Minnie Mouse Magnetic Wooden Doll Set Plays Dress-Up Kids Toys

Hello this is Sandra here with the DisneyCarToys
channel and I am very excited today to show you this super cute Minnie Mouse
Dress Up Set. This set comes with 35 different magnetic pieces for Minnie’s
clothing and accessories, which you can mix and match. Here is the Minnie Mouse wooden
figure that comes with the set, she is the one we are going to dress up, already
she looks pretty cute though. In her glittery pj’s and pink shimmery shoes. Minnie
is basically a wooden doll, and she slides right in this space, which is really
handy because that way she doesn’t fall over when you are dressing her. And now let
me show you all 25 magnetic pieces that come with the set, including these three
pairs of sunglasses. And since Minnie has her own boutique of course she has three
bows and a hat. She can doll up her outfits with these glittery shoes, or the
gloves with jewelry. And Minnie has a couple more accessories to choose from including
three different purses a shopping bad and a tennis racket. Now lets take a look
at the clothes, she has five different skirts to choose from and five different shirts.
Alright it is finally time to dress up Minnie Mouse and I want you guys to vote in the comments
which outfits is your favorite, so this is outfit number one. I am going to give
her a totally new bow and new shoes. Do you see the purple theme here, this cute
little top, I love the sleeves here. And this ruffle skirt, and look it has some jewels
on it, she looks so good. Oh wait I have to accessorize though, can’t forget the
purse. So here is outfit number one for Minnie Mouse, I want you guys to vote in the
comments which outfit you like the most. So if this is your favorite one put
one the comments. Now I am going to take off all these purple pieces, we’ll move
on to outfit number two. And for this outfit I am going to make it a summery outfit, also
more of a shopping outfit. So something Minnie might wear to the mall. This cute little
yellow skirt and the yellow flower shirt with the pink background. And of course
a yellow bow, I love yellow so this is really exciting. We will keep her shoes pink
because it matches her shirt, I going to give her some jewelry. And since she is going
shopping of course she is going to need a shopping bag. I don’t think it works
with her gloves though I will just have to put it, where should I put it, she needs it.
I will just put it at her feet, yup that works. So if this is your favorite outfit put number
two the comments and like two if you are commenting. These magnet dolls are so
much fun because it is so easy to take off each magnet and dress Minnie up again. Way
easier then putting on Barbie clothes I can tell you that. So lets put on a different
outfit, I am going to give Minnie her traditional Minnie Mouse dress with pink polka
dots. I’ll give her a nice glam ring, I wonder if the ring is from Mickey Mouse, probably.
And her bow can stay the same, I will give Minnie some sunglasses though, these
are cute, now she looks like a movie star. This is outfit number three, so if this
is your favorite one then put number three in the comments. Well goodbye outfit number
three. That was fun but we have to move on to outfit number four. For outfit
number four I will give Minnie a cute blue outfit. This is kind of similar to her pink
traditional outfit because its got polka dots and its glittery, I am going to switch it
up a little bit, here is a blue bow and she needs a blue purse to go with it. She doesn’t
have any blue shoes though. So if blue is your favorite write four in the comments.
Well let’s ditch this blue outfit and I will make my last outfit, oh sad. This is outfit
number five, and it’s really cute, it got light heart theme. With a light dress with tiny
pink little hearts. I’ll give Minnie a hat and a tennis racket and that should do it. So if
this outfit is your favorite put number five in the comments. Its been super fun playing
with this Minnie dress up doll today, make sure to vote in the comments which outfit
was your favorite. I think my favorite one was outfit number three. And
also don’t forget to like too. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video, and
if you click on the question mark it take you to a completely surprise video, yay I
wonder what it is! Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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