Outdoor Research Men’s Allout Hooded Jacket

With its waterproof breathable construction,
its integrated high activity vents and its light weight comfortable soft shell fabrication,
the Outdoor Research men’s Allout Hooded Jacket is ready to tackle just about any backcountry
adventure you can dream up. Let’s take a closer look at its unique construction and
features. The jacket is constructed of a three layer
Ventia polyester fabric. That is a waterproof and breathable construction. There is also,
especially in the back panel of the jacket some re-ally nice stretch built into it. So
it has got a nice trim cut. It also really mirrors your movement so definitely intended
for aerobic activities, be they hiking, climbing, back-packing, skiing, you name it. This jacket
is really built to tackle movement. The rest of the construction also reflects
the fact that the jacket is built for outdoor activities. You have got elastic cuffs that
keep that jacket right where you want them. No real need for any other adjustability there,
because of that nice trim fit. You do have a fully taped seam. So in addition to that
waterproof breathable construction, you have got that further confidence because of that
taping. And you have got integrated vents. So these top zippers looks like pockets. It
is actually a fully pass through. I can put my hand right tout the other side here. You
start to heat up inside this jacket, even though it is very breathable, now and then
you are going got get to a point where you have got so much warmth built up you need
to push it through faster than the fabric will allow. These vents come into play. There
is mesh backing beneath it. But that warm air can escape and escape quickly. There are down below two zippered hand pockets.
So you do have some storage. You have got a place to get your hands in out of the elements.
Those are also mesh backed. So, again, you are not carrying anything and you don’t
have anything in your pockets, but you are moving fast. That just further enhances the
full breathability of the all out hooded jacket. A couple of other features to call out here
on the jacket. You do have a full length two way zipper. That is a waterproof zipper. So,
again, maintaining that weather protection. With the two way zipper you have got the ability,
should you be wearing this as a climbing jacket and belaying, for the rope to pass through,
nice feature there. Also some enhanced breathability if you need it. And nice storm flap protection
behind that zipper, again, just bumps up that weather protection. Speaking of weather protection and the name
of the jacket, you do have a hood. It is a fully adjustable hood here at the chin. Also
in the back so really nice fit to that hood. You do have a shapeable wire brim as well.
So, again, that is helpful in making sure that rain is not reaching your face. It also
gives you a little bit of glare protection as well. There is also a point of adjustability here
at the hem if you did want to cinch that jacket in even further. Also want to open the jacket
to show you the interior. There is some pocketing there as well. High on the chest is a small zippered pocket.
It keeps valuables close at hand. It also has a media pass through. So if you did want
to run head phones to a phone or an mp3 player, you have got that capability. Lower on the jacket on either side you do
have mesh shove it pockets. So whether you wanted to put gloves there, skins, if you
had been using this for skiing or even a water bottle if you are belaying. Whatever, you
have got that internal protection to bring gear or apparel in out of the weather, protect
it beneath the Allout hooded jacket. The Outdoor Research men’s Allout hooded
jacket. You have got a ton of functionality built into this jacket, lightweight enough
that it can be used really in just about any and all seasons for any and all types of outdoor
activities. It is also just a really comfortable piece, so the kind of thing that I can see
you grabbing to wear day in and day out whether you are or aren’t out in the backcountry.

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