Miss Universe 2019 Evening Gown Competition Reaction

Hello Everybody and welcome back to my channel and
we already experienced the Miss Universe fever and it’s over and we already had
the Queen and it is all about Miss South Africa who want Miss Universe 2019 but
on this video we’re going to talk and give reaction about their stunning and
gorgeous evening gown competition the Miss Universe top 10 on their evening
gown move your things stand out and let’s see on how they perform well and
look at this video the first one on the list is Miss United States of America
her gown is gold with a design I kind of like a little bit of design and like the
dimension of the gown with like I don’t know if that is some mirror design but
it’s not one of my favorite gown but if she looks stunning on that count
so I probably is okay the second is Miss Colombia that’s the same girl she used
on hurling their competition and I really liked that too it’s full details
like a simple silver shining gown is really mesmerizing and she’s always
running and I really like her because she’s on my top list all the time and
she made it on the top five because of that beautiful gown and the next one is
nice from her carico Huerta Rico uses the same gown
on the competition or the preliminary competition as well and she is always
gorgeous on the gold pattern gown and she is look really creamy on the evening
gown the gold counter to use the RF protection is so profound that it could
easily distinct the way she is and the fourth finalist is Miss South Africa oh
by the way I’m South Africa is one of my favorite on the evening gown she’s when
the moment she show is so gorgeous with the pattern of different colors of
and like I know it’s like old bronze mixed color and he is really stunning and then I knew it that she will made it
to the top by because of that evening gown and then also we have a Miss Peru
is Peru is almost the same gown on which Miss Colombia his Peru is also beautiful
on the dress and on that evening god I mean and she’s look so stunning she’s beautiful on the face but an
evening gown she would carry well and but unfortunately negative down to five
and then also had Iceland Iceland she used the same evening gown at the
preliminary competition I mean it does it’s okay for me it’s not that stunning
to see as compared with the previous candidates or contestant with the
evening like – I like South Africa she’s more youthful on that evening gown so
that’s why she made it to the top and but you know make it to the top five and
next would be France France uses the same gown as in a preliminary
competition and I really like it it’s like a silver white metallic gown
there’s also one of my favorite but unfortunately she did not make it to the
top of five I thought she will make it but Oh top five are very gorgeous and
really stunning gorgeous girl so this is a really a tough decision for the judges
who will make it to the top five but they choose two candidates
and also we have Indonesia Indonesian with evening gown is also stunning and
gorgeous with the called details I thought he will make it to the
top five days on the evening gown but she had a mate she had made a good fight
for the evening gown she carried well and she’s gliding and very sophisticated
when she walked with that evening gown competition I also like Thailand’s
evening gown because of the combination of the red color and she looks stunning
on that dress with the wavy and flowy bottom and it’s really stunning that is
so like attractive so that’s why he made it
to the top five because of the evening gown that you wear during the evening
gown competition the last one is Mexico the moment that Mexico entered into the
evening gown competition and we move the one part of the dress is really
excellent and so wonderful and beautiful no wonder why she made it to the top
five because of that in which is really mesmerizing is sophisticated the way to
carry yourself in July well that’s all my reaction and thank
you and have a wonderful night

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