Patagonia Women’s Downtown Loft Jacket

With the perfect balance of style and function,
the Women’s Patagonia Downtown Loft Jacket has the technical features that are going
to keep you warm in the coldest of temperatures. But also has those contour lines, those style
lines, the fabric on the outside that looks really nice. So this is the type of jacket
that you can wear downtown, you can take to the cabin. It is going to keep you warm and
it is just going to be great in a variety of conditions. This is a lofty jacket. It is very warm. It
is filled with 600 fill power down and that is a duck down. The interesting thing to know
about the down used to insulate this jacket is the birds were never live plucked, never
force fed and that is 100 percent traceable down. So you can feel good wearing this jacket.
And the features are really streamlined and simple. You have got a full length zipper here in
the front, two hand level pockets and something I appreciate about the zippers on this piece
is they don’t look super sporty. They are very streamlined. So you have got a nice kind
of storm flap in front of this zipper in the front. It gives it a clean line. And the zippers
down here on the jacket are invisible zippers, so you get really clean line there as well. If I move up the jacket to a nice collar up
here, the collar and the hood are kind of the stand out feature of this piece for me.
Right now I have the hood unzipped and untucked. And you can see that provides a really nice
hood. You have got a lot of coverage there. I am just wearing a hat underneath of it right
now. The collar comes up pretty high as well. So you has a really comfortable hood and collar
here. Now if you don’t need the hood and you just
want to tuck that away, there is a hidden zipper behind there that you can tuck the
hood into that zipper and you actually just have a collar here up at the top. That gives
it a really nice look. It gives it a really classic look here as you are wearing it. So
the stowable hood is probably my favorite part about this jacket. The other features include a small pocket
here on the inside of the jacket to stow small items. The face fabric here is a really nice
shell satin. It has got a DWR finish on the outside of it. So it is going to hold up against
a little bit of water. The water is going to bead up and run off. So you have got that
technical feature there. But the satin material is very nice and it is not super shiny like
a more sporty or athletic down jacket. It has a really good look to it. And the last thing to mention here is the
cuffs. You have an asymmetrical cuff, so it works really well with gloves and you don’t
have any adjustability in that cuff. It is just a really clean line. So overall this
is just a very functional, warm, lofty down jacket that has a lot of really good style
lines. So you can wear it in any condition. It is the Women’s Patagonia Downtown Loft

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  1. Wow, what a thorough review. Thank you so much. Looks like you're wearing a t-shirt under, so I'm guessing this coat runs small.

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