Perfect Leather Jacket | 7 Rules To Buy The RIGHT Leather Coat

Perfect Leather Jacket
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The right leather jacket can make any man look amazing. Seriously, I can recall three instances in
which I’ve been out with my friends and I’ve had a woman approach me who I do not
know or not know very well, whisper in my ear, “I want you. Let’s get out of here.” The common thread in those three situations
besides me, a good looking leather jacket. In today’s video, gents, I’m laying out
the seven rules that you need to know to buy the perfect leather jacket for you. The first and most common reason that a guy
buys a leather jacket, he wants to look good. Leather looks great on men. Why? It’s one of those fabrics that when tested
people find it very masculine. Yes, they’ve asked women, they looked at
a number of different fabrics, and when women touch leather, they think strong, they think
masculinity. Leather jackets also have a lot of attitude. When you think about a rebel, you think of
Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean, what is he wearing? A leather jacket. When you think of an ace, when you think of
a top fighter pilot, you think of Top Gun, what do you think of? The leather jacket. You think of an adventure or a guy out there
exploring finding new civilizations, Indiana Jones, the leather jacket. It pops up again and again and we’ve been
conditioned to think of a man of adventure, a man that’s a rebel, a guy that’s out
there doing his own thing is wearing a leather jacket. Let’s not forget the practical need that
leather serves. Leather protects. First up, from the elements whether it’d
be wind, whether it’d be snow, whether it’d be rain, whether it’d be sleet. Leather is going to do a good job of protecting
you from the elements. But, let’s talk of other forms of protection. So, if we go back and we look over a thousand
years ago, they were using it as armor. Now, leather isn’t going to necessarily
stop a stabbing blow, but leather can actually and they can do it they can boil it they can
actually treat it they can create layers that actually is going to do a very good job of
stopping a glancing blow, and in some case even stop arrows. And, even today, we see leather being used
in a number of different industries to protect people. One of the most common, motorcyclists. Why do they wear leather? Because let’s say when you get knock off
a bike you’re going 20, 30 miles an hour down the road and you start rolling down that
road, you start sliding, it’s nice to have leather because it’s going to protect you
from that road rash. The second rule to buying the perfect leather
jacket, pay attention to your body type. Some of us are thin, some of us are thick. Some of us are tall, some of us are short. Most of us were somewhere in between. The point is, you want to find the right jacket
style, the right jacket fit that’s going to work for your particular body type. So, if you are short and thin, understand
that you want to wear a jacket that’s going to fit closer to the body and overall is going
to be a shorter design. Now, you’re in luck here because most leather
jackets are actually cut not to go beyond actually the waist area. Some jackets like this one are going to go
a few inches past that and you will find some longer jackets out there, but you want to
avoid those. In general, you’re going for a shorter jacket. Now, if you’re thin, you also don’t want
to go for a jacket that billows out. So, be careful of those flight jackets, the
aviator style. This jacket right here, this actually isn’t
great for my body type. And, to my defense, I bought this over twenty
years ago. But, if you look at this jacket right here,
it’s actually built for a larger man. Now, for the shorter guys I said go for the
shorter jackets, go for the jackets that fit you closer. Why? Because proportionally it’s going to work. But, if you’re a bigger guy, if you’re
a taller guy, if you’ve got some weight on you, you want to go for longer jackets. You want to go for jackets that have a little
bit of room in them. Why? Because proportionally it’s going to work
for your larger build. Now, when I say longer jackets, it doesn’t
mean you need to go for like a duster or something like that. But, what I am talking about is more of a
fatigue style or a flight or bomber jacket without the elastic around the midsection. It’s that elastic I think that on larger
guys or bigger guys, it doesn’t look so good. Your next rule, know the different leather
jacket styles. First up, we’ve got the double rider. This is a classic American style most often
seen in black. We saw Marlon Brando wear this in the Wild
One, and it’s a classic look for anyone riding a motorcycle especially a Harley Davidson
or something like that. So, the key characteristics of this jacket
are going to be the higher waist cut. You’re going to have the belt going around
the waist. Notice the length of the sleeves. So, what is up with this? This is actually when you’re riding a bike
you want to have the freedom of movement that this jacket provides. Basically, it’s not going to go in and around
your trousers at all. In fact, this is going to ride a bit high. That belt is going to keep it in place. And, also notice the double flap. The double flap is there to protect you from
the wind. So, oftentimes you’re going to have the
zipper over on the side and what this does is that whenever the wind is hitting and you’ve
got the wind going in, it’s actually not going to go straight through because you got
this additional flap of leather here that’s going to provide protection. Now, the jacket I’m wearing right here,
this is not a double rider. This is actually a moto or a racer jacket. And so, this one has more of a European flair
and I have to admit I actually love this style right here. And, little things like it’s not going to
have epaulets and it’s going to button up like this. Other things that are very obvious when you
look for them, I don’t actually have a belt here in the midsection. And, the midsection rides a bit lower especially
when you put the sleeves down, you can easily see the difference. [0:05:09]
Next up, we’ve got the bomber jacket and the flight jacket. I’m going to bring them together. I know they are actually separate jackets,
but in general these jackets were designed for men and women when they’re flying at
high altitudes to be able to protect themselves from the elements. Another key characteristic of these jackets
are going to be the elastics around the wrists and around the waist. The reason it was there is, again, to keep
the wind out, to keep the person insulated. Other things you’ll sometimes see on flight
and bomber jackets, you’ll see lining in and around the neck, oftentimes white or maybe
a dark color. And, in general, they have two large pockets. These are basically to be able to hold instruments
or things that a pilot needed. Now, another common style you’re going to
see in leather jackets is going to be the fatigue style. This, again, comes out of the military. Now, the fatigue jacket in the military actually
had four pockets and you occasionally will see a leather jacket with four pockets in
a fatigue design. But, overall this is going to be a looser
fit, it’s going to fit a little bit longer and it’s not going to have any elastics
in and around the waist or around the wrist. Next up, we’ve got the cattleman. This is basically a leather blazer. Is this going to be something that you want
to dress and wear formally? The answer is no. It’s still very casual, but for a lot of
guys especially down in the southwest, they love their cattleman blazers and I think they
look fine especially down in New Mexico or if you’re going to a casual event in Arizona. Next up, we’ve got the duster. Do I think the average guy should be wearing
a duster? The answer is probably no. But, it actually has a long practical history
with the American West. So, we look at the cowboy coming out of Mexico
down in Texas, they wore dusters. Why? Because they had easy access to the material
to the fabric, and it did a great job for protecting them from the elements especially
when you’re on a horse for weeks at a time moving cattle. Now, this next rule is critical. Buy a leather jacket that fits you properly
because if you don’t buy a leather jacket that fits you properly, it’s never going
to fit you properly. And, yes, I know in theory, you can get a
leather jacket adjusted. But, you’ve got to find someone that’s
got the right equipment which is pretty rare and then someone that actually knows how to
adjust a leather jacket which is even more rare. Find and only buy a jacket that fits you well. So, the first thing you want to do is put
the jacket on. Make sure it fits you in the shoulder points. You can move around, you’ve got some freedom
of movement when it’s zipped up. But, here is the second part, understand that
leather will adjust to your body a bit especially that thicker leather. The thicker the heavier the leather, the longer
it’s going to take to break it in. And so, it may feel a little bit tight, but
understand that it may take a few hundred wears, yes, a lot of wears, but over time
it’s going to start to age on you and it’s going to adapt to your body. The next rule to buying the perfect leather
jacket, you need to understand leather. So, let’s talk about the cuts and then let’s
talk about leather from different animals. So, first up, the cuts. You’ve got full grain, you’ve got top
grain, and then you’ve got suede. I know there are some other cuts here, but
right now those are going to be the most common. So, whenever you hear full grain, what you’re
getting there is the top part of the leather. And, if this is what you’re looking for,
it’s a great choice. It’s not always the right choice because
why would you want to go for top grain which is actually full grain, but it’s been sanded
off a bit? Why would you go for something that’s been
sanded? Because when they sand it, it actually gives
it a very smooth look. They can dye it a wide range of colors. They can even have put like a glossy look
it. Now, let’s talk about what I’m wearing
right here which is suede. Suede comes from corium. This is the part of the skin the part of the
leather that actually is the most malleable, it’s going to be the softest. But, it’s also going to be that which will
absorb water the easiest and isn’t the most durable. Now, why do people like suede? Because once it’s been treated and it’s
got this napped surface, it’s incredibly soft and it’s a luxury material that a lot
of people go for. But, again, it’s durability, it’s ability
to take abrasion and you’re going to see suede in a wide range of colors. You can also combine it with top grain or
even with full grain leather for different types of effects when you see – want to
see contrast in a jacket. The next rule to making sure you get the perfect
leather jacket, gentlemen, pay attention to the build quality of the jacket. You want to look at the construction, the
way that they actually stitch it the way they put it together the style, and you want to
look at the hardware. So, that’s going to be the zipper, that’s
going to be the buttons, everything else that is not the leather. So, when I’m going in and I’m looking
at the inside of a jacket, I want to first make sure is the stitching straight. Then, I want to look at the number of stitches
per inch. I’m looking for about eight stitches per
inch because whenever they’ve got more stitches per inch, what that means is that they were
going slower over with the sewing machine and the construction because they were just
happen to, you know, let it go longer. This adds up, and to me, this means that this
jacket is going to last longer. [0:09:54]
Next up, I’m going and I’m looking at the zipper. At a bare minimum, you want a YKK zipper. I’ll tell you the smoother and that basically
a little bit heavier and sometimes even larger the zipper is, those are all good signs because
that means that they’re spending the extra money on all these other basically what’s
going into the jacket and you know try fastening those buttons, is it really difficult or actually
is it pretty smooth? Small things like that mean that they actually
spent the money on good equipment. The next rule, if you want the perfect leather
jacket, you need to budget for the perfect leather jacket. And, that may be expensive. Put the money to the side, start saving up
now because I can tell you when you find that jacket that you absolutely love, when you
put that on, you know that you’ve got to have this jacket, this is going to get you
compliments. You’re going to feel a hundred percent confident
in this jacket. You don’t want to have to not get it because
it’s way outside of your budget. But it’s something that when you have that
jacket you’ll cry once over the price, but every time you put it on for the next ten,
twenty, thirty years, you’re going to feel and look amazing. And to me, that’s something worth budgeting
for. A well-fitted classic great looking leather
jacket is a key piece of a man’s core wardrobe. You’re going to get hundreds of wears out
of this jacket, it’s going to have some great stories, so make sure that you budget
for it. You put the money aside, so when you see that
jacket you find your grail, you’re able to afford it. So, what video to watch next? How about something that works with a leather
jacket? Let’s talk about boots. How boots, make you more attractive to women. Guys, this is a funny video and I bring in
the science. We talk about how boots make you more attractive,
and they go great with a leather jacket. So, check it out, guys, I will link to this
video down in the description. [0:11:41] End of audio

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