Mountain Hardwear Monkey Woman Grid II Jacket

I am wearing the ultra soft, very comfortable,
light weight, Mountain Hardwear Monkey Woman Grid II jacket. This is, as I said, a light
weight piece that has nice, high pile fleece that is going to keep you really warm. It
is going to trap in your heat. But the weight of this jacket is really low. So for light
weight backpacking, climbing, traveling, every day use, this is going to be an excellent
light weight piece that is going to keep you nice and toasty warm. The body fabric of this jacket is polar tech
high loft grid monkey fur, which is a long name that basically means there is a gridded
pattern to this fleece. So that is going to keep the weight down. The high loft monkey
fur material is just a high loft fleece. So each of these little fibers is going to trap
in a lot of heat, but it keeps the weight, again, it keeps the weight down for the jacket.
So this definitely feels really light weight on. It feels re-ally airy. I can feel it warming
my body, but it is not weighing me down. So as opposed to one of those, you know, thick
heavy fleece jackets that are super warm, but they are kind of heavy, this one is definitely
light weight. It is going to hold in your heat really well with that material. The features of this jacket are really simple.
There is a light weight, full length zipper. So easy on, easy off. You have got two hand
warmer pockets on either side and they are set up a little bit higher so you can still
access these pockets if you are wearing a climbing harness or if you are wearing a back
pack with a hip belt. Up here at the chest you have a really small
pocket and it is a hidden zipper. So you can’t see it when you are not using it. But definitely
good for storing small items in there. Down at the hem you have a stretchy draw cord,
just to one side. So you can really cinch down the bottom of this jacket to hold in
your heat. At the cuffs there are thumb holes. So this is a really nice feature. Got to love
the thumb holes. The jacket is long enough on the sleeves to accommodate for those … for
that extra little bit of space on your hands. So for chilly hands, really nice and comfortable,
but they also work well with gloves. So the thumb hole is big enough that you can wear
a pair of light weight gloves under there and not feel too bunchy. Up at the collar you have a really nice soft
collar. It feels really warm and really comfort-able around your neck. And there is a chin guard
behind the zipper. So if you have that zipped up, it is not going to irritate your chin. The fit of this jacket is definitely an athletic
fit. So right now I am actually wearing a me-dium. I normally wear smalls in most outer
wear pieces and with Mountain Hardwear in general with their active fit, a feel a little
bit more comfortable sizing up. This is definitely a stretchy jacket and it is meant to be worn
pretty tight to your body. So if you are wearing it as a warm base layer you can definitely,
you know, stay with the size you normally wear, but know that it is going to be pretty
tight fitting. If you are going to wearing it as an over layer, as a stand alone piece,
you may want to size up if you are try-ing to get layers underneath. Overall, this is such a versatile piece. It
is great for day to day, great for traveling, any outdoor activity. You are going to feel
nice and toasty warm. This is the Mountain Hard-wear Monkey Woman Grid II jacket.

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  1. Hello, does this fabric Polartec High Loft has any resistance to wind? What would be best for windy conditions, high loft or thermal pro? Thank you

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