Odissi Indian Dance : Odissi Dance Costumes

In this clip, I am going to describe to you
the Odissi costume. This is Roopa Mathur, my senior most student. Who has had her Manch
Pravesh, a few years ago. Which is her orientation as a professional dancer. So let’s start with
the very specific head gear. Turn your head. And Odissi dance has this very unique head
dress. Which is the Tahiya and the white buds that are on the head’s dress. We also have,
very unique silver jewelry. As you see, the belt is a very unique aspect of Odissi dance.
This again, was designed by the Gurus. When they were contributing to the revival of Odissi.
They studied the temple carvings and saw what the women were wearing. And accordingly designed
something that the dancers can wear, today. And the costume is, can be in cotton or silk.
This is silk. And as you see, there is very extensive use of thread work. And this is
the Goti Pua technique. And the Goti Pua style of the costume. Which is made in silk with
very elaborate, extensive thread work. Which comes to full glory, when the dancer is dancing.
And you’ll see it in full form. We end with the feet, which are painted. And also the
bells. Generally the dancer wears at least fifty bells on each foot.

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  1. I am dancing odissi but I don't have costume. Is there a way I could wear the saree (other than the regular way) that would show my leg partition, be comfortable to wear at the same time while dancing?

    Thanks and I would really appreciate your help on this.

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