Men Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week

– Would you prefer to be a
potato sack or a pharaoh? – I feel that my chest
is a little bit bigger than I would like it to be. It definitely influences the
kind of shirts I pick out. The shirt I’m wearing now is fit in a way that you can’t really see
an outline of my chest and that’s the most important thing to me. – It’s not that I’m necessarily
afraid of crop tops. I love crop tops. As I got older I kind of
stopped working out as much and kind of got a little bit of a stomach. – It’s natural for some
guys to have chests that are a little bit larger. – I have this term that I would always explain to my friends. I’m straight-skinny. I’m gay-fat. There’s not really a space for guys who are kind of
maybe just in between. – My goal for this week is to be a little bit more
comfortable in my own skin. – I’m expecting by the end of this to be completely 100%
confident in my body. (laughs) Oh, god. – This is the most
bearing, the most shortest. I want you to do it first so that we rip you out of
your comfort zone immediately. – Okay. – This is the front. – That’s the front. – So, if you’re insecure, we will all see. – This does not look like
it’s from like this decade or the last one or the one before that. – Wow, that is a lot of stomach. – This is not a shirt. – I don’t think I’d like this
after a big Italian meal. – This is just very shiny. – Is this how Gaga feels? Let’s go show people my stomach. What do you guys thing of my crop top? – I’m headed to a wig and hat party. So, I felt like this was the best time to dive in heard-first. I’m going to drink until
I forget what I’m wearing. So, I had a couple comments on my outfit. One friend said that they actually really liked
the see-through tank top. And the other friend said that I looked like a Pokémon trainer. I’m taking both of those as compliments. – I’m a little hung over from last night. Even though, it was a
pretty queer-friendly club, I felt a little more
self-conscious than I usually did. As cheesy as it sounds, it doesn’t really matter
what you’re wearing. It’s more of how you present yourself. My confidence was the determining factor of the attention I was getting. And so I think going
forward into this week, I’m gonna hold on to that. I don’t think anything in my
life has prepared me for this. Tommy Pickles here we come. – Today I am a pharaoh. The past two wearing clothes that very much showed what it is that I usually normally like to mask. I feel good. – Seattle. Venice Beach. I mean, why am I even wearing a shirt? Alright, so I’m about to go into my first public place in this outfit. I think this is probably
going to be the biggest test of my confidence. Here we go! Got my stuff from the store and, I don’t know. I didn’t really feel like
anyone was looking me weird. Honestly, they were
probably just more confused with the nature of this outfit. (hums Funeral March by Chopin) – It’s day five and I’m
wearing the uncle shirt, which is made of silk,
a material I never wear. – What in God’s name? – I’m feeling okay about
it other than the fact that I look way to festive
to be going to Target. After wearing that see-through
tank, I feel just fine. – Alright, so we just saw a play. Say hello, Mia. – Hello. – I’m not gonna lie. I had my sweater on the entire time. – I’m wearing the dad
polo and the Dave jacket. The more I wear these
clothes, the more I realize that I pay a lot more
attention to these things than anyone else does. – I don’t know how people wear half of a shirt on the regular. That’s crazy. You ladies … – But for fashion we do it. – Women make sacrifices. – I am ready for this challenge to be over and for me to get back to
wearing my own clothes. After this week’s challenge, I definitely feel less insecure about my chest and my body in general. – I think that I feel a lot more confident in my body after this week. – To anyone else struggling
with body insecurity, I think it’s just important to remember that it’s really something that a lot of people struggle with. I think it’s empowering to know
that you’re not in it alone. – People are more focused on themselves than they are on what is on your body. And people who are focused on your body, fuck ’em. Fuck ’em.

100 thoughts on “Men Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week

  1. i'm really curious, and actually i really would like to watch a video of womens or mens trying princess ball Gown for a day. and talking about the experience.

  2. "The other friend said I looked like a Pokémon trainer… in taking both as compliments" I died three times over

  3. Gay men and boys struggle as much as women with their bodies .. oh and by the way the guy with crop top is so hot 😭🔥

  4. "One friend said they really liked it one said I looked like a Pokémon trainer in taking both of those as compliments"

  5. this is very GAY in a non offensive way but this amplifies the word GAY but I'm not trying to be homophobic at all but that word comes out when I'm watching this vid

  6. This is why bears exist, to fight these oppressive insecurities in gay men. Gay fat? Give me a break. That's homonormative narrative at it's best to claim there's only one valid kind of gay male. Check yourself buzzfeed

  7. Lovely crop tops and see through shirts! Never dared to wear them.
    BUT. Only two volunteers?! And no leggings, no skirts, no really short pants! A shame!

  8. i don't know if this would make me more comfortable with my self. i am very modest and i don't like cloths that are form fitting or that reveal chest skin or stomach skin. (not beacause I'm fat) I'm actually very thin and i feel like people will stare at me and think that I'm starving myself when i really just have a high metabolism. i also don't like the shirts that cut low. i don't by myself expensive bras so i would never want to show off a basic bra or people will think I'm cheep and that somehow makes me less of a women? being a women and spending more money on your interests than your underwear shouldn't make people value you femininity less. i don't like shirts that are see though whatsoever, because i also just don't want to show cleavage. i don't think i need to show off my body to get the guy i want or to feel beautiful. why do i need to dress uncomfortably just so someone else will fall in love with me? when i look for a partner obviously i see their looks place value on that(10%) but i put more value in their personality and respect they have for me and what I'm not comfortable with. theres nothing wrong with looking pretty and dressing up even if its a little uncomfortable if it makes you feel beautiful, but i don't think that you should spend all you time and the majority of your money on clothes you really don't want to wear like ever, (unless you have to, job requirement) and jewlry you don't like because someone else says you should or to impress someone. i care more about someone's manners and personality than i care about what cloths they are wearing. hold yourself proud girls and boys if you want to change yourself do it for you and no one else. (sorry for the rant) the video was more about accepting your body more and being less self-conscious about it, which i think is good. but there are many ridiculous things fashion calls for that make you feel belittled or demeaned and if so, SCREW FASION, YOU ARE NEVER LESS OF A PERSON BECAUSE OF WHAT CLOTHS YOU WEAR. or at the very least you shouldn't be seen as less of a person because of that.

  9. i'm going to be honest – that guy who was self conscious about his chest; his clothes just gave me k pop vibes and i absolutely loved it

  10. Like idgaf if men wear croptops but what was that fugly thing on that one guy‘s head? A wig?? What are you doing with your life

  11. is incredibly negative as in 208 (2017 in the case of video) there are still these stereotypes about Italians, my God, that shirt is horrible, and this is saying an Italian girl

  12. "The other friend said I look like a pokemon trainer. I'm taking both of those as compliments" brushes hair idk why I laughed so hard

  13. crop tops looks stupid no matter who wears it, same thing with these shoulderless shirts. I'll never understand fashion …

  14. Yaaas I want crop tops for guys (straight guys too) to come back into fashion they are RAD. Also the mesh top looked awesome I dont even really see his insecurities as badly as he does

  15. I love it when guys wear crop tops. The guy in this video has a nice belly and a sexy navel. I used to have my ex-boyfriend wear crop tops even in public, and he was fine with it. I wear them all the time, and only because I love to show my navel. Check out my navel in my videos on my channel.

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