Men’s Fashion Tips: How To Wear a Suit | Neiman Marcus

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’ve never understood why guys would
be intimidated by wearing a suit. The top and bottom match. It’s basically pajamas. I am going to show you
four ways to wear a suit, and one way never to wear a suit. Are you ready? So the easiest way to wear a suit is the
classic way– shirt, tie, perfect pair of shoes. The guy who walks in the room,
who looks like you want to look in a suit, his trick is he tailors it. He nips in the waist. He has the pants taken in. He has the sleeves shortened. That’s why his suit fits perfectly,
and that’s how yours can, too. So why are you not winning errands? Use your suit jacket with a
hoodie, a pair of casual trousers. The barista is going to buy you a
cup of coffee, you look so good. So the architect way to wear
a suit is with a polo shirt and a perfect pair of loafers. It works for a creative office. It works for casual Friday. And it works for a date after work. Just make sure your collar
stays inside your jacket. When you travel, you may not
want to pack your jacket. A casual printed shirt,
perfect under your suit jacket. But remember, never leave it untucked. Wear it with white
jeans and cool sneakers. Be the smartest-looking
guy on the plane. We’ll all want to sit next to you. So why aren’t you wearing your suit? Tailor it. Tuck in your shirt, and take it apart. Nice suit. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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