Pattern Making Software – Which one to choose if you're a professional dressmaker

hi uncle Herman here I'm creating this video in response to a question someone asked and the ingenious design professionals Network Facebook good the other day about using software to draft the patterns and so yeah I've been using software to draft patterns for like over 15 years so I'm going to share with you what I found the solutions that I found most interesting one I'm using and why I've chosen them and yeah hopefully you'll find it helpful then if you wondering whether you should start or which which software you should go for I would if you're wondering still whether it's a good idea like if you're sewing professionally it's like well I want to software even before I sew professionally so I was like the amount of time that saves from drafting a paper pattern especially if you want to use a pattern again or make modifications or you know you spilled some coffee or you know just to have that on file there's worth gold so I mean I would I don't know I can't even think of one argument why you wouldn't want to use software well maybe there is there is a learning curve but like none of none of these things that I could think of would turn me off from you know exploring and playing around with it and and going through it it's like yeah most of them yeah there is a bit of a learning curve and yeah that's correct and so you know we need to kind of live and learn all the time anyway so that's just one thing and I would definitely say well it's worth it and there's them whatever I share with you is not going to save you from doing your own research because in order for you to decide which solution is right you need to know exactly what you want what you want to do and and which features you really their must-haves or or nice-to-have or whatever and you can't really know that until you play around with physic with the good thing is most of them allow have some sort of trial version so you can have a have a poke around and experiment a bit and see how you get on because the thing is like you can't really ask for something that you don't know exists so until you actually start playing around with these things and learn what kind of functionality they offer you often don't know whether you'll want that or don't want that or that a stupid idea or not so you really have to kind of get get ways to get your feet wet and really have a bit of a play and now for me when especially when I first started what was really important was I needed a solution that allows me to to manage my client measurement data you know like I want well I made to measure fit so that was I needed some software that handles that elegantly I needed full editing capabilities so to just get some you know library of patterns and put three measurements in there and pop it out and then that's that like that was no use for me so I needed you know full editing capabilities to even draft my own patter or if I work off a pattern from a library that I could modify that to the nth degree so any solution that doesn't offer that and they are quite a few they usually do low-priced ones that was no of no interest to me and the other thing that was really important was to actually print to be able to print it out on a home printer like an a4 printer so that I could just assemble the pages and get started by the way and didn't have to have a plotter or send it to a printer or like any of that drama I didn't want either and yeah the one I went for eventually was wild ginger dot-com and they have a range of products for all different size different you know for the beginner for something into medium and I use the pattern master for years like for a long time and it was yeah and the way I was working it and it does use like a live all patterns where you then say okay I choose I choose this I want to make it a skirt and then you have several options to you know I want it like board or or this or that and and so in so many dads and you're full of options them and you enter your clients measurements and it produces that pattern and that pattern you can mentally edit and then you can print it out of eight four so and I was at the time going through that process for each garment I made for a client so I would create a new part of a pattern for each client so I know you I and and that was kind of fine for years and then I did get tired of because I finally I just take a long time you know to make a new pattern for each and have to print it and then you run out of toner and then you run out of sticky tape to not to especially if you have a long term ankle or part of the cola where you were like sixty pages and so you know that kind of somehow wasn't I sort of got to the limit of that and at the same time I thought it had the idea that I wanted to sell the chisel sewing patterns and so the idea of grading standard sizes became more more interesting and so I started to look around again and found that the scenery hadn't really changed all that much so there was still the piece like opti text gerber gemini who are really clearly geared at bigger fashion labels and the brilliant and i actually funny enough i now these days I do use object X but I can't recommend it because these guys are a nightmare to fight from and the thing is like a little little dressmaker is not we are not that client like we're really not that client they don't you know so unless you have a fashion label a company big company they're not even going to talk to you and I kind of stumbled into it I signed up and was on some sort of mailing list and also on some Spanish retailer someone contacted me and I kind of as deal with this lady and they not even involved with these people anymore and and these guys now with a sigh oh well they are and and so I would probably imagine that that using their software to you know get your hands on it is even more difficult effaced and it was then when I call it and and so I can't be although I love it and but I can't be recommended because I couldn't tell you how unless you could you know get in touch it sounds like a good idea about them I tried that at the time and I don't know whether they're more responsive now but I doubt it and so nobody would ever call back and it was just really you know clearly dead sensible you know not be interested and variable but you know you know I like the solution they you know whatever you could sort of find and how they worked really cool stuff but I couldn't figure out how to print it on the home printer so and even and then even then you know I'm not their client either such a mean I so they're kind of nice to to get an idea of it's like yeah if you go to car dealership and and and look at at the Ferraris and then people can you go and get a goal so that was a bad kind of with that and in the end yeah when I was looking again while ginger also had a different solution a more professional one that looks really interesting but yes we are looking at a different price range for this so it's about a thousand bucks and so yeah I kind of then looked at other things as well and pattern maker that looked really quite interesting as well and they've probably some solution for me to measure patterns that looks really interesting this is apparently the European branch of it and it's that macro gen where I like the way it creates patterns for measurement at work for particular client measurements because it doesn't sort of just fiddle around with the pattern that's already there it basically almost it's like a macro that's called macro Jen it's kind of recreates the pattern using the measurements exact measurement of your client so you know the I would imagine they seem way more precise then if you just take a standard size bear pattern and then still around with it yes there was still glow an Australian company and what turned me off a bit that not even their website had changed in ten years so you know whatever it is quiet their product it looks really quite quite interesting but yes it's more really I don't know and someone Mechelen tina and that looks really interesting that wasn't around when I was looking and it's an openness of open plan open source solution so it's free and I'm really happy I would I'm offering you to up and store downloaded it already so I'm more than happy to have a play and and create tutorials and and explore that together with you if you interested in getting in because forgot to take it free you know like that's like a thousand bucks less than everything else so that would be really interesting to explore so let me know is that something you'd be interested in and to objectively

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  1. I am a fashion and fabrics teachers, costumer for the school musical, and advisor to fashion /engineering students. Please advise me on pattern making / grading software. I use a Mac. I am also a former Gerber Garment CAD operator.

  2. I’ve been playing with Valentina and Adobe Illustrator but then someone mentioned Garment Designer by Cochenille. Would love to hear your thoughts on this program, as I am a Mac user.

  3. please I just purchased the wild ginger boutique 6. can you do tutorials on both PMB6 and valinteno. thanks

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