Muslim Best Friends Style Each Other

– Tell the Paparazzi get the lens right – Dude, it’s this fur coat, man, it changes people. – I’m Zainab – And I”m Wajihah – I’m Sarah – I’m Lina and I’ll be styling her – For under $75 Don’t worry, I got you, you’ll look good. – I don’t trust you. – You’ll look the best you’ve ever looked. (laughing) – I’ve known Lena for about a year now. My fashion is like 90’s tomboy. Lazy, fashionista. I am inspired by like Zendaya (laughing) Zayn Malik I see pictures of them and I’m like, wow, I have a leather jacket but am I gonna do everything else with a leather jacket, no. – So your literally inspired
cause they both wear clothes and you wear clothes too. Sarah is like always in a jean jacket, which is cool, I’m like, okay, good. Like you’re in some sort
of like good direction. But then she’ll, like,
underneath it, have like a random t-shirt, not
even a graphic tee or like a band tee or a cool tee,
it’s literally those t-shirts you get from college for free. (energetic music) – We met when we were five,
I think, when I moved from Pakistan to the US. I would describe my style
as kind of accidentally business casual. Things you would wear to work but dressed down a little bit. Maybe like one-notch
above rolling out of bed and going to class in my pajamas. My style inspirations- obviously Rhianna. That’s like a no-brainer. I really like Yuna’s style. I think she was like
one of the first Muslim women that I saw, like
kind of sort of mainstream. – She has her, like, phases. But I think it’s mostly
like, Grandma Chic. Like the cool auntie or like your cool babysitter kind of vibe. I haven’t seen you in
anything too crazy where I’m like, don’t don’t, why
are you going outside in that. I’ve never seen that – I’m not that adventurous with my style. – That’s true. – Like, I have lane and
I like to stay in it. And I don’t, I seldom swerve out of it. – I just feel like, in
the fashion world, like growing up, there was no
Muslim woman out there really. That’s why I was so
influenced by the next closest thing to me, which were my brothers. – I think social media has
really changed the game. – Hijabis on Instagram, killin’ it. – Halima Aden recently got
signed to IMG Models and was on the cover of Vogue and,
you know, that’s a huge deal. I think there’s a lot of
young Muslim girls in this next generation that are
gonna see that and it’s gonna be really amazing and
groundbreaking for them. – Okay, well, I’m gonna
go so I can buy you a cute outfit. – Wish me luck. – Don’t (beep) up. – So I’m at the mall. I’m about to grab some stuff for Z – I’m currently on my way
to a few different shops to shop for Sarah. – I want her to wear something edgy. Something that she wouldn’t
normally think to wear. – My biggest challenge,
I guess, is gonna be the $75 dollar limit. It’s kind of tough to
put together an outfit within that budget. – So, yeah, let’s do this. (upbeat rock music) – Alright, team. I did it. It was really hard. Like as soon as I got in, it felt real. – It was actually a lot
harder than I thought it would be to put it together. – I would say that the hardest
part was not imposing my style and my fashion
onto what I was choosing, which I think I definitely did. – Hopefully it turns out well, we’ll see. – I actually don’t know
if she’s gonna like it, like at all. But I think she’s gonna rock it. – We’re gonna see how this turns out. If you like it or not. – I have no idea what to expect. – I don’t know. Let’s just get to it. – I’m actually excited
to see how Sarah looks. It might turn out pretty well after all. – I feel like I’m seeing my bride for the first time on our wedding day. Alright, Sarah, are you ready for us? – [Sarah] No. – Come on out! – Oh my god, you look so good! – I haven’t seen myself. – I do not know what I look like. – I’m telling you you look so good. – I did not even tie this hijab myself. – Oh my God you look so cute. – Okay… that’s a lot of glitter. Okay. – Oh my (laughing) Oh my God! – What’s this laughter (laughing)? – I feel like Selena. – Any day you feel like
Selena is a good day. So, the vinyl jacket’s
actually from my closet, along with the shoes that she’s wearing. They’re sparkly as well. And the outfit itself is
from Eden Sky on Melrose and I like that fact that it
was like two pieces and she can like mix and match these. When it’s like a nice, like, pop statement and together it is a look. – It pops alright. – When I first walked into
Forever 21, this romper caught my eye. I did want to see Z in
some kind like romper or overalls just because I
haven’t seen her in that. I did some shopping
around for the fur coats. There were like, quite a few options. This color, I thought,
matched really well. And I hadn’t seen her in it before. – If I was to see this outfit
like in a store or something I probably would like pick
out a similar type of romper. I’ve been looking for a
good romper for awhile. – Now it’s on me. There’s no going back. I’m excited to see what people think. – I think people will
probably, for the most part, be like really into it. It’s pretty stylish. – High five! – Yeah! – [Wahjihah] Representation
for me is more about that all happening and that not
being remarkable at all. Like I wanna see a day where
we can see like different types of people and it’s not like, oh did you see that one Muslim model, like what a big deal that it is. – [Zairab] You’re like
texting all your friends like did you see – [Wajihah] Yeah, it’s
like in the group chat. It’s everywhere on Twitter. It’s like I want to get to a point where that’s just the norm. – [Zainab] Yeah. – [Wajihah] And you know
I think that we are taking the steps to get there
and that is happening but you know I’m happy
that we are where we are. – [Zaibab] Yeah, I agree. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Muslim Best Friends Style Each Other

  1. Idk why people have to be labelled…yes they are muslim and whatever but they are best friends and this is a beauty type video so it could've just been "best friends style eachother" instead being put in a category

  2. Sorry but i am afraid to go to the comment section because i know there will be different forms of shaytans trying to make me feel bad about my religion.

  3. If it doesn't bother the beautiful women in the video why should it bother anyone else? They are the ones in the video and if the title offended you then you never should have clicked on it. That's was your choice so be quiet. All of you. I am not Muslim, however, when I have thoughts about religion, race or gender being represented in videos, on TV, movies, etc. I always tell myself that the person/people in the content wouldn't have mentioned those topics if they didn't think it was important to convey their point. Although, Muslim is obviously a religion, it is also a culture that they are proud to represent and I will gladly stand beside them as a Christian woman and support their decisions and religion. You did a wonder job ladies! Great video!!

  4. The outfits look great and the whole inspiring other muslim girls is very nice, but it pisses me off that they go to those big chains like forever 21. First of all they're expensive, and very likely made by people who are not being paid properly, if being paid at all, in subdeveloped countries; secondly you guys have good second hand clothing stores at us!!! Come on man! Goodwill and what not, takes a little more time to find good stuff but you would probably buy more clothes, for less money

  5. This video is accidentally educational. I could have sworn that all Muslim women are suuupppeeerrr modest. Mostly because all the Muslim women in my school are covered head to toe and usually wear shapeless skirts. But today I found out that they can wear tight clothing, they can have open toed shoes, they don't have to cover their arms, and they don't have to cover their hair.

  6. I thought I will see some cons comments here since they put spesific title there. And yeah there is.I just want to tell u something. Religion or belief might ban some matters, but it completely up to believers how they will take it. And dear, It does not represent the religion at all because religion is general issue thus you can't tell the religion is bad, too much, or whatever based on some people. Moreover, many things can affect somebody belief on religion. So just read the holy book if you want to know how this that religion is. And if somebody argues they put cons comments here because they care about muslim please don't do it here. It hurts since you don't know them. Do it nicely. Go be friend with them if you can. Talk to them. It is better than publicly "remind." Do you really believe they will read it?

  7. Why can't Muslim women who work in buzzfeed just be in a normal buzzfeed video and not just make a video specially for them, you know treat them like your usual buzzfeed workers not that they can't socialize with people who aren't muslims!

  8. I just noticed and it’s an observation. A lot of buzzfeed videos put people of the same races and ethnicities together in videos. Like this. It’s nothing wrong but I feel like buzzfeed like to separate people of different races and cultures. This is not a judgment just an observation. I am happy Buzzfeed clarified that this video is to bring awareness to the Muslim beauty community. It’s awesome but sometimes I wished they did mixture of cultures in these types of videos

  9. Sarah and I basically have the same style, I buy my t-shirts from the men's section and everything I wear is baggy and comfortable , I also own a leather and jean jacket. My family hates the way I dress because they wish I was more girly. Also my name is Zeinab so I have that in common with Zainab lol.

  10. THE TITLE is there because Muslim women have to dress modestly so its hard to find clothes and good styles. Not even about representation.

  11. I think the people in the comments don’t understand what a Muslim women is . You don’t have to wear a hijab to be a Muslim women .

  12. About the tittle
    Being a Muslim woman in the western world is a bit difficult in the field of fashion because there are some things we follow modesty wise which is hard to find in the west so this is a inspiration, something we can not only relate to but also get some help from
    So lol stop making such a big deal

  13. For any Muslims who are struggling trying to find something cute to wear, I highly recommend modansia. Modansia is a muslima online clothing store that has so many cute clothes that are Muslim friendly. Evertime I get something from there so many people complement on my outfit.

  14. Hi I'm Lina in this video, I just wanted to say it was disheartening to read all the negative comments about my "vampire" teeth. This is how my teeth grew in and unfortunately I've never been able to afford to get braces or invisilign to get them fixed. Both of which cost about $5000. I grew up lower middle class and have been living paycheck to paycheck in adulthood. I'd like for those of you who made a point to say something negative about my biggest insecurity to think twice about what they say before they say it. I've been told my whole life that I'd be prettier "if only I got my teeth fixed." I'm aware of what they look like, they are my teeth I brush them everyday so I should know. You don't have to be mean about it. And for those of you who said my teeth as really cool and loved them, thank you <3 reading those comments really made me feel better and more than made up for the shitty things people said. Goes to show there will always be people wanting to say something negative and hating instead of saying something positive and nice or even just not saying anything at all.

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