My Epic Chewbacca Costume

My elementary school was
having a big costume contest. But they should’ve called it
what it really was: “A Return of the Jedi contest.” All the kids were going as either
a Luke, Leia, Vader, Boba Fett or C3PO. Well, I was going to beat them all. Because come Halloween,
as I announced to my friends, there was going to be
a 7-foot Wookiee coming to town. My friend Scott said, “Oh, yeah?
How are you going to do that? None of the Halloween stores
sell Chewbacca costumes.” I said, “Hey, kid.
Never tell me the odds.” The truth was
I knew something my friend didn’t. My mom was a creative genius
and could create any costume from scratch. What I’d envisioned was a life-like Chewbacca
with a suit of brown hair and stilts underneath
to get me up to 7-feet. But also have all the accoutrement,
like the chest belt and the crossbow. Basically I’d be channeling
Peter Mayhew circa 1983. The whole school would be blown away. When I came home and announced
the idea to my mom she said, “OK, but you know
it’s three days before Halloween. And I’m also finishing your sisters’ costumes
and I have to work.” Oh, yeah. My three sisters. And my mom’s job. But my mom was ready to help
wherever she could. We started at the Halloween store just to see
if they had anything to get us started. Within 5 minutes we found
an officially licensed Lucasfilm Chewbacca mask with the hair and the teeth. The lady at the store said,
“Sorry, we don’t have a full Chewbacca suit.” I said, “No problem.” And turned
to my mom for the detailed plan. She said, “let’s go carpet shopping. We’ll find you a nice brown shag carpet
that I’ll sew into a suit.” I didn’t know what a shag carpet was, but she explained it had long threads
that looked like hair. It made sense. We spent all Sunday
looking for a brown shag carpet. We went from store to store.
We found white, we found black, but no brown. With time running out we had to go
with the only option: A regular short length rug. No shag. But always the optimist my mom assured me
that I was going to look great. The big day arrived: Halloween. The school blacktop looked
like a scene out of Tatooine. You got your Lukes, Hans, Landos,
Jabba the Hutt, even a Bib Fortuna. Although that was my science teacher
and he wasn’t in costume. Then, slowly, heads started to turn. Yeah, yeah. I wasn’t seven feet.
That’s for sure. To give you an idea of what I looked like
imagine cutting up a tan rug, rolling up the pieces into arms,
legs and a torso, and sewing them all together with twine. Also, imagine the same kid
forgot to tell his mom that Chewbacca needed
furry hands and furry feet. So, the legendary Wookiee had little Caucasian hands
and white Reeboks. When a teacher finally asked
who I was supposed to be, I didn’t have the heart to say Chewbacca. So I just said,
“I’m a tan and brown monster.” It was no fault of my mom, of course.
She did everything she could in three days. I guess we all have our famous
or infamous costumes from our childhood. What was yours?
Tell me in the comments. I read them all. In fact, your comments on my last video
were hilarious, so thanks for that. Nutrients! I took the topic to Google image search and when you look up the word “masculine”,
this is what comes up in the first page. This guy modeling camouflage thongs. You can watch that one
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100 thoughts on “My Epic Chewbacca Costume

  1. It's so great that you're back. 

    Well, I never was the big halloween guy. So everytime my friends dressed up, I was just in my regular gear – shirt and jeans. Years later I realized I could've been so artsy if everytime somebody asked me why I didn't dress up, I just said "I'm dressing up as a non-conformist".

    It would've been incredibly douchey, but worth it. 

  2. My family is a family of procrastinators. So I've ended up with some very interesting halloween costumes over the years

  3. Freshman or sophomore year of high school I dressed up as Marilyn Manson, my favorite musician at the time. Full black leather trench coat, black wig, white makeup, and even 2 different colored contracts. The costume probably would have been great, but as you may or may not know, Marilyn Manson is stick skinny, so imagine all of what I described except on a dumpy fat kid lol…not my finest hour…I still have a picture of me in it to remind myself to"know thy limits" lol.

  4. That was cute.. I'm transgender.. After my mother dressed me up as a girl one Halloween when I was a kid.. I pretty much kept that Now as an adult.. I pretty much keep my Halle Berry cat woman costume going yearly.. It works and I always find Batman and Robin. 

  5. MATT! You are hilarious! One of my life-goals is to meet you and collaborate with you. 

    Looking forward to the next episode! 

    – NaturallyBubbly

  6. I'm so glad you're back! Amidst all these "tryna be famous" youtube vlog kids, it's refreshing to see someone act more laid back. 🙂
    As for my costume, the idea wasn't really that embarrassing (medieval Queen, btw) but I had to stuff my bra so that the bodice would fit. I thought no one would notice but since I was thirteen and flat chested, everyone could tell. :/

  7. Halloween costumes….. I've been an upwardly mobile devil, a Samurai,  a soldier (and no one knew the .45 I had holstered was not only real, but loaded), I've dressed as a flasher and half devil half angel. I used to drink a lot.

  8. I remember always being ashamed of my costumes, my mom never had time to help me, so I did them myself, after seeing everyone else's costumes and having teachers ask other kids parents for extra something always made me feel miserable.

  9. I think the biggest crime here is that there wasn't a picture at the end. Another great one, Matt. And with the day I've had, this was just what I wanted to come home to. Cheers, and looking forward to the next one!

  10. I totally remember that costume!! It was so much pressure to have an awesome costume for the UPES parade.
    Remember Eric and Andy C costume? The huge Dinosaur that they both fit in? 
    I'm almost positive I was or at least tried to dress up as Kermit The Frog but I looked more like a character from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" … "A" for effort…. 

  11. That costume is awesome!
    When I was taking evolutionary biology in 7th grade we were assign to make a mask of an extinct animal and I was assigned the dodo bird. So my dad helped me make the mask… Actually, it looked great. Wish I had a picture.

  12. My first Halloween in america, i went with my sister and i was lucky enough to get a witch costume from my cousin. My sister…not so much. She ended up going as a pop star and borrowed this bright blue wig from my cousin and wore layers of clothings: shorts on top of pants, long sleeve shirt under a tube top. She looked like a hot mess, i guess we didn't understand the concept of pop star back then.

  13. When I was in pre-school, my mom and I went shopping for a small Halloween costume for me. I wanted to be a dinosaur, so that's what we looked for. We came across this green, t-rex costume that I thought was really cool so we decided to get it. Later that day, we were looking for a costume for my sister to wear. While looking, I see this red dragon costume. It was almost identical to my t-rex costume, except this one was a dragon so it had wings. I asked my mom if we could get it but she told me no because I already had one. I was super upset that my mom wouldn't get it for me. The entire night on Halloween, I was so upset because my t-rex didn't have wings. In one of the photos, I'm almost crying because of my lack of wings. My mom and I find the photo hilarious now.

  14. I went to a private Catholic School.  One Halloween my family decided me dressing up as the Devil (pitchfork and all) would be hilarious.  Spoilers, it wasn't.

  15. i've been blessed by having some pretty cool costumes, i was always able to be recognized as what i intended to be, i just really like making costumes

  16. I love you stories Matt!

    I was Superman but with monster nipples on them. And I was 7 years old. Yeah….

    A 7 year old buff Superman with see through nipples.

  17. The best halloween costume of mine was in 1968.  I was just 6 years old, and my mom got real creative and made me a hippy complete with bandana, tie-dye shirt, torn levi shorts, and to top it off, a protest sign with a peace sign.

  18. I was a spider at the age of about… 5? My mum stuffed black tights with newspaper and attached them to my black sweater with thread so that when I moved my arms, the spiders arms moved too. I looked awesome.

  19. when I was 5 years old, for some reason insisted my parents get me a costume to dress up as…. a bride. yeh. Why no-one tried to talk me out of that and into something more appropriate (like a princess or something) is a good question! On the bright side, I think i got the instinctual crazy strong urge to be a bride out of my system that day 😛

  20. Awww I can totally picture how this all went down!  Your poor Mom, trying her hardest.  Good for you for actually wearing it, even though it's not what you envisioned.  

  21. My best costume was 1985, I was 10 years old and worked on my Ghostbuster's costume with my brother for a month or so. We had similar colored overalls, hand made ghostbuster logo crests, hand made business cards with the logos, and even goggles similar to the ones they wore. Our proton packs used a backpack inside a box covered in tin foil with vacuum hoses connected.  We also made a trap with fishing line that we could pull to pop open the doors on top and it would turn on a battery powered light inside. I remember the costumes looking pretty good for what we had available.

    It rained on that Halloween, and we went out anyway but our tin foil covered cardboard proton packs weren't water proof and by the time we got half way through our route they started sagging and falling apart. I recently found one of the business cards we made so it was a coincidental reminder for your video now.

  22. hahaha, i love this story!  i was actually darth maul in the fourth grade.  walked in the halloween school parade, tripped, fell, my mask came off… kids pointed and laughed because it was revealed that darth maul was a GIRL!  but not because i tripped!  smh darth maul can be anybody he wants to be!

    maybe darth maul was me for halloween actually…

  23. muscle woman. basically little skinny me wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants stuffed with blown up balloons. i squeaked when i walked. 

  24. My favorite Halloween costume was three years ago where I went has Sally from the nightmare before Christmas. It was a store bought costume and the wig was absolutely dreadful so I bought some red hairspray. My friend and I tried to put it on before a Halloween party….. In my white bathroom. I didn't see the big deal until I got home and my mom and older brother were scrubbing the floor, walls, shower…. Basically everything because the red mist had gotten everywhere.

  25. Most of the years I went as a hobo. (Cheapest last minute costume EVER) but one year I wore one of my moms dresses she made when she was a girl in the 50's. We stuffed the top and I put makeup on – and went as Dolly Parton. That is the one I remember.

  26. I was the cop from reno 911 with the booty shorts and all …. My ass was slapped all day by a bunch of guys 😐

  27. Dude, this is so funny.  I'm sure we all have childhood stories when our best plans turned out to be less than stellar with humorous results.

  28. In second grade I dressed up in adorable dog costume and went out trick or treating chaperoned by my older brother and sister. I was a poor sport about acting cute for some neighbors because I really wanted the candy, so when the nice lady next door asked me to act in costume, I tamely stated, "Bark, bark."

    Best Halloween ever.

  29. Halloween was always awesome at my house. My mom was a seamstress so i had a litany of awesome costumes. I was a gypsy, queen Guinevere (with corset), a river goddess, and (one of the best) a early 1900's pioneer woman with a full hoop skirt made out of plastic tubing instead of metal. My mother was a genius. I'm so glad I inherited her creativity.     

  30. My greatest costume as a kid – no one saw. It had snowed early that year, so when we went out trick-or-treating I was wrapped up in big puffy snow gear with my costume underneath. I had to tell people that I was the little brother from A Christmas Story, or unzip everything and flash them. Since it was so cold out, I just went with the Christmas Story, and my actual, totally awesome costume went unseen.

  31. When I was 5-years-old I went to school as a butterfly on Halloween. There was a festive craft that day involving the creation of black spiders. The teacher looked at my very seriously and told me that spiders eat butterflies. Of course I already knew this, but her seriousness made me believe that the class was going to tie me up in a web that day.

  32. My favorite costume was the one I made this year, lol I wanted to one up with something unique, so I designed my own super hero bee costume. I also didn't have a lot of time to make it, and it turned into something that looked quite different lol

  33. I was supposed to be Sabrina the Teenage Witch one year, so my family bought me a girl sorceress costume to accomodate. At least it was clear that i had magic powers, xD

  34. Hey Matt. It's great to see you back! I really loved the Fuplers, that family cracked me up, and BATO is going great, looking forward the next episode.

  35. I recently had the privilege of meeting Peter Mayhew at a convention. I now proudly display his autograph on my wall! I mean it's freaking Chewbacca. Who wouldn't?

  36. I love your stories! Big fan, keep the vids comin!

     For Halloween as a kid n our house you were either a cat or a hunter…

  37. Hey Matt, glad you're making videos again. Anyway, my favorite costume I've ever had happened when I think I was 7 or 8 years old, and I loved spongebob, so I asked my mom to make me a spongebob costume. It turned out to be spongebob painted on an old stroller box with arm and head holes. I wore the box along with some brown shorts, long socks, and black tennis shoes. It was the best!!

  38. When I was six my mom decided to dress me up. All my friends were dressed as Pikachu and my teachers asked me what I was. I remember telling them all I knew was that I was some guy in a mask with a knife. About midway through my teens I realized my mother had dressed me as Jason and had never explained that to me.

  39. I was also a Boca on Halloween
    And I had supporters so I was 7feet. And I looked like the real thing.

  40. hmm half of these videos weren't in my sub box =( maybe put links to previous videos in the end ?  in case like this

  41. It was last Halloween and I asked my mom if she could do me a McDonald's fries costume and she did out of cardboard colored paper she even did the logo

  42. My school had a costume parade every year. When I asked my mom to make a goblin costume, we bought a cool mask, then she went to work. She got a grey sweat shirt and sweat pants and hot-glued short black pipe cleaners all over it to look like spikes. I was so embarrassed after putting the costume on at school (no gloves or special shoes), I refused to join the parade.

    I think I went trick or treating that night in my previous year's costume.

  43. Hi! Nice chanel! Today i saw the youtube academy video that you did and that bring me here. Nice to meet your work 🙂

  44. I'm so glad Chewbacca went to rehab to get off the huffing habit. Now Chris and Chewy are back together and life is back to "Normal."

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