Oakley Half Jacket Lens Replacement & Installation Instructions

– Hi this is Jason with Revant Optics. Today I have the Oakley Half
Jacket regular frame here. It’s a smaller, kind of
sport-specific frame. A little small for my face, but a really popular frame nonetheless. Lightweight, I really like them. Today we’re going to show
you how to change up the look or the functionality of your sunglasses by installing some new lenses. We hope you enjoy the video. (sword slashing) Today I’m going to show you how to remove and install lenses in your
Oakley Half Jacket frames. First you’re going to take the frames here and put your thumb in the nose bridge. You’re going to push up. You’re going to torque the inside so that it pops the lens out. Once you bend that up,
it should pop right out and then the outside
edge you can pull out. Then do it on this side as well. You’re going to pull up here and torque it, and they’ll pop right out. Then to install them,
you’re going to go ahead and do the opposite. You’ll take the outside edge,
slide it in the groove there, so it seats nicely. Then you’re going to push up on the bottom part of the lens and
push down on the frame. You’ll hear it pop right
in, nice and secure. And on the other side
here, go ahead and slide in the outside edge, make sure it’s seated in the groove there on the outside, and then push up on the inside of the lens and then down on the frame. It’ll pop right in. Then just make sure they’re
secure, pull down on them. In this frame here we have these Revant Optics stealth black lenses. You might want to replace
your lenses if you’re current ones are damaged or you need specific tints or
colors for your activities. You can find many different
colors at revantoptics.com. Once you’ve installed your lenses, go ahead and post a picture
of them to our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and
hashtag Revant Optics. We’d love to see how you
brought new life to your frames. If you have any follow up questions go ahead and email us at
[email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist. (sharp music)

3 thoughts on “Oakley Half Jacket Lens Replacement & Installation Instructions

  1. He makes it look so easy. Replacing these lenses is a very frustrating task. I really wish they just popped right in like that.

  2. Ive had these same glasses since 2002. I replaced the lenses and stopped wearing them since I can never get them in right. Im wearing them and boom a lens falls out.

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