Men’s North Face Apex Bionic Soft Shell Jacket – Great robust soft shell from The North Face.

Hi there and welcome to Webtogs. Today we
taking a look at the Apex Bionic Jacket and the Apex Bionic Vest from The North Face.
Now these are soft shell garments, and they sit in between a fleece and a waterproof jacket. With a fleece you’ve got something that will
keep you warm but won’t keep the wind and rain from your back. And with a waterproof
jacket, you’ve got something that’s excellent at keeping wind and rain away, but offers
you no insulation. And that’s where the soft shell comes in, it’s a half way house between
the two. What I love about soft shells, is the fact
that they are more breathable than a waterproof jacket, so great for high aerobic activities
like cycling or running, and they’re also a lot more comfortable to wear as well. If you’ve ever had a waterproof jacket, you’ll
know crinkly and rusty it can be against the skin, this is beautiful to the touch, and
I’m just wearing this with just a shirt underneath it. With the North Face Apex Bionic items,
what they’ve done is they’ve used their Apex Climate Block fabric. It’s the most solid
of all the fabrics that they offer. So, it’s completely windproof and virtually
waterproof. It will shed water in all but very worst of storms. What I also like about
it as well, is you’ve got a fleece backing on the inside here. So it’s great for early
spring, late Autumn, and winter usage, I would say. The fabric itself also has a certain amount
of stretch too, so perfect for activities like climbing and bouldering, anything where
you’ve got a lot of movement. Okay, enough about the fabric and enough about
soft shells. Let’s actually talk little bit about the jacket, and it’s quite a simple,
straightforward one. We’ve got a fleece-lined collar at the top
here, to keep things nice and comfortable. Pocketwise, we’ve got a Napoleon pocket at
the top here and two hand or more pockets on each side. If you actually look at the
cut of the jacket,you see it’s quite a nice a short cut, sogreat for you climbers who
want to get a harness underneath, and you’ve also got a hem cinch cord to put it in snug
to your body. Now, the item I’m wearing here is a medium
which is a size 41″ chest,and we’ve got various colors. For the jacket,we’ve got the black,
and the asphalt gray that we can see here, and for the vest we’ve got the black that
you can see here. Average weight of this particular item is
just 837 grams and for me, I really like this as a flexible about town and on the hill jacket
when it comes through to autumn. Don’t just take my word for it though. We’ve
got 22 customer reviews all giving it an average of five stars right now as well. All these
items available to buy here and now at

18 thoughts on “Men’s North Face Apex Bionic Soft Shell Jacket – Great robust soft shell from The North Face.

  1. @61385 Thanks for your comment. Not sure I agree with longer jackets being appropriate with a climbing harness. Having spare material that can come loose and entangle in a harness is not a great combination! As for the material, North Face offer three levels of breathability with their soft shells, Apex Bionic, Apex Universal & Apex Aerobic, so you can choose a jacket that is suitable to your activity and temperature range.

  2. What size jacket should I get? I'm 5 foot 9 with an average build, should I get a small or medium? I dont have any north face jackets and I am buying online

  3. @Consistently Best bet is to measure your chest size and look at the size chart we have on the product page on our site. Link to that is at the top of the description above. Generally a medium suits best for size 39 inches and above, a small will be good for 28 inches and below.

  4. Got one for christmas, thought it would be nice to go to a bar last night, I hang mine on a chair when i return it vanished lol… it was like magic hehe,,,
    Someone stole it 🙁

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