Oakley 10K Hooded Jacket & SI Stretch Softshell Review

Ok, today we are going to do the Stretch Softshell
jacket by Oakley The reason I’m laughing is because it’s like
one of those tongue twisters At any rate, some nice features about this
is, which we thought was really odd that this pocket
Look how tall that is But if you put your hands in there, it warms
you almost, that’s my elbow, almost all the way to the elbow
It’s really snuggly I don’t know it just feels really really good
Typically you have your pockets up here which is kind of standard now, it will fit an iPhone
or if you wanted to carry a small gun you could do that
Zips pretty high so for the purposes of keeping you warm
It will keep the wind out of here and then you have got a hood as well with an adjustment
in the back, you can tighten it for whatever headspace allows
So it will tighten it across here the brow and a little drip cap here so when the rain
is coming down it doesn’t go in your face So you know if you were really really cold
this would be pretty snuggly It’s not super thick material but if you add
a sweater underneath it that would, it’s also got one of these, I think they call them zipper
garages Which when you put the zipper all the way
up it keeps it from flapping into you and just keeps it solid
That’s kind of nice touch as well So we have two pockets here which are really
big Zip slash pocket, you also got
This would be for gloves perhaps if they are wet or something from being in the snow you
could put them in here, it’s vented so they can dry out
You can actually use this as a pocket, I don’t think it’s meant to be but it is sealed at
the bottom and goes all the way from here to there on both sides
you could keep quite a bit of stuff I’m all the way down here in this pocket
This is kind of unique, if you were having your iPod or i whatever in there
You can thread your earbuds through here so you could put your earbuds in, zip your jacket
up and maybe be able to manipulate your iPod in here
Pretty neat idea Let me show you the back
It has a nice detail to it, not sure if you can see that
But it seems to be a fairly handsome jacket it’s very comfortable, very easy to wear and
I love these deep pockets They are really really deep
Now, hold on We have another one to show you
The next one Oh by the way this is running $150 again if
you are watching this two years from now, that ain’t the price
But right now it’s $150 This is specifically oriented toward rain
and weather This is more of a rain coat
You can even feel it in the material, it’s a little more slippery
This one is called the 10K hooded jacket, I don’t know why it’s 10k but that’s what
it is We have some interesting features here on
the inside We have a little zip pocket in here for maybe
your wallet or something for traveling. We have that same earbud area here where you
go through the zip pocket into your earbuds We do not have those big long pockets on the
inside that we did on the other jacket Let’s zip this up
What you will also notice here are these pockets are taped
And they do that to keep the rain out 2 slash pockets here both are taped for water
And then let me show you the back It’s not quite as fitting looking as the other
jacket You probably can’t see this but there’s a
little bit more sheen to this material but the other one almost looks gun metal gray
compared to this This is more black
Again this comes up real high So for rain, same type of hood
By the way on both of these the hood can be unzipped and taken off If you wanted to put
it in a pocket you could do that Do I look tough?
Do I look ready for the rain? And this jacket, see if I can find the
This is running $250 So rain jacket appropriate
Not quite as snuggly as the other one, the other one felt kind of
You know, YEAH let’s go out This feels more like I want to have something
on underneath it Not that it doesn’t feel good it’s just the
other one is more snuggly So, that’s it by your friends at Oakley
P.S. just found something kind of cool on the inside of this hood you got all kinds
of neat Oakley stuff, that’s it Nice talking to you, come check us out at
Openrange You can also buy these on openrangesports.com,
is that correct? Very good
Barry Out So
P.S. P.S. We were looking at these further and on the one jacket I said was really snuggly
it’s just that kind of feltish material all the way through
There’s no lining Where as the rain jacket has a lining
So that’s the difference in the feel of the jacket.

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  1. I have the first coat and like it, but it is very hard to get o my gun on my hip. The bottom is too snug. All my other jackets I can't just pull up like a shirt to get to it.

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