Pamela Anderson responds to accusations of racism over Halloween costume – Fox News

 Pamela Anderson has responded to accusations of racism and cultural appropriation after she posted a photo of wearing a Native American headdress for Halloween  “Happy Halloween,” she captioned a few photos of herself posing in just underwear and a feathered headdress  Twitter users were quick to accuse the 52-year-old actress of cultural appropriation and racism, with one Twitter writing, “This is really disappointing & racist Pam, I thought you were better than this,” and another writing, “Native Americans are not costumes…”  “This is horrendous In this day and age, how could you be so oblivious?” added one more.  The “Baywatch” alum responded to critics by sharing an article titled “The Illogic of Cultural Appropriation ”  The “Law & Liberty” essay argues that just because a person did not come from a group that developed a practice doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to take part in that practice as well  It also discusses how some cases of cultural appropriation are problematic but not because of the cultural appropriation It is instead the context of how that costume is being used.  “For example, if someone dressed up as a Hasidic Jew, with the various distinctive clothes and religious items, and did so in a way that indicated they were looking down on and making fun of those Jews, then that would be problematic,” the article states “But not because they were culturally appropriating anything. The reason it would be problematic is that they would be making fun of a group The cultural appropriation is irrelevant.”  As of Tuesday, the photos remain posted to her Twitter account Share this:

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