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I wanted to give you guys for tourists trusting some stove first of all this thing is so nice Oh hey guys I'm here doing the torrid dressing language haul and this is the first hop that have on it is soaked but if you look at other stuff I think this is a yes it is like a peachy color and I think these are these are like little furry things on it and it's so cute and the size too so this is a difficult year I like aside whether that kind of doesn't see I'll kill or worry if you know huge in it so I really like this month because of the bag there is a little character if you can see because we've uncovered wear black pants we go because a lot of character I will love this one and this is definitely yes okay guys this is a second item and this is Veronica H much I like the color because I like the way pink look on me we don't just do whatever but yeah this is a size 2 and I don't really care for high like fits right here a little tight around the bottom of my coming I didn't have any other character but just like line kind of like you can tell it's so like ridiculously bright but yeah it's like a little line right here and a little because it has the decent work shirt tries to know if I care to get a different side there but I do like the color and it's light oh I don't know I made the description and if you guys want to check this one out but I don't really care for it so we're going to move on to the next item okay guys these are the next two items these are some nice work play rock is either just a regular length and they are very comfortable they have a historical event and a zipper on the side and they has it all do I show you will have you left the band at the back so we are really really calm about it I'm really going too deep so that Mesa more work black and these are fast 22 all those cars out when I go to a towards so these are size 22 and I got this top in a size 2 and it is a release three times on the company I love the way it fit the kind of slim throughout and getting to give a little bootie origin on the unlikelihood little height I'm alluding this help I like this color very businesslike so yes that is this outfit which are literally loaded very comfortable I can move around in it and I don't think the pants are going to be loud when I'm walking you know how you had a shovel rub because of the size so yeah I like this top I really love the positivity and these pants are you – I like this so Sifl Albion go to the next book I love the outfit these are some black like leggings valve black they have fans all the way up there's no zipper or anything like that now that especially when I really have to pee while I may work I also like yeah I want to fiddle with my cousin but I love this house is important I outfit is cute I know if I would do this top it works but I love this top so very comfortable flattering you can see they are both I think since this the Panthers last three high 5s in them and the top is a size two lucky I'll double-check for the top of the 5 – this is regular sports where I was wearing so I would actually wear something underneath this because it is very sheer but I like the little bell sleeves if you guys can see it and I love the length on it too kind of covers my butt a little bit which is work about three high we were like good I've been looking for some straight man straight leg pants for and just either really cute so I think I'm a definitely good B because I make some more work pants as well as shirt I just need clothes and riddles I like this top though but this to think about it again is going to be in the description at the bottom of the video let me know how you guys like this clearly I am shopping who work here honey because I found another outfit for work this is so cute this type of similar to the other one that I have is darker gray basically yes the Sun so similar to it but except it's a lot longer in the front and in the back but it does give you guys Christmas these flat honey apparently I'm they're sleeping on towards black bees are so they look so comfortable in their size 3 it almost really would be not quite the other ones that I had on before will more skinny fowl and be like a suit can be straight like that so inappropriate and it can't actually imbalances my mic's we look a lot more curvy your own frame bottle bringing like the life is out there I'm following a living Tom's clue it was was like a wife has a little pocket peer the quarter sleeve I think the food will have covers my butt a little bit these are so cute it's a whole huge um that we we have to this topic survives to which is for 20 and 18 in 20 and the pants are three I think which are 22 I think so yeah I know beaver Southbury but I don't know what was quilts or 22 and 24 just 22 but yeah that's the outfit so let me look over and code foot cam this is everything I am in love this district [Applause] she loved it it paid by over 2 and I was a little embellishment or whether it ends here I'm getting cubicle I love this chair from the peekaboo shoulder and also have a little embellishment on the sleeve a very flirty and fun even in black I don't have a girdle all day I'm a bitch i all of us here but this is beautiful you really love this and I'm side 27:32 and it fit so well it's definitely I'm getting a pair honey so what my phone and I just put the time with my brother and it's about Kayla but I would definitely size up on it because mother is really big and they're kind of cool in this apart right here and so I would size up on mountain but this is a definite yes I love this you can use in the cover-up for beach or just wear out like open or whatever and have like some cancers with them on with it but I love love love liver motive so huge so [Applause] convulsion left yeah I love the way you look very very comfortable what would one more item this alyc very decorative it has like a little 3d embellishments on it and I love the way this is just a regular tank and cut up at the bottom and it looks so cute like just for casual day out I really like this I got it in a remix I think because I wasn't sure looking at it on the hanger whether we're going to fit me properly why not so I went ahead and got it into an 3x and I really really like these colors embellishments here but like little 3d B so that's something to look out for but yeah it's very very nice for casual day I know and I think I'm going to get this as well okay that is the left the whole Gamelin Mackie

11 thoughts on “Plus Size Clothing | Inside the Dressing room | Torrid

  1. Love, love, love everything!! I haven't tried their leggings yet but they look great on you! New subbie here!

  2. I love everyone of those outfits – so beautiful so sexy and your figure and shape is superb – i think you could make rags look glamorous and sexy!

  3. New Subbie here!! I thought I was the only one that does the booty dance when trying on clothes!! lol  Great job, I haven't had much success at Torrid but ur gonna make me go back and see what they doin these days!! 🙂

  4. Love your style! Now you've got me tempted to head to Torrid to check out some of the cute items you tried on! Thanks for sharing!

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