New Great Finds on the Sale Rack | Kind Living Boutique

-Hey, Hil, what are you doing?
-Oh hey, Kelsey! I’m just adding some new products to our sale rack here at the boutique.
-Mhmm… These here—have you seen these before? -No
-So these are our guru wear
skirts. So they’re a double layered skirt they have two different patterned
materials here they’re made from a hundred percent silk. They’re made from
recycled saris. So these are a great option to have if you’re going to
something this summer like the Mariposa Folk Festival. You could easily pair it up with a cute tank top, matching colour or a
different colour, but because you’ve got the nice lightweight silk material,
you’re not going to get too hot and you’re going to be comfortable while
you’re watching all of the amazing performers.
-Yeah! We have lots of great new things that I’ve added to the rack. One of my
favourites is this MPG dress. My mom has this dress and I love it. I’m
always trying to steal it from her closet. She likes to dress it up with a
pair of heels, wear it to work, but I would match it with a pair of white
sneakers, wear it for a coffee shop or a farmers market adventure.
-There you go!
-Yeah! So, these, I have to admit, these are my favourite pants in the entire boutique.
-Why are they your favourite? They’re incredibly soft!
I just always want a pair of pants like this. It’s great to have the built-in
skirt that goes over top, covers your bum if you’re gonna go to the grocery store
after class. I would match it with a basic white tank top. Now this one from
karma I love because of the detail on the back. So it’s got an open back option
where you could add in a fun little sports bra with a pop of color I
personally would pair it with this one from born primitive it’s just a really
great color match between the pants and the sports bra. You just get to see a
little bit behind the tank top as well -Love it!
-Yeah and then finally another
item that I think would be a great option for people to have for this
spring and summer. It’s just a basic cardigan. So this
Respecterre black cardigan is very, very lightweight. It’s a bit longer so it
adds a layering feature, but perfect to just put on top of a tank,
like a colorful tank top on your way to class or if you’re heading out the door
and it’s a bit chilly in the morning. Really great option to add as a layering
piece and then if you want to throw in a pair of fun capris as well to go along
with it it, can really make a fun outfit to just have casually everyday, pair of
white sneakers and you’re all set. -Awesome
-Yeah, so there’s a lots of new
things available on the sale rack. Always a popular rack for people to shop in,
they like to come and visit see what’s new, so come and check it out for
yourself! Namaste.

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