Patagonia Men’s Dirt Craft Jacket

I am wearing the Patagonia Men’s Dirt Craft
Jacket. This is a great piece to transition from those lightweight day hikes all the way
into mountain biking. Let’s take a closer look. This jacket is constructed with a blue sign
approved polyester and spandex fabric. It is about 95 percent polyester and five percent
spandex stretch fabric. It is a rip stop materi-al and it does have a light DWR finish, so it
will give you some weather resistance, but it is not a waterproof jacket by any means,
so keep that in mind if you are heading out on the trail. Some of the features we have in play on the
jacket are a full length front zipper that kind of comes up to this nice stand up collar.
It is a pretty loose collar, so it is not going to be restrictive around the neck, but
it does offer protection. We do have a small chest pocket that is hidden behind this kind
of storm flap, so expose that. There is a nice pocket there, throw some smaller items
in there, keep them out of they way, a hidden zipper pocket there. We do have two hand pockets,
so relatively sizable hand pockets, got some nice stretch there so you can store larger
items, gloves if you need to, anything you may want to keep secure. And they do zip up. We do have some Velcro cuff attachments so
you can really cinch down the cuff there if you are wearing a pair of gloves if you want
to seal out some of that cooler air, you can certainly do so with that closure around the
wrist, so one of those on either wrist which is very nice. We do have a single point of adjustment on
the hem of the jacket so on the right hand side there is a kind of toggle here and you
can cinch down that hem to really draw in the fit and prevent the jacket from riding
up on you if you are hiking fast, if you are wearing a backpack or if you are on your mountain
bike and you are kind of bent over holding on to the handlebars. It will prevent that
jacket from coming up on you. The fit is pretty snug. It is a trim fit jacket.
So if you are in between sizes, I would con-sider sizing up. I am wearing a medium right now
and it is a pretty tailored cut, but the nice thing about that stretch fabric and the way
this jacket is designed, you get a full range of motion. So you have got really good mobility
in the arms. There is a nice under-arm movement. There is good back movement. All around this
jacket is really stretchy and mobile so it is designed for those lightweight and fast
pursuits where you are going to be moving and moving a lot. Another part that enhances the fit, this jacket
does have a dropped hem in the back, so you get a little bit of extra coverage there as
well as some styling with the piece. So that is a nice additional bonus back there. So for biking, hiking, trail running or every
day wear, the Patagonia Men’s Dirt Craft Jacket is a great lightweight and breathable
option for when you are charging hard on the trail.

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