1. You are so organized love ❤️ it. I like the way you stored & organize your makeup 💄 .But when you’re ready to put it on
    Do you pull out everything? How do you pull it all out ?
    Because I had my makeup in a old very old vanity it has smaller drawer space and I end up pulling everything out everywhere and end up with a mess and pulling it back in my drawers . I also noticed you place your makeup brushes back in your drawer. I keep my standing up in brush jar holder only because I feel if I put them in make up bag or drawer ( they are still dirty from my makeup 💄 and don’t always clean them up so fast.
    Just thought I would ask you 🤗
    . You gave me so many ideas . However most of the stuff you have you have meaning your organizer 📦 you can get the very same organizers basket or box’s for a much less expensive than the container store.
    Don’t know if NY HAS one its call TJ max or Home goods its one big store you will so love ❤️ it there that they everything you just should for much less and good quality . I think I am going there today because you gave me so many ideas and the mirror you are standing in front of I have seen it there for 100.$ and the very same one at other places for 400.$ .
    Just thought I would share all kinds of goodies even kitchen stuff and jeans clothes . ( only because as women we love bargains)
    It’s a great place.

  2. Hope you will continue your European attitude towards discretion and less us more….and void the American excessive consumerism….😉

  3. Happy New Year Jasmina!! Just ordered the phone case and clutch/card holder! Chuffed to have received the 10% off so thank you for the code!! X

  4. The boots look fabulous on you. I keep the stuffing paper that comes with each bag and I keep the bag stuffed with this paper when that particular bag is not in use and I keep each bag in its dust cover as well.

  5. I love that Gucci jumper of yours Jasmina, I've been looking for something similar ever since I saw it on your palazzo lookbook vid, still my fav, fav vid of all times. Please do another one like that. xxx

  6. Happy New Year Jasmina 🎊🎉🥳🍾🥂wishing you and your loved ones a ha, healthy & prosperous 2019. I would like to know the recipe for the stuffed peppers 🌶 they look absolutely delicious 😋. Also enjoy all your organizational tips!

  7. I love those boots on you! Did you end up getting them? If so, do they run true to size and are you happy with them? Thanks so much!! xx

  8. Happy New Year! Loved the video and impressed by your organizing skills, I find the Konmari method very useful and practical. Please do a makeup tutorial soon! You look beautiful as always 😘

  9. Hello, just a little message, the worst thing you can do to a leather bag is place them in a duster bag. Leather is organic and needs to breath. You will suffocate and dry out the skin. I am an old experience gal, fill the bag with tissue paper and stand upright your bag so it will not loose its form.

  10. Welcome to America and NYC, Jasmina! A little advise…although the boots you highlighted are beautiful, they won’t be practical for harsh New York City streets in the winter😉. Century 21 is awesome if you have a good chunk of time for the hunt. It’s an adventure! Enjoy

  11. Happy new year! Jasmina! I’ve been watching Cityline for over 30 years if you can believe it! We love it here in Canada and it is now in the US too. You can watch full episodes on their website (YouTube only has short segments I think). I discovered the Konmari folding method this year too and it’s been life changing for me. So much better organized and now that I can see what I have I’m using more of my wardrobe. My husband loves it too.
    Would love to see your recipe for the stuffed peppers and the rice – they look delish😋

  12. Love the makeup your were wearing in this vlog Jasmina. Looks like you have settled into your new life in New York. Love your vlogs, would love a cooking one to see how you made that delicious dish with peppers. I love having my makeup in draws too, I've found it so handy to find things, and I'm using makeup I didn't even know I had, also stops you buying more when you know you don't need it! Great vlog x 😄

  13. Next time you're in the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle, have a stop at Boucheron Bakery. Simply the best! And the "TLC" cookie is truly everything and more! Enjoy my hometown!

  14. Jasmina, watch out for crazy New York drivers! Also be sure to get yourself some non-suede boots. As you'll find out in a few weeks, melting snow means immersing your feet in ice water at every street corner. The salt they throw on the snow does tend to ruin boots, so just be aware of that (I use rain boots myself in the NY snow.) Happy new year! Enjoying this!

  15. Happy New Year Jasmina! I live quite close to the city, and I am still struggling to find a hair colorist that can achieve a natural- looking ashy balayage in the city and surrounding areas/states. I have even considered flying to go see Despina or going to a colorist in Brazil, but I also wonder how often I can travel there to get it redone, when I want to travel to so many other places and only have certain windows of time to do so, so I am still looking. I have some saved on Instagram. If you want I can share, but I haven't personally used them. If you manage to find a colorist in the city you like, please share. Thanks!

  16. Happy new year to you Jasmina, thank you so much for sharing your ideas they are great! I use my shoe boxes as well but never thought of storing leggings in them GENIUS 🤩!! Looking foward to 2019 videos and regarding your hair I am a hair stylist and truly believe if you have found the one who does exactly what you love you should stick to that person as long as you can. My mom uses and taught me the roll method of organization on Japan she lived there for 5 years with my father who was in the military and she since then loves and uses this method and for packing for a trip it is awesome…

  17. Happy New Year Jasmina! Glad you and your husband are settling in well. NYC is such a great city! I myself have never had much luck at Century 21, but wish you many fab finds 😊

  18. I love that you are living in NYC. I live 2hrs north and come into the city about once a month….now I will have your recommendations in the city to check out. Thanks for labeling everything so well….recipe please .

  19. Hi jasmina you look fab. I never comment just wanted to say despina is the best don't change your colourist you'll regret it. ☺️

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