New Englander Rain Jacket Review

CASEY: Hi, I’m Casey, I work in Marketing,
and today, I’m reviewing the New Englander Rain Jacket. I love this jacket, because it’s flattering,
it’s versatile, and it’s comfortable. I have found that it’s great if I want to wear it
around town, but it’s also awesome at the barn. One other thing that’s really nice about
it, too, is that it’s personalizable, so you can actually put your barn logo or your team
names on it. So, it’s a fantastic thing for barns if you’re looking to get a lighter weight
jacket. This jacket is 100% wind and waterproof, but
it’s actually really breathable, and there are a couple of features that help support
that. The first is that there’s actually some really good venting at the front of the jacket
that will help keep you comfortable and not feeling too warm. Also, inside you can see
there is actually a mesh lining, so it’s actually pretty light underneath. This jacket is also really adjustable. It
has a couple of drawstrings. There’s a drawstring at the bottom here, and there’s also a drawstring
around the hood, too, so if it’s really raining, you can snug it up close around your face.
And then also, there’s Velcro hook and loop closures here so that if you want to tighten
it around your wrist, you can do that, as well. A couple other features about this jacket
– it does also have reflectors. It’s got some in the front and it’s got some in the back,
so that way you’ll be easy to see. This jacket is honestly perfect for everyone.
It’s really pretty light weight and it does a really good job of keeping both the wind and
the rain out, so multiple seasons this jacket’s going to be appropriate for. Good if you’re
doing barn work, good if you’re actually riding – really, it’s super, super versatile. I also wouldn’t want to forget one of my favorite
features is that it has zip pockets, so if you want to put your cell phone in there or
something else that you don’t want to get wet, it’s going to be safe in the pockets
of this jacket. I’m Casey, and if it’s raining outside, you’re
going to find me in the New Englander Rain Jacket.

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