Oakley Wind Jacket Rubber Kit Replacement & Installation Instructions

– Hi, this is Jason with Revant Optics. Today I’m gonna show you
how to remove and install a new rubber kit on your
Oakley Wind Jacket frames. You might wanna remove your
current rubber kit if it’s worn out and not providing
the grip that you’d like, or if you’d just like a new color to customize your sunglasses. (metallic echo) OK, to remove the rubber pieces on your Oakley Wind Jacket frame,
you’re gonna start out by taking some lubricant,
I like to hand sanitizer, just because it dries quickly, put it over the tip of the frame there and then take your hand and
just pull on the rubber piece and it’ll slide off just like that. And then to install,
you’re gonna do the same. You can add more lubricant if you need it, but just put it over the tip there, put it over and then slide,
if you need to do a different angle or use your other hand that doesn’t have lubricant on it. Slide it on, just like
that and you get it again to line up with that
edge, so that it sits nice and firmly in the frame
there and is aligned. And that’s how you remove
the rubber pieces on your Oakley Wind Jacket frames. To ensure you’re getting the
most out of your sunglasses, I recommend replacing the
rubber kit, again if it’s wearing out, or if you
just wanna make your sunglasses more unique with a new color. So, hopefully you found this useful and once you’ve installed
your new rubber kit, we’d love to see a picture
of it on social media. So, go ahead and post a
picture and #RevantOptics, to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Also, if you have any
questions about this process, please feel free to email us
at support at revantoptics.com and we’d be happy to answer
an questions that you have. (metallic echo)

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