follow around my nice clean lines paint that in if you find its getting up your brush and not being responsive one thing that you can do is what I call offloading you wipe it off your brush you can even wipe your brush off with a towel come back and reload to the tip where you have more control see that tracing around the ear buds in my brush and you can also see how just the subtle difference between the black paint and the black and blue paint make a bit of a line and I like that I like that a lot you if you’re feeling stressed or anxious be sure and take a deep breath huh remember this is just start it is fun no need to be stressed out there we go meaning that all in again if it’s looking street you may need to let it dry go back with a second coat that’s it little little blue get on my brush but not too much because again want this hair to be much darker come along and trace here this is my number eight right could use a six you could use a four whatever works for the job it makes you feel comfortable and gives you a sense of control now i’m going to get back into my blue a little bit mixing that up trying to blow up that black offload my brush it’s not too clumped up and get a little white out on the edge here you see how that’s just on the edge and im gonna do anything i’m going to come along the hat and I’m going to make a little line nice just on the edge of the brush following my headline just a little blue gray line that worked out pretty well here we go offload my brush and rinse out i’m going to get my first very small braids out we’ll go back and get some just black paint use water or your liquid glazing medium to make sure that it’s flowing nicely if it’s starting to drier skin and come over here to the little bit of nostrils very carefully paint in the side corners they’re going to be a little wider and taper down and then a little wider and paper in I’m going to bring down a little line and a line then you can come underneath her lips paint inside Oh what’s happened is my hand rested in the black paint and i’ll show you how to fix that you’re going to fix to booze that’ll happen sometimes your hand will drag across wetpaint I’m very carefully tracing the outline for her lips a little bit lot and I’m going to paint a lot of this out when i come back with her gray skin tone I’ll be glad that I have that they’re a little bit i’m gonna make a little line curving up into the lip that’s all I’m going to do there now this needs to dry a bit so I can paint it on the red and this is dry so I’m gonna be able to paint it out when i come back with the skin color but first I’m going to get a little more black on my brush and I’m going to just go ahead and take advantage make sure that i trace out her jaw and a little bit like fashion art it’s a lot of fun and it’s easier to do the people now it’s a beautiful clean design aesthetic this is one of those pieces it would look good big or small so I’m just tracing those outer lines with my very fine brush if you find you’re having trouble getting thin lines you can practice with your brush on a scratch piece of paper until you feel very confident with it and then put on the campus never feel like if you’re not ready or not sure you can’t just take this over some computer paper and practice out of stroke alright I’m going to grab my black and my blue making sure that I’ve got that blue-gray color that i had earlier and then i’m going to go into my white one of the tricks and I’m gonna maybe even need to do is wipe off my brush but I want to rinse it so I want a very light color need a little black in there needs to be a great with just a blue cast so it can take a minute to find it needs to be light just start painting the skin and I’m very carefully going to come along under the jawline tracing along my black line and you’re going to find that it actually helps refine that line quite a lot when painting out this outer neck right here to about the halfway point here with this mid tone grey is very very light but still it’s going to be our darkest gray on our girl now going to kind of wipe off my extra paint and get just into my white you’re going to notice the pigment on my brush is still tinting and toning it get either water or glazing medium whatever you need to blend you’re just going to come here now my brush stroke across keeping my black line and I painted in and if you paint your black line just remember when this is all dry you can go back and put it back into never ever feel bad if you have something happen you need to do that and all those booze or just disappearing i’m going to get even more white paint come right here that red just disappeared where it’s dry and just paint over it you seem to know that stuff happens during the painting process you can do a lot to control it you can use tapes and first gets all kinds of things but it just happens try not to worry about it try to stay centered in that this is fun and relaxing and that you can do this just blending these two areas together and now i’m going to get a little more white still haven’t rinse my brush and I’m going to come paint in the whole face very carefully I’m putting back my tracing lines if any of them disappeared using the edge of my brush now this could feel really hard if my brush did have a nice firm edge or was very fluffy so it is important to have a good brush around my lips I may need to switch to a smaller brush because painting with too big of a brush for the space can create a lot of problems so i’m going to know in a minute I have to switch down just want to make sure we’re covering the canvas and if i have a much lighter mixture here okay to come at the neck right here and just continue to keep that it slightly lighter value like what you have up in the face yeah a little bit of the shoulder too i’m going to rinse out right about now can be good time to get new water if you need it i’ll show you how I’m going to take out this red boo is it again stakes are not a big deal in art they happen the whole point of art is just create a painting and spend a little time creatively with yourself and getting a chance to listen to your imagination and the way you like to thank so remember that’s your bigger goal not getting the most perfect line in the world though you can work on those skills to is your painting alright let’s paint this in look at this just paints right out this is what I love about acrylic painting you can have mistakes you can have challenging moments that you don’t have to worry about those just rinsed out my brush really really well i’m gonna get some more of that skin color that i had over here to the side of my palette and I’m going to just paint under the nose and around the nose one thing I want to make sure a nice curve here good paint around if you paint your lines by this point hopefully you know that’s not that big of a deal you can always just put them back in and I would even suggest getting a little of your blue and black darker i’m going to use my glazing medium you could just use paint that was very thin out and just make sure to make a little darker spot right there just a little bit not a lot if you go to dark paint it with let it dry paint with a lighter paint you’re just trying to say that there was a little shadow happening under the nose you need to put your lines back your black lines I just wipe my brush reload it just on the edge here i’m gonna come put back any details that I’ve lost during my painting process only the ones that I really really wanted to see one little spot up here just want to keep this sort of like my traceable so any little spots that are bothering me i’m going to go ahead and take this time to fix those you should look around your canvas and just can’t commit to repair any booze you’re not like go back through and reinforce any lines i put in that can be really nice there we go inside your brush we’re still allowing this to dry because we’re going to do a glaze here before we do the roses I’m gonna get my just red paint just the pure red remember you can use any combo colors that you want here CSI move it and you can use a different red than what i’m showing you notice how i am stroking not all the lip out just a couple little dashes like I got 12 and I curve back to the right over here curving curving just little dashes and then when I’m on this side lip I’m curving this way following the shape of the lip on this bottom try to imagine this is like an inflated tire and you’re going to want to just curve these lines to follow the shape of the lip this red right into the mouth and I’m letting a lot of that shadow still show that’s what’s gonna give those lips shape now a good time to check and see that your painting is dry others right with a hairdryer or just allow it to dry and go do something in your home you needed to do and come back you’ll know that your acrylic paint is dry when it’s completely like not coming up like when it’s just not tacky to the touch and smooth and also sometimes it will not be shiny though they put shiny additives and paint and that’s not always as good of an indicator as it can be I’m gonna dry my with the hair dryer now I’m going to cast a shadow right here under the Hat and that’s going to help create that sense of dramatic light and moment in the painting i’m going to use Michael days but i’m also going to tell you that you can use a very dry brush and I’m going to kind of show you both methods first i’m going to show you the dry brush method just in case you don’t have any glaze where you’re at i’m going to pull out a little my black and a little of my blue and i’m going to make sure that the paint is quite thin can you see how it’s just very thin on my brush when paint is thin and drown your brush it can be very transparent and this is one way of creating a light shadow I’m coming very carefully on the edge of my brush under the Hat the shadow is a little blue that is tone with black and I’m going to make sure that it’s wider here at the ear and here they got like a sliver or triangle so all that’s happening here is that I haven’t got a lot of paint on my brush to have a lot of paint on my brush it would just be painting out my work wouldn’t feel like a shadow it was being cast under the brim morning that there if you have a little thing there you just go back into your skin tongue an amazing how early pain just totally works put your back okay she’s just back to herself now here’s the fun part well they’re all really fun parts but this is one of my favorite parts which is the highlights on the lips again my small brush I’m going to get just my white paint and i’m going to do similar curve dashes on this side I’m going to curve almost like it’s a sea make a little highlight like those reflections going to make a stronger one right here follow up and then just add a couple more show their her lipstick is very very shiny alright and some down here on the bottom lip right am kind of connecting them but not really into making sure that they come out if you / highlight all you gotta do is wipe your brush and let it dry and go back with your red you can see you can very easily take any of that work out some of my black hair i’m gonna go ahead and put that back in there you go again just making little adjustments while all of this is drying i’m going to use this cool cool tool the saga’ borough pouncer they’re just a round kind of stamping tool you can make a circle with the brush or use a stamp of something that’s around i’m just going to use this and I’m going to take a little of my yellow and you can see runs around and quite a lot of my white and come to the ear and just do twists and that’s going to make a nice pearl we want to rinse those out i get those right in water and I get all that acrylic paint out so I can use them again don’t let the acrylic paint dry on these these are really inexpensive but again you could just make a little circle with your brush sure all the Reds out i’m going to come back and a little shine or highlight your hair a little black little blue very dry brush is not on a moisture on my brush want this to be a little more gray than blue might come with this dry brush just on the outer edge of her hair with as light as a butterfly pressure going to just very lightly stroked a highlight just on that outer edge and then here do the same thing kind of curving that and then another little curve here right here yeah that’s just a little bit they’re not too much now i’m going to make these sort of like fun messy roses that I want to make and I’m going to do them in this particular painting in yellow ochre and white because I like the combination of this bright red and this sort of blue tone and the black-and-white to all together it’s very graphic but you of course can customize this anyway you want to at home all right first I’m going to get a little of this yellow ochre on my brush you can do this on a smaller brush I wouldn’t do it on a bigger brush and I pulled a little white I’m not really mixing see how it’s kind of like all Marbley going to move my top here otherwise i won’t be able to get close enough to the edge of my canvas and i’m going to first make my first big focal one that’s right here and I do that is I make on the corner of my brush curve little strokes and you see these curve little strokes I lay them out a little bit like bricks how friend of mine likes to describe it i’m going to get a little more yellow make a little small one right here maybe a little friend I’m just take us kind of like a little sea with the corner and come around hug around wrapping around and I think we need another little small one right here that was quite yellow and then I’m going to add I’m gonna go on the corner of my brush and press down and kind of curve is down curve just trying to make a little kind of leaf shape and another one right there that’s nice to up here maybe and I 1 curve here just fun stuff make yourself happy that’s really the goal and the last little thing that you might want to do this for signing just take a little of your black paint with a detail brush kind of go around your pearl so that it pops a little bit if you’re not at all happy with your roses you can keep going back in with light paint and dark paint until you find a very expressive rose shape that makes you happy i have lots of videos about these types of roses you can kind of explore all the ways that you can do that let’s give the pivot painting a signature pat ourselves on the back for being really awesome for doing this painting today and wrap this guy up i think i’m going to get white paint for my signature it’ll pop right against the Red I’m kind of being keeping with the piece they come here and sign along the top of the shoulder that’s what makes me happy all right you made art today and it was easy and it was fun and maybe you started this out being able to draw maybe you didn’t but I hope you’re walking away from this painting thinking I can totally paint remember to be kind yourselves be kind to each other and keeping creative because imagination matters i want to see you at the easel really soon bye bye

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