Outdoor Research Women’s Diode Hooded Jacket

Lightweight and warm and versatile in a variety
of conditions, the Outdoor Research Women’s Diode Hooded Jacket is the perfect option
for cold and wet conditions. It has got a really unique hybrid mapped design here with
the insulation and with the fabrics used in this jacket. So that just makes it really
smart and extremely versatile. The first thing to point out is the insulation
and what keeps you warm. You have got two different types of insulation going on. So
in the shoulders and on the sides and in the hood, you have got a Primaloft synthetic insulation.
Those are the areas that may become wet fastest. So, you know, under your arms if you are perspiring,
on your shoulders if it is snowing or raining at all, that is the area that is going to
come into contact with wetness and moisture and also in the hood. So that is Premaloft
synthetic material, if it becomes wet it is going to maintain its thermal efficiency better
than down and it is also going to dry out faster. So you have got that material there. And the fabrics over top of that insulation
are a little bit different as well. So you have more durable fabrics. It is nylon rip
stop fabric. And you do have very high quality Pertex endurance fabric in those areas. That
is 30 denier fabric. It has got rip stop in there, so it is very durable for its weight.
It is a lightweight fabric and it does have a durable water repellent finish on the outside.
So that water is going to bead up and run off, but this isn’t a waterproof jacket
by any means. Now on the other parts of the jacket, in your
core, in the middle of the jacket and on the back, you do have a combination of down and
synthetic materials. And so that down is just going to keep the heat from your core in there.
It is going to provide a lot of warmth there where you need it. And mixed with synthetic
that is going to be pretty resistant to moisture as well. Over top of that insulation you do
have a lighter weight fabric. It is Pertex Quantum material so it is very high quality.
It is a 22 denier fabric so it is lighter weight than the fabrics on the shoulders and
on the hood. But since it is there in your core, they keep the weight down a little bit
more. So very smart design. You still have rip stop, DWR on all of those fabrics. So
it is going to last a long time. It is going to be pretty durable for its weight. Moving to the features of the jacket, this
is feature rich. So you do have a full length zipper in the front. On the bottom of the
zipper is something I really appreciate is having that double zipper. So if you are using
this as a belay jacket, if you are using this any other way and you want to unzip it there
from the bottom either just to vent or to have more range of motion, you can unzip there
which is really nice. Down on the bottom hem you do have an adjustable
draw cord. It just comes out to one side here so they keep the weight down that way, but
you can really cinch down the hem of this jacket to hold in your heat there so it doesn’t
ride up on you when you are wearing it. Two hand level pockets. These are set up a
little bit higher, so if you are wearing a climbing harness or if you are wearing a backpack
that has a hip belt, that is going to ride a little bit lower than these pockets. You
can still access them. On the inside of these pockets are really
nice cozy material for chilly hands. And the jacket actually does stuff down into one of
these pockets. So you have a zipper on the inside. You just turn that pocket inside out
completely and stuff it down when you are not using it on the trail. It comes in at a pretty low weight as well,
despite of all these extra features that you get. So it is an extremely versatile jacket,
so you can pack it away when you don’t need it. Here on the cuffs you have fully adjustable
cuffs. So you have Velcro there. And you do have a little bit of stretch. So that would
work great over top or underneath of gloves. Or, if you just need to cinch that down when
you are wearing it. That works really well. Moving up to the hood, you have a nice collar
here on the top. There is soft fabric right behind that collar, so if you have it zipped
up all the way it doesn’t irritate your chin. You have a fully adjustable hood. The
hood is a little bit bigger. So I can see it being helmet compatible. You have adjustment
here through the top and then you do have that adjustment in the back as well. So you
can really cinch down that hood and there actually is a little bit of a wire brim in
the brim of the hood. So you can kind of conform that to whatever shape you like. And then
you do have that little kind of stiffened brim on the front. If you have it zipped up all the way, you
can really cinch everything down and have a nice hood that is going to insulate your
head and keep you nice and warm as well. There is a small chest pocket here for small
essentials that you want to get your hands on quickly. And then on the inside of the
jacket there are some more features. So you have two very big stretchy dump pockets on
the inside, great pockets for whatever you would need to put in there, one on either
side. The chest pocket here on the outside does have a little media pass through, so
you can put ear buds up through that pocket. And then on the other side you have a small
hidden pocket for some other essentials. With all of the features you get with this
jacket, it is going to be extremely versatile in any condition with all of those different
materials used in really smart places. And it is going to keep you nice and warm in a
variety of conditions. It is the Outdoor Research Women’s Diode Hooded Jacket.

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