One Direction Fourplay: Harry Styles and Liam Payne answer your questions

Well I told the Twitter-sphere by the way that
I was seeing you beautiful boys today and they went wild. In fact we’ve now got Fourplay. What? -Okay. It’s the game. Here we go. The
Twitter Fourplay game. I mean that’s an interesting way to intro in.
-Do you get it, right? Yeah, I’m there. -Because it’s four and it’s
play and it’s Twitter. And Fourplay is a… -I’ve got it now. I wasn’t
there before but I am. That’s the badger. We’re in the room. It’s
cool. Right, Kadinga Kugelblitz, which is the best name I’ve ever heard… Kugelblitz? -Kugelbitz… wants to know what
four things do you suck at? Do we suck at doing. We suck at doing.
-I’ll give you an example. Ice skating is actually one of mine. I think
Harry, Mr Styles is good at this because I think you had to fall over. I’m not good at
ice skating. I can’t do it. -I can ice skate. I’m bad at
skateboarding. -Same. I’m bad at speaking… -I can’t whistle like
this. -Italian. -I can’t do that. I’m bad at gymnastics. -Right, and… -I’m
a bad, bad boy. -Singing. Is probably my worst one. Okay. -I’d agree. – We’ve got a new album out here so you know that’s a good one. Lollipops. -Harry Styles says, actually it’s not you, it’s @mynameisstyles, top four favourite fan signs at concerts? Irish you were naked. -Good, yeah. I like,
you know what, I like the ones that come for the people who are with us like on the crew. That’s
fun. Like the abusive ones are sometimes the funniest ones. It’s like you guys suck. I’m
here for the drummer. Or you guys suck I’m here for the photographer. I thought this was an ACDC concert. -Yeah.
-There was one the other day, there was some scissors – massive scissors that some one
had made and then like a snip in a sign that was saying Harry cut your hair. Why’d you have to bring that up though? -Because
they wanted you to get a hair cut but I think you look marvelous. -Thanks. – It’s revolutionary. Have you ever thought about changing
hairstyles up by the way? I know… -I change my hairstyle all the time. I watched a video of you today with an acorn
hair cut. It was good. Oh, okay, that’s interesting. -Yeah, I liked that. Rea says your favourite traits that you look
for in a lady? Four favourite traits. Female. That’s a good trait. -Not that important.
I would say sense of humour, and like natural. Not too… I’m looking for four. Oh. -Very large personality. Love that little tiny pause. – Just a quick
one for you there. Someone who’s nice. Nice to be with. -He’s gone now. He’s gone nice now. We’ve stopped with the jokes. You’re not gonna go out with a dickhead are
you? You’re not! Four things that you think about this picture?
That you’ve already seen! Only from when it was there on your lap not
before. -When did that happen? Well it’s actually Mona Lisa. It was Mona Lisa. -Harry’s the new Mona Lisa.
That’s what I was gonna say. I thought it was Mona Lisa. Can I have that? Because that’s quite funny.
I like that a lot. It’s hilarious. Thank you. There you go babe. Put it on your wall. And this one I love from Serena Miller, I
don’t know if it’s the actually one or not… Nice. -Yonce’. -Yonce. Is – roses are read, violets are blue. Top
four of your favourite things to do. Which I like. There’s always top four… Oh, it’s top four that’s why. I’ve just clicked. I’ll shut up. -Yeah that’s the name of your album. Walks on the beach, reading poetry, horseback
riding and sleeping in front of the fire. Oh, good one. -Alright? Liam? The four questions that you’re sick and tired
of hearing? That is from Harry. Bad questions. -The four questions you’re tired
of hearing. Okay… I’m trying to think. It’s difficult, there’s
a lot. Celebrity crush, would you do if you were invisible? That is a common, common question. Superpower. -Superpower. I’ve already got.
-I feel like everyone has decided that time travel is the best one. Wonder why… Another question… -What do you like about
girls, I’m just kidding. -What one thing can’t you live without? And what’s the worst question? Shut up! The one that I just asked you? -Yeah! Is the worst one you… OH! So annoying. No, that was good. -No, that’s good because
we get to highlight the annoying questions and hope that people watching this never
ask them again. -It never works though does it? -Naaa.

100 thoughts on “One Direction Fourplay: Harry Styles and Liam Payne answer your questions

  1. when the interviewer asked what 4 questions are you sick and tired of hearing he has he opportunity to say that he's tired of people asking him if larry is real.

    but he didn't so

  2. Professor kugelblitz is the main character of a book, where you have to solve criminal cases with the hints in each chapter. I loved these books.

  3. When he said not that important, he was being sarcastic. Because the question was 4 traits you look for in a GIRL and Liam said female……

  4. everybody is talking about the “ not that important moment “ while im still gushing over the fact of what he like to do “walking on the beach, reading poetry, horse back-riding, and sleeping in front of the fire” like😭 amazziiinggg. And that “not that important moment “ tha does NOT mean he is gay. obviously the question was favorite trait in a GIRL so Liam said A girl and Harry laughed and said not that important. i mean obviously its not because well its a girl soo i mean😭 but harry is harry respect hos wishes bi/ gay or straight. we love him for who he is. he doesn’t want to label s can we not label someone we dont personally know.. thats all

  5. is anybody watching this video and just realizing how far u are out of harry's league because that's summing up my life rn

  6. I love the two extremes in these comments with the “not that important” comment. People are either like “OHMYGOD Larry is real” or “harry was joking guys him and Louis aren’t together” like wtf Harry can be bisexual or gay or whatever without dating Louis????

  7. sometimes people really miss Harry's jokes. Like the lollipop one and when he asked Liam the question because it was from Harry

  8. “Wants to know what four things do you suck at”…*harry makes a face and almost gets up*🤦🏽‍♀️😂he’s so gay how can you say he’s straight😂😂

  9. Of course not important because she said four traits to look for in a lady so she's a lady then she's a female so that's why he said it's not important

  10. y'all dumb as fuck, harry came out like 10000000000 times since 2010 and this is one of the most iconic ones (not that important).

  11. my favorite part of this entire interview is when harry said “you’re not gonna go out with a dickhead, are yeh?”

  12. Like the „NOT THAT IMPORTANAT“ part was incredible. HArry was so brave for doing that. Also LArry is real don’t fight me.

    But have you guys not picked up how muh innundos there were.
    1) She asks about Harry’s bum and his mind goes clearly to something else…
    2) She announces the four play game. HArry wants to go because he thinks about some sort of orgy
    3) She asks what things do you suck at. Again HArry’s mind and the he says Lollypops…
    4) Asking about favourite thing that you lookk for. Liam’s gesture when he says very larg personality…
    5) When Harry says one of his favourite activities is horseback riding look at Liams face…

    I mean excuse me!! Kids are watching HAHA


  14. SO many people in this comment section lack basic comprehension. It’s so clear harry was being sarcastic when he said not that important, he was sarcastically taking the piss out of Liam’s silly answer of “female” in response to “what do you look for in a lady?” Because duh the interviewer already said in a lady so answering female was kinda ridiculous.

  15. “Why’d you had to bring that up Liam?” “Cause I wanted you to get a hair cut but i think you look marvelous” harry calms down “thank you”

  16. 4 things you suck at?
    Harry: I am dead.

    Traits you look in a girl?

    Liam: female

    Harry:* Not that important.*

    Let me guess. You were thinking about Louis?????😉

  17. Interviewer – "Favorite traits you look for in a lady"
    Liam – "Female"
    Harry – "Not that important"
    Kind of is an important trait in a woman, but thanks for bringing the gayness.

  18. liam literally confirmed when he said very large personality to harry as something harry likes i’m gone ok bye

  19. 3:36 Liam didn’t get that all the questions were based on four because of the album. It was so cute when he got it. I agree Liam I didn’t know until you noticed 😂😂

  20. 4 favourite things to do
    harry: walks on the beach , reading poetry, horseback riding and sleeping in front of the fire……. he is perfect!!!!!

  21. Ok.. you just took the fastest (Liam) and the most slow speakers from 1D… So Harold almost have no chonce to talk.. 😂😂😂

    I'm kidding… I love them… 😂 Miss them 😞

  22. i don't understand why you relate this to his sexuality.he said the traits in a female in not that important for him😐
    i know his not straight but what is this video going to do with his sexuality.i don't get it

  23. When Harry said "not that important", he said it sarcastically like "well duh, Liam, kinda goes without saying", like the tweet said what traits do you look for in a GIRL, so she is female anyway.

  24. 1:18 he just told us he sucks lollipops (dicks) AND NO ONE PAID ATTENTION!! what in the fuck ? HOW DIDN'T I CATCH ON TO THAT 5 YEARS AGO ??? 🤦🏽‍♀️

    and then liam at 2:45 "very large personality" hand motion (meaning big dick) HOW DID MY BLIND ASS DIDN'T SEE ALL THIS SMFH 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. why is everyone saying he was joking about the “not important” comment? Why would he joke about that when he knows how many people will talk about it?

  26. liam was so done in this interview
    he was like ( wtf are you saying Harry .. Help .. I want this interview to be over as soon as possible ) 😂😂 #Larry 💙💚

  27. Liam: “female, it’s a good trait” looks at harry
    Harry: “not that important”. LARRY WHO

  28. I hate that when he says "not that important" they look right into the back of the cameras…like looking for acceptance of his comment…like all the time being under pressure…sad but true …

  29. The fact that Liam didn’t get that the questions were based around 4 cuz of their album Four is so funny. I’m in tears 😂

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