OPI Base Coat and OPI Top Coat Options

Today I’m going to share with you guys
the options that we have for our nail lacquer for our bases, and a couple of options that we have for our Top Coat as well. First, it’s the natural nail Base Coat  This one acts like double-sided tape
when you apply this on the natural nail and then your color adheres to it. Next we have Ridge Filler. Ridge Filler is for that person
that has a little bit of imperfections on the nail or maybe some ridging This will actually level it to where it’s smooth,
so when you actually apply your color onto the nail plate it’s actually a very nice application for that. And then we have Natural Nail Strengthener. So this gives your nail a little bit of strength It makes it feel nice and hard on the nail
before you apply your color on there. We also have our original Top Coat. It’s very shiny. And then we also have our Matte Top Coat. Matte Top Coat can be used on anything:
shimmers, regular lacquer and it will give it a matte look. Ok, so now I’m going to show you guys our Top Coat on top of Black Onyx. This will actually seal in the color as well as give it that nice, high shine. So with this one I’m going to show you guys the Matte Top Coat And I want to show you guys, when you pull it out,
it actually has a creamy consistency. That’s what it’s supposed to look like. So now I’m going to apply the Matte Top Coat. And once it starts drying, you’ll actually be able to
see the difference in it turning matte. This can be applied over anything:
shimmers, regular, flat colors, to make it look like a matte look. So with the Matte Top Coat as well, it’s actually
a very good, easy way to do some neat little nail art. Alright. So that is our Matte Top Coat look. This is our original Top Coat look. You can see that nice, high shine. There’s the Top Coat. And there’s the Matte Top Coat.

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