PAI 2019 Mask & Jacket Skins Giveaway (Jan. 1~Jan.9) | PUBG Skins

Hello community my name is Player IGN,
Just now there is another PUBG Asia Invitational skins giveaway, and this time from PUBG Taiwan. I’ll go through the step quickly, so feel free to pause. First go to their facebook page,
And on their post, you want to tag three of your friends and type this message and your PUBG ID in the end. Next you want to subscribe to their official YouTube. I actually recommend subscribing to them anyways, because out of all the PUBG social medias , PUBG Taiwan actually uploads some important videos faster than Korea, Japan, and even the English one most of us use right now. And thirdly, complete this Google form. The first three fillout boxes is asking for your PUBG ID, the E-mail you use for your YouTube, and the E-mail you want the codes to be sent to.
It will then ask you four questions about the PAI:
Where’s it being hosted: Macau Who’s not a player in the tournament: ahq_Waisun
What’s the 1st place prize? $250,000
And when’s it occuring? between: 2019/01/10 ~ 01/12
You want to check all these boxes here these are basically terms and agreements.
And finally an optional box if you want to ask anything. And then submit the form.
2019/1/15 12:00 They will draw 500 submissions that doesn’t have a repeating valid answer to send the codes to. Important things to know:
1. They will only take the first of repeated answers
2. Tries after the event will not be counted. They will delete any messages that violate community provisions / irrelevant. The announcement of the reward may be changed because of the event schedule. Repeated / invalid PUBG ID’s will be skipped. Well, that’s all for now and thanks for watching

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  1. I made a guide on how to do TW PUBG's giveaway since some of you had some trouble. In the description will be a text based guide if you need to look over anything. 👍

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