Men’s Lightweight Down Jacket – Classic Wardrobe Piece? – Light Weight Feather Jackets Coats

Men’s Lightweight Down Jacket – Classic Wardrobe
Piece – Light Weight Feather Jackets Coats Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
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you. You can get that by just clicking on the link right below this video Let’s go ahead and dive into it, the lightweight
down jacket. As you can see, I have one on. I don’t know if it exactly matches the cardigan
and tie and white dress shirt that I have on underneath, but it is something that is
very functional, a very useful piece in a man’s wardrobe especially if you like to layer
and if you’re going to be in areas where it is cold and you value really the strengths
that this piece of clothing brings to the table. Let me go ahead and lay out the strengths.
By the way, fashion and style is not one of these. It used to be probably back in the
’70s, but since I would say ’90s, this look has really been overplayed in cities, but
let me go ahead and talk about the strengths. The strengths are it is warm. This does a
great job. Down is an excellent insulator and how it does that is actually with these
pockets right here. These has a number of pockets and these pockets, they suck in air
and they use down, which is if you’re not familiar, you feathers and then right below
the feather are down. I’m not an ornithologist here, but I do understand
I think the basics of it, and my understanding is they’re not true feathers, but they are
very feather-like, much smaller, and they put them in here. What this does, they create
space and the air comes in, the air is trapped, and air is an excellent insulator. Air is an excellent insulator because it doesn’t
allow heat to transfer very easily. So in the same way that your cooler does a good
job of keeping things cold or keeping things hot like a thermos, this does the same for
you. It keeps in your body heat and it prevents the cold from going in and affecting your
core. So down, really hard to beat when it comes to insulation. There are a few things
that can do it, but really for the cost, this is excellent. Now let’s talk about another thing that’s
really nice, lightweight. So this jacket, I can tell you, is incredibly light. It’s
a bit loud, so if you’re kind of a high-speed, low drag military guy or you’re a Force Recon,
Navy Seal, Delta Force, you probably don’t want to be using this because it gives off
a lot of sound. You can probably hear that in the video, but it is incredibly lightweight. So if you are going hiking, this could be
an option assuming that you’re going hiking in a dry area, and I’ll talk about why, but
if you’re going to be hiking and there is going to be no rain for the foreseeable future,
great piece of gear, incredibly light. It will keep you warm. Let’s say you’re out in Arizona. You’re hiking
through the Grand Canyon at night in the winter. This is a great piece of gear to take with
you also because it can be compressed down. So during the day, it may be pretty warm and
at night, you can pull this out because it sucks in the air and it forms those pockets.
In a sense, air is all over us, all around us. So again, you can compress this very small. Now, the containers that a lot of these are
in, and in this one in particular, you can see this one actually is water-resistant.
I’m not sure if it’s fully waterproof, but I know it’s water-resistant. So another thing
about these jackets, they usually use a lot of synthetic material on the outside, so pretty
good at water just rolling off. The other thing is you’re going to see these
are usually made in bright colors. Of course, there are parkas and other things that use
down and they use more drab colors, but a lot of the garments in this area, you’re going
to see maybe with very bright colors. This is good for safety reasons. So you’re
out hiking and you get lost, all of a sudden, you’re a lot easier to spot from an airplane,
or if you’re out walking on a trail and it’s hunting season — I would advice just not
going out into the woods during hunting season especially here in Wisconsin — but a bright
color like this is going to separate you from the animals. We’ve talked about compressible. We’ve talked
about basically warm. Now, let’s talk about the negative things. The first thing, and
I alluded to this, if you get down wet, it loses its insulating properties and it takes
a long time to dry out, so down is not a good thing even if it’s water-resistant. If you
fall into a lake or you fall into a river or you get drenched on, you could end up with
a jacket that’s very heavy and is not insulating at all, so that is a negative aspect. Another one, and I touched this at the beginning,
these have been overplayed since the ’90s. And what you’ve seen, it used to be that if
you’re wearing something like this, you are actually going outdoors. You are maybe from
the Seattle area. You are from Colorado. Now, you see them all over. It means that you can
walk through any of the major cities and instead of men wearing stylish gears, most guys look
like they’re basically packed to go climb Mount Everest or Mount McKinley or something. And bright colors, they are not stylish. It’s
just a bit too much screamy. Also with the down — let me put my arms up here — it really
does not flatter the figure, so even if you’ve got a pretty good size chest, you exercise,
your waist, you’ve got the six packs, no one’s going to see it. I mean, you might as well
have a keg underneath this jacket because you basically look like a marshmallow. Another thing, it’s hard to adjust. A lot
of other pieces of men’s wear you can adjust. This one is a bit harder even for a seamstress
or tailor to bring in, so if it doesn’t fit properly, it’s going to be hard to adjust
that, and even on the sleeves simply because they use a lot of — right here on these sleeves,
they’ve got an elastic around the wrist, which is supposed to help keep in heat, but it’s
going to be hard for a seamstress to shorten or lengthen. In fact, she can’t even lengthen
these sleeves. So no shape to the body, if they get wet,
it loses insulation, so those are the negatives, but you saw there are a lot of positives.
For the right man, this could be an essential wardrobe piece, but for some of you, there’s
really no room for this. I like to keep something like this tight, wrapped up inside my truck
for an emergency jacket to be able to pull out, but that’s probably about it for my use. Okay guys, this is the lightweight down jacket.
Let me know what you think down on the comments below and I will see you in the next video.

32 thoughts on “Men’s Lightweight Down Jacket – Classic Wardrobe Piece? – Light Weight Feather Jackets Coats

  1. Jacket is cool,it does the job pretty good,water and sound is it's only weakness,that's why I prefer M65 Vietnam/Vintage jacket. It's waterproof,not too loud,a little heavy,but not too much.. I think you could do a video about that jacket.Nice videos,by the way.

    Greetings from Serbia!

  2. the woolrich parkas are better looking. Another option could be wearing a quilted vest over a jacket and over that an overcoat.

  3. Their's a lot of animal cruelty that you are supporting when purchasing down products. Please make a conscious choice by purchasing an alternatives to down such as PrimaLoft® and Thinsulate™ type fillers instead of down they are thermal and very warm.

  4. I'm not a fan of the puffy jackets, but to each his own! My upper-body freezing-your-but-off-cold-weather gear is generally: "tech" base layer (e.g. under armour cold-gear), thermal henley, zip sweater, leather jacket. Then again, freezing point is about the lowest temp we ever get where I live during the winter, but that setup will keep me rather toasty in such weather.
    My lower body is more annoying to keep warm, as I find long thermal underwear to be rather uncomfortable.

  5. Hey Antonio, is there a rule for his and hers both wearing a jacket/blazer together? My wife and I both enjoy wearing them, we just don't together. Thanks

  6. Don't use down. There are many other alternatives. You are supporting an awful industry. Shame on you for talking about it in a good way.

  7. Beware of "down" products. These products contain feathers that have been plucked from birds while they're still alive. They are held down and the feathers are literally ripped out of their skin. The birds are left bleeding with their skin torn apart. The process is repeated every 6 weeks.

  8. I really hate this kind of jacket … It looks really bad! No matter in what occasion I am only going to layer a trench coat or long coat over my other layers of clothing… Please give me some other option that's more fashionable while travelling like what should you bring with you. I don't want to look like a tourism while I am travelling … For example how do I go to a bar with this thing on? It makes you look dumb.

  9. Antonio awesome video but I was wondering if you can review the famous M65 Jacket I find it very stylish with a military background like many garmets out there, what do you think?

  10. It looks like you're in the matrix lol. Important information >> if you're storing Down don't leave it compressed (like in your truck) as it will shorted the lifespan of the Down, it won't perform so well.

    Go for Down that's been treated with a hydrophobic chemical. Like DownTek or something.

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  12. Can lightweight down coats be part of a stylish man’s wardrobe? Comment below!

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