Pairings: Leather Jacket

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Wendy’s Lookbook. Today, we’re going to play with Squirrel!! ..outerwear. This is my Theory leather jacket, and I bought her over 4 years ago. If you’re in the market for a leather jacket I recommend in investing in a quality one, mainly because over time, the leather fibers actually break down, making it incredibly soft and it helps mold to our body frame. And between deciding between two colors, brown is more casual and effortlessly chic, whereas black is more polished and edgy. But, let’s get to our pairings! This is our first pairing, and this outfit really showcases the versatility of our leather jacket. It’s very casual and easy. We have our comfy jeans, paired with a soft top, And the leather jacket finishes off the look, giving us a very effortlessly chic vibe. I love, love, love pairing brown with pink. The color combination is very soft and subdued. just very beautiful. This outfit is great for school, great to go run errands and to take a stroll. This is our second pairing. and it’s inspired by the seventies. We have our wide leg pants, and platforms, which are signature seventies style. And if you’re interested in wide leg pants, I really like ones that hit very close to the ground. but not exactly scraping the floor. It helps elongate our legs, making us look taller. Which is what I always need. And the top has a happy floral vibe to add onto our seventies look. And the jacket tops it off, by giving it a more of a modern updated look. And now… Let’s go play in the fountain! And this is our third pairing. This is one of the things that I love to do in the fall, which is layering. I think the art to layering is playing with complimentary colors and texture. I love playing with olive and brown. it’s a color combination that happens harmoniously in nature. But here we have, we have our brown boots. paired with our olive pants. And on the top, we have a sandwich of olive and brown textures and color, starting with a cardigan. and doing a camouflage textured olive jacket. and of course, our leather jacket finishes it off. But it’s a great outfit to stay warm and chic. Thank you so much for being with me, I hope you had fun. Leather jackets are so versatile, and they’re such a great investment piece. But thank you so much again, and I’ll see you soon on Youtubeland. Bye!

99 thoughts on “Pairings: Leather Jacket

  1. I can't get enough of your fun, delightful, instructive fashion videos, Wendy!!!! PLEASE post more, more, MORE!!!!
    Also would like a tutorial on choosing the right bra for an outfit, and one on makeup. Thank you, and "mystery man", so much!!!!

  2. Can you do a tutorial of the hairstyle of this video?? I LOVE IT!!

    Thanks, greetings from Colombia — yeah, you are seen around the world 😉

  3. Fantastic locations! I just moved to the Bay Area from LA and this video definitely made me miss LA! Thanks!

  4. Love the quality of your videos. Fantastic cinematography work! Great LA spots, too! That is definitely the Griffith Observatory in LA where Rebel Without a Cause was shot.

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  6. Hi Wendy I just wanted to say thank you. For years I have felt myself become stuck in a 'I'll just throw this on' mindset & found that whenever I saw myself out, I would look drab,lazy and boring. I just didn't have any idea what clothing went with what. You have completely changed my view on what I wear & when I buy something new, what it could go with. This past week, with some new clothes, I have started to feel my confidence rise, thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge with us

  7. i wonder if she realizes she's wearing the skin of an animal… you know, they rip off the skin without anestesia…
    in fact i wonder if she knows that the kows are gutted completely sintient… i just wonder.

  8. Thank you. I have plenty of investment pieces that I do not know how to put together. Your vid helps much – gives me inspirations…

  9. Hi Wendy, I love your leather jacket(s). I am currently in a hunt of a good leather jacket, do you have any suggestion. Please Please help.!!

  10. I love jacket and i have hard time to find a leather jacket cause i am small, mostly they big… can you pls. tell me where do you get your jacket??? PLEASE!!! i will appreciate it!! Thanks Wendy!

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    It is very cheap!

  12. My only question is: Where do you get the money to buy all those fabulous pieces of clothing ?????? What do you do for a living cuz I need to do the same 🙂

  13. @wendyslookbook I just wanted to thank you for always providing fashion inspiration and lessons on how to dress! I love that after each outfit you let us know where you would wear the outfit or what type of occasion to wear the outfits to. I also love that you explain what pieces are best to invest in and what can be considered as wardrobe staples

  14. This jacket is amazing and very hard to come by. Here is a link the exact jacket on sale on ebay:

  15. Love that olive and brown combination. Warm and great for those crispy fall days. You put together such a chic look with the jacket, olive leggings and brown boots. Loving your channel. One day I will find that leather jacket.

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