all right so what is good everybody on YouTube this is of course your boy b-boy darcy comment' you guys again with yet another nut and today well today I got a couple bags spread around I wanted to go through some of my new pick up some supreme week three and four week five got some stuff got some decent stuff off the drop and that will be on the way soon buff right now let's go ahead and handle weeks four and weeks five so y'all know how we do let's go ahead and count these bags one bag two bags three bags four bags five bags six bags and of course last but definitely not least the seventh bag so we got seven bags seven bags worth of new supreme so let me go ahead and toss these down let's do these unboxings that get into it bag by bag so like I said let's get into it go got a tip got a tape got what you need blow that dope don't get too hot from the coast to the west coast um take this ride baby tell it to like I just got over one last trip to the sky let me tell you tell cos you so first so we're gonna start with something pretty light you guys know I'm into vintage tea so a lot of times we can get a vintage t-shirt it does have a wash effect to it so I did end up picking the over diet tea when you do an overnight process it does give it that vintage wash feel and I thought I was actually gonna end up digging this t-shirt a lot I think I got it after I forgot what I was going for a week 3 but it was one of the later cops and I was just surprised at the peach colorway was still actually on this side because usually the peach is the first to go now the reason I still have this one packaged up and sealed and now I'll take it out just for the videos sake is that I wasn't sure if I was gonna end up keeping it I do like over dye and I do like that kind of vintage washed feel obviously I'm wearing two benches tee right now but with certain colors it doesn't pop like other colors I would much rather had maybe the green colorway I think there was also a purple washed out one that were like over the peach some colors just fade more than others and some is just more noticeable than others on this peach you can kind of see it but it isn't super there so the reason I wanted is because of the washed effect and it's there but not enough for me to keep it so the over tighty is cool but I'm gonna probably end up throwing this one on bull's bodega along with some other tees and stuff I got around here so to tell when you said I can make it this I know the grass ain't green on the other side since blue next up let's get into bag number two bag number one is back there and like I said I was fucking with some of the over dye stuff so I went ahead and grabbed this hoodie as well I got some stickers in there too and I will talk about those in a second but this one you can really really see that over dye effect on this hoodie and I really like it for that now this was the black over Diet hoodie and since it is washed out over dyed it is more of a gray charcoal filter the hoodie now as far as the fit goes on this one I do think it fits a little bit wider than most excels they fit a little bit baggy err than most supreme exhales that I have and I just really feel like that's because of the actual over dyeing process on the hoodie you don't want it to shrink so you might make them a little bit bigger so when they go through the process they don't shrink too much so you don't end up with a size large that fits with the medium you end up with a size large that fits maybe a little bit bigger than size large the only supreme hit is on the top of the hoodie you got supreme embroidered in this weird I don't know flowery fancy phone aware they did and then on the bottom you do have a black supreme tag on the ribbing very very simple but at the same time very very clean the all over black overnight hoodie and I like to give you guys two the own bodies and some of the sizing just in case you want to grab some and stuff on the second-hand market through a reseller or grill to wherever you buy that just so you guys got a better understanding how it might fit how a might look on body and if you want to cop it for that inflated price or not and those two orders did come with stickers so I got a couple right here it did come with two of the poppy seed plant package so I mean you got brand new one poppy seed two poppy seed and then it has some other extra stickers I did manage to get the skull pile box logo right here the supreme chair joint the chicken dinner sticker which is so crazy that supreme they sold a t-shirt with a real dry ass chicken dinner on it and it sold out I guess when a supreme is supreme so I had that you got the projects your regular Red Box logo and then you had the Molotov sticker so I got all of those stickers out of the first two packages so let's get into that third bag which is down here somewhere has that dude ragged on how to 20 old bitch high school was it no telling what job he might do on this outsider that Hou ha let's take you back to that room no carbon steel head job just understanding I'd like to be through a lot of sand on a lot on to bag number three now this was one of my cops from Supreme week for and this was one of my public enemy ions that had grabbed some other long sleeves and all my public enemy deliveries came with the same sticker pack you got the photo sticker you got the fear of the black clan sticker you got the Box logo and the red box logo and all orders came with the supreme undercover and Public Enemy posters so I got like four or five sticker packs and posters either I keep them all for myself I'll just throw up a bull's where they go some I don't know but they did come with the poster right here as well so let me go ahead and toss that right there and I guess I'll toss it in the back for a future t-shirt so this was the counter-attack long-sleeve all over black definitely fits true to size and honestly man I know a lot of people sleep on the collab for you know different reasons this reason that reason but actually getting this stuff in hand man I actually really liked it I think it's just because the album art itself is just very colorful it's very 90s late 80s and it's just it's just a hard look for sure on the front you got the counter-attack on world supremacy graphic and I also like this stuff because it didn't so much seemed like a supreme item it definitely seemed like more of a collab I am supreme is it all over everything and you have that mixture of undercover supreme lo going on the front and then on the back you got the big album cover right there once again under cover and supreme on the back and a very simple long sleeve but at the same time a really really dope long sleeve and in my opinion they definitely do fit true to size that's true when they look at my they see that room I've gotta get tired that juice had my back against that wall every time I feel so cold my daddy ain't coming home so far that's why my pimp game so boy moving on to bag number four number cuatro we got another pack from supreme week for another Public Enemy drop and once again like I said everything came with the poster and the sticker so I don't need to show this shit again i'ma toss this on the ground and right here we have this size XL the terrordome t and white I was actually really surprised to be able to go back around and get this t-shirt right here that graphic is hard the white with the black and the green is just a good look just a good T and I really like the colors on it so once again size XO on this definitely fits true to size it does have another undercover and supreme hit on the back with a small graphic on the front you got the huge welcome to the terrordome graphic Public Enemy crosshair logo green skull and the bottom saying welcome to Tara don't once again with undercover and supreme at the bottom not super over brain dat not Oh supreme supreme supreme just small logos on the front small logos on the back neck not a bad look in my opinion and once again bruh I was surprised I was really surprised I was actually able to go back and grab this one mr. Desai's a good look if you're looking to grab one on the resale market [Applause] yeah here for real fuck what they talk about they talk about me nigga let it be no yes they're real yeah yeah I want to bag number five I just want to say thank you to everyone to anyone out there that slept because these next couple items in my opinion where the heavy hitters for week four and I was actually able to secure all of it my bank account might not have been happy about but trust me I was happy about it once again comes with your sticker packs come with your posters you've seen that you've seen this and these are the sweatpants this was a one I this is a lasting I actually grabbed because they set around for a while now I did grab these sweatpants and a size XL and you guys are gonna see that these are not slimming at all these are not slim fitted these are some regular baggy fleece kaien pair of sweatpants I do actually like this all over graphic this was a one eye on that grab this is the last time that grab and I was kind of iffy ona but actually having them in person I think it's a good look I just paired them with the supreme of Timbo's or more bulky shoes as they were a more loose fitting bag your sweat pant and it was a good look it's just a lot going on with this pair of pants right here and it enables you to just kind of wear the pants and let them speak for themselves like you're gonna throw these on and throw something very very simple on up top throw it very simple I mean some up symbols they don't have to be supreme or something bulkier on your foot and just keep it moving the pants are dope and the pants definitely speak for themselves so the Public Enemy sweatpants went ahead and copies I would have got the large but I felt like the large might fit a little bit weird in the thigh area because I got the patchwork pants on size large and to me I didn't really like how those fit so I rather get the looser pair and I've I have to go ahead and hem them up if I really really need to I probably just keep him exactly how they are so supreme undercover sweatpants once again appreciate y'all for sleeping went ahead and got my pair fuck what they talking about they talking about we didn't is everybody talking about it yeah I so bag number six this was the first item that I went for and I was so surprised to actually get it I just went crazy like I just went ahead and was like alright fuck it I got the one hoodie I did not think I was gonna get at all let me go back and let alone a whole bunch of other shit so this you probably have already guessed exactly what it is go ahead and dump these stickers out because we haven't already seen those and it is the supreme and undercover Public Enemy the all-over printed hoodie and once again bruh appreciate y'all for sleeping thank you so much for sleeping on this collection because this hoodie right here is hard it's an all over once again the same fleece that's on the sweatpants and it is an all over sublimated hoodie you got the album art that graphics all over the hood yeah nice kind of galaxies looking print and the colors there's just so many colors there's so many things to like about this jacket I understand how this might be a little bit too loud for some people but for me I was like yo I had to have it and once again it's not super heavily over branded the big brands the big words on this are all about Public Enemy which was something I really could appreciate about this collection and you did also have your supreme and undercover branding on the back counter attack on Worcester primacy on the front big red Public Enemy love the yellow logo on the sleeve and then towards the back fear of a black planet album art huge I just the colors on this they're just popping bro and just don't be mad if you guys see me take the ultimate hypebeast flick with the full fit on with the hoodie and the sweats this is a way better look together than that fucking supreme NBA Nike garbaggio straight Vasudha that dropped a couple weeks ago first when did you find your purpose never shows back that light church's mess up and is not a word other verses never sit around just work for AT&T and we still ain't get that service you know that made me nervous and last up for this haul the seventh bag we went through everything everything is stacked up over there and this is another one that I did not think I was gonna get this it was a little bit hefty it did hit the hip a little hard because of retail on this one was 398 but there was actually a restock at like 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. like the night after they dropped and he's probably sat online until the morning and everyone kind of knew that their restock once again another poster another pack of stickers and the puffer the puffer jacket this jury room I think I don't think I own one puffer jacket if I'm being honest I don't think I owned one puppeting that's not one I got one I got like the vintage Carolina Panthers joint that's the apex one joint but this one I was actually pleasantly surprised when I got this jacket in I just really like how it fits and it's just super super warm I usually don't wear puffer jackets or vest and we'll get into the best part later on but this one the print once again man the print goes crazy the fit in the field goes crazy and I just wasn't really worried about the quality being that it is a collab with undercover and this jacket just I mean y'all see it in the b-roll out of course was a meme let me be a meme for a second insect everything together just for the b-roll our usually wouldn't really wear like that that's just for like a meme picture on Instagram or something I wouldn't go out looking like that but overall it was a little bit expensive but it is an undercover collapse I wasn't really surprised some of the price hikes on some of the items now that parka at 6:50 there's no more bag so y'all ready no I didn't cuff that that was a little bit a little bit too hot for me especially for that parka I figured if I got the jacket the hoodie in the pants I mean it's already over killed but the pocket would have been really really overkill but getting back to the jacket this does convert into an actual vest so if you don't want to wear it with the puffy long sleeves you can go ahead and actually zip both arms of this joint off and the vest itself is actually not a bad look once again I don't think I own one vest that might be something I kind of try to get into or try to like introduced into my wardrobe and introduce into my style in 2018 I might try the vest look with this jacket but all in all man I just like how it came together thank you for sleeping now if you do take the sleeves off you can go ahead and throw them on your arms and he look like spongebob from that one episode where he blew up his arms he had the strong arms and shit but uh yeah that's it man that is the end of this video a lot of new supreme pickups I really went in on the Supreme and Public Enemy collab just because I didn't think I'll be able to get some of the items as easily as I did now even though I pretty much came up on most and stuff I want there were a few things that I did want that I wasn't able to actually grab that being the green rayon shirt and then also I did want the terrordome hoodie I'm not sure how much dad is going for but I know that shirt right now is popping niggaz it's trying to crack heads wide open for that ring up button but listen to me and that's it I'm outta here much love to otter fam followers and of course support you guys can find me on Instagram Twitter SoundCloud snapchat this snapchat is bull that CB by the way here there buzz about of course I have no shoes right now so bullet our seat and I will see you all in the next video hope you guys enjoyed go ahead and drop a like this shit though this shit is hard body grotty I don't know what y'all talking about appreciate you for sleeping white I'll sleep I'm gonna go ahead and just flourish in the supreme pickup's that's it though I'm out of here face they always use Oh


  1. I copped two pieces as well. The long-sleeved tee you got , but in royal blue and the Public Enemy tee in black with the 'Blow Your Mind' design on the back. I was cheesin' all the way to the checkout.

  2. Bull. That fit with the Fear of a Black Planet pants, the PE white shirt, and the black Suptempos is one of the hardest fits Iโ€™ve ever seen. No hype. Deadass thatโ€™s fire bro. โœŠ๐ŸฟโœŠ๐Ÿฟ

  3. Damn I really want that public enemy box logo sticker unlike most people I actually like public enemy

  4. How do you go from bashing niggas for wearing the Supreme x NBA collab altogether (jersey/shorts/shoes) to THIS? (hoodie/pants/uptempos) Gotta keep that same energy Bull ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  5. Damn, Those supreme puffer sleeves is dope. You may have just changed the game with this one bruh. You up to something!

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