good morning guys and welcome to a new
vlog I thought I would do another weekly vlogs because you guys have been
enjoying them don't so much so welcome to a new week in my life here in New
York today we're going out with some friends for brunch and then we have a
little bit of shopping to do my husband needs some new shoes for work and we're
gonna go check out century 21 which I've had is amazing to get like really good
deals on luxury brands so we're gonna go check that out and then probably do a
little bit more of her shopping so I thought I would take you along with me
but before that don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you haven't I played
a video once a week and I would love to have you back in the channel 321 before I head out there guys I wanted to
show you this amazing stuff that's been said to me by Madonna stop ray they are
an Australian brand that was founded by two brothers and they specialized and
kind of customized leather goods and I have to say I am so blown away with the
packaging the quality I think these would make beautiful beautiful gifts you
can personalize them with your initials or with the initials of the person
you're gifting it to I think it's just thought for high-quality it's definitely
kind of that premium range but the pricing is so so so reasonable I'm going
to show you what they said to me because I'm super excited to share with you this
one and honestly I'm not saying this because I have been sent these products
but I think they are absolutely striking the packaging is gorgeous and like I
said I think that you're an amazing amazing gifting idea they do certain
cases leather accessories and some pouches so I will show you all these out
gorgeous boxes they come in as you can see it's got this and like a gold a
beautiful stunning packaging and this is the throne case which they've done how
gorgeous is this I chose the pink but they do come in a lot of different
shades I will be linking everything in the info box down below so you guys can
go and check it out and they actually have some amazing holiday deals
happening at the moment and I have an exclusive discount code for you guys
which I'm gonna insert in the information box down below this one I
believe retails for about eighty Australian dollars but they like I said
you can get 10% off if you use my discount code down below and they make
beautiful gifts they have them in black and red and green beautiful mustard
color pink so many different shades it would make a great gift for men and
women and I think it's just so so gorgeous the inside is all kind of
velvet and then they have here written the handcrafted leather goods by mercy
on this opera and yeah I just I'm so taken aback by the kind of quality this
isn't like a gold but you can get in silver as well and I think that this
kind of quality is very rare to find it at this sort of pricing everything is
handcrafted everything is leather made and it's just a very special thing the
quality is amazing you can see the borders so so well finished and yeah I'm
just gonna try and show you how it looks on my phone just a second because I'm
actually filming with my phone but in the meantime I'm going to show you the
other beautiful thing they sent me it comes in this beautiful case really nice
dust bag and then inside this beautiful collage I chose the mustard yellow
because I wanted to go for something a little bit different I don't want to go
for the usual black but this is great it's actually a really lovely size I
think it would definitely fit an iPad Mini you could also use it as a handbag
organizer so it's nice that you can wear it as a clutch but you can also use it
as a handbag organizer it's got like this green leather which is really
gorgeous and then the initials down here and then it says missile disapper there
I really like the double zip I think it's very cute nice design detail and
over here you can add the little strap that it has inside I've clipped this on
here and you can remove this or leave it on but I think as a clutch it's really
handy because you can kind of hang it from your wrist and this way it doesn't
fall off I think this is great for when you're on holiday I love to carry these
those handbag organizers and then when I need to go out in the evening or I'm
just kind of gonna pop out or go to the beach some of that you can just take the
clutch with you and if you've got a massive bag they're great for organizing
stuff and I think this is so nice that you can kind of pop it on and off the
hardware feels really sturdy this one isn't gold and then inside it has this
really beautiful matching card holder which is great to use it kind of with
this pouch or you can use it you guys know I love card holders I have one from
products that I've been using things for five years now so it was about time I
got any one and I think this one is absolutely gorgeous so nice it converts
actually quite a few cards cuz you can fit like three here three
and then some cash all cards in the middle the leather feels super soft it's
kind of really flexible which is nice because I hate like the really hard ones
that it's really stiff and really difficult to kind of get you clouds in
and out but this one feels super super lovely and yeah I just think again a
beautiful gift either together or separately and yeah so super impressed
with the quality of this brand I really like it and I probably will be getting a
lot more stuff from them I just wanted to show you their pop to this on my
phone just before heading out and I think it looks so gorgeous I really love
it I was so excited to try it on I haven't had a phone case for a while and
I think it'd be nice to protect my new phone and it looks so so gorgeous really
like this one and everything would make such a beautiful gift also gonna insert
some pictures of me using these products because I'm so excited and I have to say
I had popped out with them and taken a few pictures which I have posted on my
Instagram if you don't follow Muniz around please go ahead and follow me
there I will leave my link down here on screen and I I thought before we head
out I would quickly show you my makeup I've gone for a really kind of nudie eye
and I'm wearing that white lipstick again which is amazing I am so in love
with it and I pair it with like a nude gloss over the top it makes it really
lovely and then I'd show you my outfit of the day I'm wearing this Gucci jumper
it is a roll neck but it's got like a cape style and then it has this little
slit on side it's a bit longer on the back and a bit shorter in the front I
think it's pretty cold outside so I think this will be a nice outfit
by the way I'm still with this mirror situation I've not sorted it out yet but
I will do I promise soon but at least it's good that I've
got a full-length mirror so you guys can actually see my outfit and then I'm
wearing my acne jeans and my Ferragamo boot which are super comfortable I love
them they're like a riding style boot of each of these in videos before but I
really like the little gold details on the heel and side and yes a really basic
outside just jeans and a top but I think it looks really nice
and polished and then for earrings I've got my treble earrings and I'm going to
be wearing a vest over the top of this so wear that and show you what it looks
like so this is my vest this is in a navy blue but actually it almost looks
like black in a real of he's like long bits over here and then I'm wearing my
lady deal bag because I have had to send my vanity bag
to repair because I realized that the top was damaged which is awful because
it was like brand-new but the top was a little bit damaged so they've agreed to
replace what they've been really good about it so but I don't have it with me
so I'm I've got my deal bag instead but yeah this is my look for today so we're
gonna head out and I'll see you guys in a little bit funny just holding space
Afghan you can see from the street I so far reminds me the cold cuz I know
it's not Christmas to me hey guys so I'm back home now taking my
makeup off and I'm ready to go to bed we didn't actually end up doing anything of
what we planned to do today so we didn't get the shopping done we didn't buy the
shoes we didn't buy anything but it was a really fun night with
friends nevertheless we ended up going back to their place I mean a games night
was really fun we played game mat cards against humanity' that's the
name and it was really really fun and it was so nice to catch up with friends as
well so Rita which was one of the front event today and her husband I hadn't
seen Rita I went to high school together and we hadn't met for about 14 years it
was so lovely to just catch up with her after so long see how life was going for
them so it was very unproductive but a really fun day but I'm really tired now
so I think I'm just gonna go to bed and I will see you guys in the morning
bye hey guys it's getting cold in Tok yo all bundled up I just had a blowout and
I love beat door and do it for me and I know how to really drive without she did
a really nice job and she also recommended me a hair colorist Idina but
I don't know those debating whether with the FINA and go back to London and
do it because I have to have a trouble with my color and I really loves how the
kind of color she got so yeah I don't know what to do I'm a bit in two minds
about this sorry guys I almost got hit by a car but today I am going to go into
a little bit of shopping hopefully we need to pick up some real
winter jackets because it's getting real we are going to be going and maybe Christmas I'm just popping – you better calm up
because I'm after some boots and they had pretty nice ones but they're in
Suites and I don't know I'm trying to want to see what I think with the rain
and the snow weight doesn't work so well the boots bodies I really like they have
a very comfortable heel and I love the detail you probably see it much fun
trying to zoom in here I think it's quite cool and their suede let me know
if I think I want these most see to wear them with like dresses and skirts let me
know what you think love like me look in chocolate in here
my god I don't know what to choose and it was you feel a Christmas every day the year
but you feel about myself only works if you're here hey guys so I've just been watching the
Macy's parade which was so gorgeous and we didn't have to stand there because it
was so crazily packed and it was super super cold apparently in the coldest
Thanksgiving they've had for a very very long time I never experienced
Thanksgiving so it's been really nice we're not gonna have a traditional
Thanksgiving lunch because we're not familiar this I'm also not really
celebrating because in Europe you don't redo Thanksgiving but I think it's just
beautiful tradition hopefully next year when we're a bit more settled and a
little bit less crazy we'll be able to celebrate and then I think I'm probably
gonna do a little bit of work and then we are going out for dinner in the
evening to the back route to hotel which I'm so excited about when we go for a
drink at the bar probably fast and I've just been doing a bit of cooking guys
and I've made these delicious stuffed piquillo peppers which are a traditional
Spanish dish you have a tomato and pepper sauce and this stuff with
mincemeat and they are so delish and I'm loving this – fall pop that I got it is
so humongous but it fits these so well and its really good to do stuff like
play as well so yeah I think we're gonna eat peas for lunch today and I'm excited
I also made a bit of rice earlier which is my basmati rice and actually you
would think that basmati rice with the Spanish just won't go so well but it
goes really really well I always use Kilda and it's really delicious if I do
it with spices and let me know in the comments down below if you guys want to
see a recipe of this it stores really well as well I make a whole batch I
usually have for like two or three days after the cooking comes the tidying up
and look at the humongous mess I have in the kitchen right now not looking
forward to clearing this up hey guys so we're back home now and I
just thought I would quickly show you how I organize my drawers and stuff cuz
so many of you requested this in a previous video and I love stuff like
this I am a real OCD and I've gotten all these really inexpensive or really
effective like no gadgety things to organize my drawers and also a new
method of folding clothes which I'm super excited about I heard about this
initio called Cityline it's a Japanese method called the connemara method and
I'm obsessed with this headline show the Canadians don't have actually watched on
YouTube but they do like the home day and the show like Dekker ideas home
organization and it's right up my alley I know this sounds very granny but I
love it what can I say I'm an early granny and my mum would probably be so
proud of me for being so organized so I'm going to show you guys this stuff so
if you've got a big space that you need to organize or your strong little space
I think all of these will be really helpful so stay tuned to watch those see
I'm gonna go ahead and show you so I wanted to show you these dividers that I
got in I got these on Amazon and these are made from bamboo and I've used this
in so many doors these are amazing because they actually match my drawers
and it looks like you know like it was part of the drawer but these are super
handy because basically I'm trying to take it out so you guys can see properly
basically this bit is adjustable so you can fit them in lots of different
lengths of drawers the minimum length needs to be this but then it's
adjustable basically you squeeze that in it has like a little thing here so that
it grips and it doesn't move when you put it in and then you fit it into the
drawer so they're about hard to do this with one hand
and these are amazing I've loved these because see in the kitchen tools like
these don't move and then I've got here all my opinon cling film and whatever
and it's all really nice and organized and I've used them in a few of the
drawers and the bedrooms as well I'm gonna show you those so for example in
this drawer where I've stored the stationary again I've used it and this
way this kind of stuff because it's smaller stuff otherwise it just kind of
moves this is quite a big draw and that's
where everything is really nice and organized so I'm absolutely loving these
and I don't think they were very expensive at all I will link everything
down in the info box below actually now they were on a stationary draw I thought
I would show you these these are these little stickers which are to write with
a chalk pen and I got these I'm going to show you what I used these for so
basically I got these little jars and I got these I think from Crate and Barrel
and I put the sticker on them and then with chalk pen I wrote what spice was
because I bought the spices in bulk because here I went to you in Indian
store to buy them and they sell them in these little bags but I find those kind
of very messy so I bought these little jars and I've stored them in there and
then this way if I change the spice I can just change the text on the label
and these were super handy actually like the fact that they're quite big so you
can fit in a normal teaspoon because I find with a lot of these jars I don't
like to sprinkle because especially when I'm doing kind of Indian cooking I
measure everything in teaspoons and these ones at core 8 because you just
there like a little mason jar and you basically just like open like this they
are airtight its super easy to put in a spoon you fit in quite a lot of spice in
and then they're super easy to close you can put them in the dishwasher and I
think they're just a very neat and practical solution I'm not a very neat
little idea I got to organize stuff in the bathroom are these baskets and I had
these in my previous apartment but I had my makeup in here but now I've used them
to organize all my skincare masks since really honey because I've got this in a
spare bathroom because they don't fit in the cabinet in mine and I basically just
take this whole thing and then I've got all my skincare masks in one little
basket and it's so easy to kind of move this around from one bottom to the other
but what I wanted to show you here actually is this little shelf and these
are actually sold to organized kitchen but but you can actually use them
anywhere really and either amazing because basically as you can see this
cabinet under the sink was just really really taut and there was so much
unutilized space as you can see here where I store all my spare stuff for
toiletries basically I've got shampoos and toothpaste and bleaching creams and
all sorts of things so and these are just really handy because basically you
I can store things below and then I can store things on top and as we're
utilizing much more of the vertical space and I got two of these the last
little thing I've got this cabinet that I bought again I'll link it down below
it was really inexpensive and I've put this in Turkey um kind of vanity that's
underneath the sink and it's amazing because what I've done is I've stored
all my makeup here before I had it in this basket and basically I had like
these plastic sort of containers that went inside and I kind of stacked them
up so I had to take some out to put them in now I've got here all my hair tools
my hair spray and stuff like that but it's so much more handy here because I
don't need to kind of stack stuff up I can just open the drawers and grab what
I need and it's so much more handy basically in this top drawer here I've
got foundations BB creams and stuff like that and a primer then here I've got all
kind of my face stuff in this little container I've got concealers liquid
highlighter liquid contour here I've got all my brushes and this kind of goes
quite behind here I've got brushes that I still haven't opened and then here
I've got another concealer then I've got all my sort of pencils lip liners eye
pencils in this little thing that I kind of keep up here and then here I've got
sorry guys it's a bit mucky but to be honest makeup always ends up like this I
do try to clean it out and here once a week or something like that but I can
never have it all perfect here I've got blushes here I've got contours baking
powder blushes some baking powders a loose powder and some
beauty blenders back there and then my Anastasia and contour kit products and
then down here I've got all night whoops that's a Linda I've got all my
lipsticks here and then I've got here mascaras and kind of tools like tweezers
and eyelash curlers Texas's and also brow gel and then back here I've got all
my eyeshadow palettes so and then also my gel liner basically I try not to
hoard too much stuff this is all my makeup collection in fact because I try
not to hoard too many things and just keep what I'm actually good at use but
yeah I find this really nice and really neat you can obviously stack stuff on
top as well this is again sold to the kitchen but I find it so so handy for
the bathroom and it fits perfectly and then it lets me fit this here to have
all my hair tools as well and then back there I've got all my tanning stuff in
that little vanity bag and then something else I've been loving all
these little storage boxes these are plastic so I love them because they're
really easy to clean and then I've got a bigger one here where I've got
sunglasses and I've got more belt over there and just basically other boxes
that I had as you guys know I love boxes but this was just a great way to store
everything but I also wanted to let you know about another idea so when I have
run out of those boxes this is basically just a shoe box and I've got all my
leggings sorted out in here sorry the lighting isn't great guys basically I've
got all my leggings in there and it's just such a nice neat way to keep them
and from them to not be kind of fiddling around and moving around when you've got
a lot of space to store them then I've got all my jewelry stored in here and
again I store everything in its own boxes I chose this really shallow drawer
to store everything in and it's really nice because everything is really handy
I only have to kind of maybe left orgonites you sometimes to get what's
below but otherwise everything is in their own little storage boxes then
especially with costume jewelry it's really important that you keep it like
in pouch because this stops them from kind of going black and from them
oxidizing and stuff like that so yeah I just like to store everything in
its own little box and a big shadow like this I find is the best way to organize
it for my handbags guys I have actually decided to keep them all in their own
boxes because I know it's not very glamorous and I know it doesn't look as
nice but because I had a lot of storage space in this apartment I thought this
was the best way to go about it and the reason is that because I find handbags
when I store them vertically like this they end up kind of weighing down so
they end up kind of puffing up at the bottom and because they kind of sink in
from the weight so I find that storing them flat in a box and kind of lying
down is the best way to store them and from stop them from getting damaged
especially with my lady jewel bags it's made a huge difference this is how I
stored them in my first apartment and I actually found it was much much better
so I've gone back to the same system everything is in its own box
I always keep these boxes and they're in their dust bag inside the box and then
I've got the boxes all laid out on the floor this is my first wardrobe and here
it's kind of shared between me my husband and we still kind of party
clothes here like our Indian clothes and suits that he doesn't wear that often
and more of a kind of formal wear so nice that I actually have so much
storage space in this house I'm so happy about it and then in this closet I've
got shirts blouses and blazers on the top and down below I've got skirts
trousers jeans and a few of my summery tops back there and it's so nice to be
able to have just one trials our hangar it's like a dream come true I've got
kind of coats and dresses and some kind of try to code and stuff mostly coats
and dresses and then we have this really lovely shoe cupboard at the entrance of
the house and I do keep some of the shoes in the plastic they come in to
protect them just because some of them are really kind of easy to damage but
it's so lovely to have all those shoes stored in a cupboard specifically just
them and I keep a brush here for my shoes always so that before I put them
away I can just give them a quick wipe and finally I just wanted to show you a
new method I have found to stop sweaters and it
you can my method I've never tried this it's a Japanese method that this lady
develops and for me when I have shelves I find that it's not so handy but for my
husband that he has all his jumpers in drawers I find this so nice because this
way he can actually see all the jumpers he has and you know pick what he needs
and you pick up one but because of the special folding method you don't disturb
any of the rest they all just stay intact and then you can just put that
one back into its little slot and there you go you have your draw always nice
and neat and looking perfect and you can actually see everything so I'm quickly
going to show you how this con Mario method works and how you need to fold it
because it's super easy so you can use it for trousers you can use it for
jumpers you can use it for t-shirts you can basically use it for whatever you
want and you can also use it for socks and as you can see again you can see all
the colors and it's so nice and handy so I'm going to show you how you fold these
so that you guys can apply it too because I found this so so useful and
it's been such a discovery for me by the way guys also if you want to see a
wardrobe to do let me know in the comments below so guys I'm going to show
you how to fold the sweater in the way I was telling you to put it in the drawers
because this is a great way to organize it and it's actually called the konmari
method and what you do is basically you fold the sweater in the same way you
would as when you folding it normally do you tuck the arms at the back and then
you fold it over in half and then you fold it over once in a
third and then you fold it over again like so the test is basically the
sweater should be able to hold upright just like you guys can see here that
means when you organize a pile in the draw we'll have them all lined up and
when you take one out the rest will not okay guys well I think that's it I hope
you enjoyed seeing how I organize myself I'm going to go ahead wash my face now
because I'm super tired and I will see you in my next vlog thank you so much
for watching don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you in the next one Wow


  1. You are so organized love ❤️ it. I like the way you stored & organize your makeup 💄 .But when you’re ready to put it on
    Do you pull out everything? How do you pull it all out ?
    Because I had my makeup in a old very old vanity it has smaller drawer space and I end up pulling everything out everywhere and end up with a mess and pulling it back in my drawers . I also noticed you place your makeup brushes back in your drawer. I keep my standing up in brush jar holder only because I feel if I put them in make up bag or drawer ( they are still dirty from my makeup 💄 and don’t always clean them up so fast.
    Just thought I would ask you 🤗
    . You gave me so many ideas . However most of the stuff you have you have meaning your organizer 📦 you can get the very same organizers basket or box’s for a much less expensive than the container store.
    Don’t know if NY HAS one its call TJ max or Home goods its one big store you will so love ❤️ it there that they everything you just should for much less and good quality . I think I am going there today because you gave me so many ideas and the mirror you are standing in front of I have seen it there for 100.$ and the very same one at other places for 400.$ .
    Just thought I would share all kinds of goodies even kitchen stuff and jeans clothes . ( only because as women we love bargains)
    It’s a great place.

  2. The boots look fabulous on you. I keep the stuffing paper that comes with each bag and I keep the bag stuffed with this paper when that particular bag is not in use and I keep each bag in its dust cover as well.

  3. I love that Gucci jumper of yours Jasmina, I've been looking for something similar ever since I saw it on your palazzo lookbook vid, still my fav, fav vid of all times. Please do another one like that. xxx

  4. Happy New Year Jasmina 🎊🎉🥳🍾🥂wishing you and your loved ones a ha, healthy & prosperous 2019. I would like to know the recipe for the stuffed peppers 🌶 they look absolutely delicious 😋. Also enjoy all your organizational tips!

  5. Happy New Year! Loved the video and impressed by your organizing skills, I find the Konmari method very useful and practical. Please do a makeup tutorial soon! You look beautiful as always 😘

  6. Hello, just a little message, the worst thing you can do to a leather bag is place them in a duster bag. Leather is organic and needs to breath. You will suffocate and dry out the skin. I am an old experience gal, fill the bag with tissue paper and stand upright your bag so it will not loose its form.

  7. Welcome to America and NYC, Jasmina! A little advise…although the boots you highlighted are beautiful, they won’t be practical for harsh New York City streets in the winter😉. Century 21 is awesome if you have a good chunk of time for the hunt. It’s an adventure! Enjoy

  8. Happy new year! Jasmina! I’ve been watching Cityline for over 30 years if you can believe it! We love it here in Canada and it is now in the US too. You can watch full episodes on their website (YouTube only has short segments I think). I discovered the Konmari folding method this year too and it’s been life changing for me. So much better organized and now that I can see what I have I’m using more of my wardrobe. My husband loves it too.
    Would love to see your recipe for the stuffed peppers and the rice – they look delish😋

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  10. Next time you're in the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle, have a stop at Boucheron Bakery. Simply the best! And the "TLC" cookie is truly everything and more! Enjoy my hometown!

  11. Jasmina, watch out for crazy New York drivers! Also be sure to get yourself some non-suede boots. As you'll find out in a few weeks, melting snow means immersing your feet in ice water at every street corner. The salt they throw on the snow does tend to ruin boots, so just be aware of that (I use rain boots myself in the NY snow.) Happy new year! Enjoying this!

  12. Happy New Year Jasmina! I live quite close to the city, and I am still struggling to find a hair colorist that can achieve a natural- looking ashy balayage in the city and surrounding areas/states. I have even considered flying to go see Despina or going to a colorist in Brazil, but I also wonder how often I can travel there to get it redone, when I want to travel to so many other places and only have certain windows of time to do so, so I am still looking. I have some saved on Instagram. If you want I can share, but I haven't personally used them. If you manage to find a colorist in the city you like, please share. Thanks!

  13. Happy new year to you Jasmina, thank you so much for sharing your ideas they are great! I use my shoe boxes as well but never thought of storing leggings in them GENIUS 🤩!! Looking foward to 2019 videos and regarding your hair I am a hair stylist and truly believe if you have found the one who does exactly what you love you should stick to that person as long as you can. My mom uses and taught me the roll method of organization on Japan she lived there for 5 years with my father who was in the military and she since then loves and uses this method and for packing for a trip it is awesome…

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