MONSTER HUNTER Kirin Armor Tutorial: Jacket, Longarms, Leg guards [ENG SUB]

Hi everyone, it’s Narga here and this is the second part of Kirin armor costume tutorial In the first part I talked about how I made the wig and the waistband. Check if you haven’t seen it yet In this video I’m gonna show you how I made the rest parts of my costume: Sleeves, Leg guards, all leg and arm details, shoes, jacket, collar – everything Let wasting no more time and begin Let’s continue making my thunder unicorn costume! Sleeves, gaiters, loincloth and vest are made with crocodile patterned pleater. I’ve bought this pleater on AliExpress As usual we start with a pattern. I transfer the details on fabric and cut them Also I cut black stripes out of a different pleater, glue them with contact cement on the main fabric and stitch the edges When the base is done I can paint my pleather. I use black acrylic paint and a wet brush to stamp the paint on the fabric There are no direct instructions for this method, I am chaotically adding paint on the surface Later, half dry paint has to be removed from the fabric with a dry paper towel This way I remove the acrylic paint from the surface of my fabric but some of it stays in the crocodile pattern and makes the texture even more visible Later I add some white acrylic paint with a dry brush And after that I also airbrush some white color close to the areas where I was adding black paint before that I also work on some areas of the crocodile pattern with a thin brush to make the texture even more chaotic And in the end I add some white color to black stripes to make them look more organic for the design The texture on the fabric is done, and it is time to move on with sleeves and gaiters For the sleeves I cut extra detail out of a different fabric to make the lining After that I stitch the main side and the lining together on top and bottom with the machine Then I add some faux fur I always hand stitch it on the costume cause otherwise I would spend almost an entire day trying to get pieces of faux fur out of the machine stitch My faux fur is milky in color, same to the wig and belt weft color To make it even more similar to other parts of the costume, I add shadows on the fur using the same method as I used in Part 1 First, eyeshadows. Then airbrush Also, I airbrush the edges between pleather and faux fur to add more contrast. I need to add decorative stitching to the gaiter I make holes in the fabric and use furniture cord as lacing After that I stitch the main fabric with the lining, add faux fur and paint it The last but not least step would be to add a decorative piece made with thick cord (chair web) And that’s it, we have warm and pretty sleeves and gaiters done! Let’s move to the top of my costume To make the top part of the costume I create the pattern on white fabric The length of the details would be ½ of the chest measurement, and the height would be approximately 13 centimeters I stitch the sides of the top, bend and stitch the edges of it I use paper tape to mark the pattern I want to create on the fabric and protect other areas from any extra paint For the pattern I use acrylic paint for fabric After the paint dries completely, I remove the tape I finish creating the patterns on my top and also airbrush some shadows on top and bottom of it to make sure it doesn’t look too bright comparing to the rest of my costume I had to do the same with the most awkward part of my costume – white panties I draw some stripes on them with acrylic paint and airbrush the result Of course panties match my costume and have same color to the top, but look super dirty on their own I’ve never been doing anything like this for my cosplay before! The vest is made in a similar way to other pleater parts of the costume I transfer the patten on fabric, cut the details and stitch them Then I blend the edges of the fabric and stitch them to give this piece a nicer look I also glue and stitch black stripes on the vest Now we are creating texture again. You already know how to do that: use black acrylics with a wet brush first wipe the extra paint off add more paint with a dry brush to smoothen the color difference a bit Add black and white details where needed I pinch the holes on the side of the vest (similar to the holes on the gaiters) and add cord to imitate the lacing I use thinner fabric to make the lining and stitch it with the main fabric to give my vest a nicer look I hand stitch red cord to the armhole afterwards Last step was to add faux fur and paint it Moving to the collar. I make a pattern on the 5mm thick EVA foam and glue the collar details with contact glue My collar has two pieces: bigger detail lays on my shoulders and smaller goes on my neck I heat my details with a heat gun and blend them till the general shape is smooth I dremel seams and edges during all the process I use white pen to mark the patterns on the EVA surface use metal ruler (it’s important to use metal one) and soldering iron to create even stripes Be super careful here! I repeat the process with the smaller neck detail and glue two parts of the collar together After gluing the collar together I again heat shape it add the missing patterns dremel the seams and use acrylic glue to prime the seams Time to move to liquid rubber primer Black liquid rubber is not only my primer but a basic color for the collar as well. I add grey stripes with an airbrush Hand paint details with red acrylics and back to airbrush again. I add chair web (cord) to the collar with a hot glue The edges of this cord are falling apart so I fix them with contact cement After that I cover the whole collar with satin spray varnish I use hot glue to add faux fur on the collar and paint it using the same method. The collar is fixed to the vest with Velcro, I have two pieces of it on the sides and one on the back. I stitch the Velcro to the fabric and glue it to the eva foam with contact cement. I only had to glue a blue crystal to the collar My husband Aoki helps me to make it. He uses transparent resin and a drop of blue pigment While the resin is not completely dry, you can cut the edges and dremel the gem of it a bit to improve the shape To make our gem more bright and reflective we glue aluminum foil to the back of them with cyanoacrylate glue After the crystal is done we cover it wirh glossy varnish. Finally, I glue the gem to my collar using hot glue I iron glued interfacing to the white fabric, then glue red pleather details on it. I cut the extra fabric off and stitch the ornaments on the sewing machine airbrush the ornaments a bit The ready decorative piece is glued to collar edges and the same elements were stitched to the stockings Some information about the stockings, by the way They have the similar texture to the sleeves I create 5cm widht zigzag pattern like this Cut 7 pieces out of black stretch pleather and sew them together Sadly, I don’t have footage of the sewing process here I airbrush some grey paint on the middle of my zigzag patterns to exaggerate the seams To make sure everything looks smooth and nice I have to airbrush my stockings while wearing them To secure stockings on my legs I stitched them to thin transparent pantyhose This helps to make my legs look smooth and even, but also looks natural and pretty much invisible The most inportant – stokings stays on the place! I wanted to make second pair of sleeves using the same method but they are pretty much invisible underneath bracers and a red bracelet, so I use an easier method here I cut two pieces of fabric as for a regular sleeve, stitch them together After that I bend the details in the middle and stiched them again And repeat the process again, and once again for every segment This way I have 8 stitches instead of just 2 now What is left? I was making decorative pieces for legs and arms at the same time using the same technique so I can’t separate the making process here into two stories. Let me show everything together then I make two bracelets for my arms using 3mm EVA foam and used the same foam for the leg stripes I prime them with liquid rubber spray Parts are painted with acrylics, parts are airbrushed. Just like the rest parts of my costume I glue some buckles to imitate the belts on my bracelets All details are fixed with velcro which I glue with contact cement Red details on my stockings are fixed with velcro as well For the shoes I create a pattern too I cover my pair of shoes with aluminum foil, cover it with paper tape and use marker to add the future seam lines I transfer the pattern to the 5mm Eva foam cut and glue them together, then heat and shape them dremel the seams a little bit add ornaments with soldering iron prime, paint, cover with varnish I also make fabric covers for my shoes and glue the Eva foam details on them These covers can be take off the shoes and the same pair can be used for another costume For example, I used this pair of shoes both for Kirin and Whitemane cosplay. I take a standard glove pattern which I use for every costume It’s pretty easy to follow it. You need to cut the details and connect the seams in accordance with the color as it shown on the pattern The only thing to add would be the white stripes on the palm and fingers Also I add some white stripes to the side seams of the gloves and this is how my gloves turned out. I believe this is it, and I showed you the whole making process. Take a look at the finished costume! And that’s it for now. I hope this video was interesing for you Ask me questions in the comments if you have them And support me with like, share and subsribe if you want to see more tutorials See you next time. Bye! All patterns I used for Kirin costume are availible in my store, link in description

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  1. Очень увлекательно смотреть! Крайне приятная подача и подробно заснято, за что отдельное спасибо)

  2. Ох, как всегда, очень качественно и интересно снято! Я в восторге от проделанной над костюмом работой. В ролике, кажется, что всё очень быстро и всё получается 🙂 🙂 Не представляю, сколько на это всё ушло времени. Смотреть интересно не как гайд, а просто, как "как оно сделано"! Ну и порадовали чистый грязные трусы 🙂
    Спасибо за отличный ролик!

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