No Budget Halloween & Last minute costume: Maleficent

No Budget Halloween: Last minute costume. Hello! Hailing from the states, I’m Cassie, and
today we’re going to make a no-budget maleficent costume. First you’re gonna need a headband, two
round things (I’m using these cat food cans), some foil and a drill. First you’re gonna drill 4 holes in each
of the cans so that you can tie them to the headband and they won’t move around. If you don’t have cat food cans, small paper
cups will also work (then you don’t need a drill~) Next place them on your head while
wearing the headband to find the right placement. I’m marking them off with masking tape so
I know where to tie them. Then take some string, I’m using this twine
I got from daiso but you can use whatever you’ve got. Even tooth floss will work. Place your cans or cups so the holes are positioned
with the headband in between them and then get to tyin’. Do that for all four sides and you’ve got
the base for your horns! Next, take the foil and pull out a long sheet. Keep it long at first because you can always
cut it down. Wrap it around the cans, tucking it under
a little bit so it stays in place, then start squishing and shaping it into a horn. Do the same for the other side and keep layering, using smaller pieces of foil to make the bottom of the horn thicker than the top. As you go along, try them on and see how the
shape is coming along. Bend them into the desired shape. If one is longer than the other like mine,
just cut the tip off and reshape it. Add another single layer of foil to smooth
out the shape and secure it at the bottom with masking tape. Now the base of your horns is done and it’s
time to move on to the papier mache You need glue, mine is a simple mix of flour
and water, newspaper and your horns. If you don’t know how to papier mache, you’ll
have to google it because my battery died and I didn’t get to film it. Next we’re going to make the pointy hat
part thingy. Using a piece of paper, I’m marking where
the top of my hairline is and where I want the point of the hat to rest on my forehead. Then I mark where my temples are and I will
use that as a guide to sketch a basic shape. I’ve sketched my hairline and how the pointy
part will look, now I will sketch the rest of the hat. Next, cut it out. Put it on your head and figure out where it
needs to curve, then make small cuts in those places. Using masking tape, fold the small cuts onto
themselves to make rounded spots and tape them down. Do that for each of your cuts, holding it
up to your head until it is the right shape to sit nicely on your forehead. Now you have the base of your hat~ Next tape it to your forehead. Yes, I said tape it to your forehead. We’re going to cover it in masking tape
to make it stronger. Just keep taping. And taping. And taping. Next, peel it off and cut off the excess tape. Now we’re going to take a black plactic
bag and cut off a piece big enough to cover the hat. Use a glue stick to glue the plastic on, then
cut off the excess leaving about half an inch on the edge to fold over and glue for a smooth look. I’m in the bathroom because I thought using
the hair dryer to soften the plastic would help it sit flat and smooth on the hat base…
yeah, it didn’t .>.

75 thoughts on “No Budget Halloween & Last minute costume: Maleficent

  1. ㅎ ㅎ 이것 저것 조물조물 만드는 재주는 훌륭합니다 . 그치만 역시 코스튬이 될려면 몸매가… 쿨럭

  2. very cool….I am learning Korean and I saw you joined ttmik and now I am watching your videos and …wait…(this next sentence may not make sense but I will try to say now I have to go to work) 지금 일 에 가야 해!

  3. Did you cover the back of your head with the plastic bag? what hairstyle did you put it in when you did?

  4. Yo this stuff is so clever 🤯 I’m being maleficent for Halloween and I’m gonna make the collar since I’m not buying her full costume

  5. Oh wow – amazing and I just completed this for my girl's CUBS Halloween party. THANK YOU —- also comment below about the collar !! I just read it – I Ended up attaching to the back of the head gear !!!
    BRILLIANT job ! By the way – I ended up doing this in 3 hrs! No paper mache; I used the black sack to cover the horns and wrapped it around the foil for speed – looks just as good

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