20 thoughts on “Montbell Plasma 1000 Down Jacket Review | Ultralight Men’s Jacket For One Bag Travel & Packing Light

  1. Thanks for the review ! I didn't know that brand. The warm to weight ratio is super impressive. Can it be wash in a washing machine and do the feathers hold well?

  2. The utility lost by jettisoning the pockets doesn’t justify their exclusion. No handwarmer, and I gotta keep up w a lil sack? Nah

  3. Interesting jacket. I’m all for trade offs but leaving out pockets feels more like a decision based on marketing the “lightest puff jacket” available. The only caveat I’ll give to contradict this is if it’s explicitly sold as a mid layer. No weight savings is worth losing 2 pockets imo. Still another great review. Pros & Cons always give me what I need to help make a buy / no buy call. 🙂

    On this one – no buy!

  4. I'd also suggest the Montbell UL Thermawrap for a synthetic and ultralight jacket – it's very common among hikers. Definitely less warm (and less expensive!), but it might be all you need.

  5. Not having a pocket in which to compress it is actually a good thing imo. Every time you stuffed it in the pocket, you'd risk snagging the fabric in the zipper and losing down feathers. Using the bag avoids the problem, thus increasing durability.. however it'd be nice if the jacket had a pocket to keep it in when not in use =D

  6. Hey! I just saw your Aer Flight pack 2 vid. I was just wondering which one would you recommend: the aer flight pack 2 or the aer tech pack 2. Also on the vid you said that the Aer Flight pack 2 is 23 liters, but on the website it says it's 14 liters. If you're right, then do you possibly know how many liters the Aer tech pack is? Also what are the main differences between the Aer Tech pack and the Aer flight pack 2?

  7. Hey, could you put your measurements in metric as well? I feel like most of the world is left out of this when you only use imperial.

  8. A little off topic (well totally off topic for this video 😉 I’ve seen another bag that intrigues me.

    It’s the Civic Transit (40 Litre) from Evergoods. Even though it’s a pure travel backpack without the duffle capabilities I prefer its high in my potential bags to buy.

    Unlink most I was never a fan of their 25 litre EDC pack preferring the sleeker ArkType DashPack II (which now has a special edition version made of waxed canvas) but the way the Internals of the Transit function along with its semi-rigid structure and tons of organization space may be winning me over to a pure backpack solution. Though I find 40 litres a bit much preferring a 32 – 35 litre max size but supposedly it fits most airlines carry-on size rules.

    What I’m contemplating is using it as my travel bag but inside putting an ArkType for EDC. I know the ArkType is rather big to stuff in another pack but I think I could make it work and having it to use at my destination would definitely be my preference. The unique internal “fins” and compression straps might allow it if I also use it as a 15 litre packing cube whilst in the bigger bag.

    So long story short my vote for a bag to try would be the Evergoods 40 litre Transit backpack. 🙂

  9. The japanese version has hand pockets, and is the same weight.


  10. The Japanese version of the Plasma 1000 has pockets. I travel with the Japanese Plasma 1000 Vest. Be sure to size appropriately if you're going for the Japanese version.

  11. Please review the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Hooded Jacket.

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