100 thoughts on “Melania’s Trump Jacket: Hidden Message Or Fashion Misstep? | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Melania is a vile, gold digging, grifter. She should go back under her rock and take all of the tDumps with her. ( Except Barron. He needs parenting by NON grifter parents)


  3. I’m sorry but I wanted to like her. Whatever the reason it is behind her jacket, she’s the First Lady and being respectful, classy and compassionate should always be her priority. Going there as the First Lady, one should never wear anything with writings especially something like!!! I’m sorry but, Melania we do care!!!

  4. I don’t think it’s all that hidden a message! It’s scrawled all over her back for God’s sake!

  5. As an immigrant I can tell you only severe isolation or purposeful cultivation can explain such difficulty with the English language. Melania appearance is and always has been her livelihood.
    The jacket is on purpose, more it clarifies there's no daylight between her hubby & herself

  6. Great journalism cnn ! Freedom of press! " I really dont care, do you ? " I guess she s not that smart to intend it, but still seems to be true she dont really care . It is normal Slovenia born model dont care about the kids separated in the detention center. Personally, I dont quite care cause it is tactical , and inhumane measurement to put more barriers and blockade for the increasing ,uncontrollable number of illegal people to cross over into USA. It is trump regime. It is supposed to be abnormal , and imhumane ,and unamerican

  7. What's odd is that before she disappeared on Mothers Day for 25 days for a so called routine operation, she wouldn't let him even touch her hand on TV. Now she's a willing pawn for the administration ? The greatest weapon of the 21st century. Russia's sublimnal technology, billions of eyeballs starring at screens and the ability tap into ones subconscious. I always assumed Puttin was this awful dictator but with the hackng of the DNC, brainwashing unsuspecting republicans with his embedded subllimnal content on Facebook to assure Trump would get elected, all he was trying to do was to help the U.S. be great again. I was so stupid !

  8. I don't understand how these folks can still pretend that she's any better than the horrible man she married. She used to be more subtle. That ended with this jacket. She resented having to leave her comfy life to fake concern about brown kids.

  9. Melania is an awesome woman. I am proud to have her as our First Lady. She brings true meaning to her title. As for her jacket, I love it and I am going to try and find one for myself!

  10. This is very much the way you would end a Harley Quinn comic book in which the Joker gets the last laugh and shows the power he has over her.

  11. Fox news went on a three week rant when Obama wore a tan suit. And this tasteless woman wears this rag of a jacket and where is the outrage from the right?

  12. What if Melania Trump wore the jacket according to/using the principle of negation of the negation!? Denial of denial is an affirmative statement… So, she DO care; we could all see that she visit them!

  13. it's Coatgate. Starring Melania Trump and the fashion police. Oh, and the grammar police said the title should read "Melania Trump's Jacket: not Melania's Trump Jacket:' another awesome hard hitting news story guys

  14. I think she is sending her husband a message the way he gets it, watching the news he will see she doesnt care , do you? Speaking to trump.

  15. Hey FLOTUS, we get that you don't care about something or whatever, but can you do something about you p.o.s. husband?
    Like, just let him blow off some steam in Vegas or something, so he can ease up on the bullying little childrens.

  16. Did you all care the last 8 years Obama murder thousands of children from Libya and Syria, for no reason, all lies, did you really care. Did you care all those years Bush killed children in Afghanistan and Iraq, before that, for no reason, all lies, did you really care. Do you care as Israel murders Palestinians children daily while they steal their land, for no reason, all lies, do you really care? Please spare me your faux outrage, you all have dead children's blood on your hands, all of you and you don't care.

  17. Hey that's what it do I'm not surprised black folks getting shot they don't care they kneel they don't care you know people need to stop caring United States during the Mexico you'll see it's already halfway there

  18. You 'ol, washed up, uneducated, plagiarising, former-nude, lesbian model, non-English speaking, Russian Prostitute.

  19. Who knows with this messed up family… just a thought, that message was to Trump. She is going to start doing what she wants. She DOES care.. DOES he??..

  20. The message is: 'You fools who constantly, mindlessly push our propaganda for us because we play you everyday…photograph my back so the cameras will miss the nips and tucks of my recent facelift! 😱

  21. I cant understand what melanias saying it makes no sense. Its a stupid coat to wear at her age, isnt it something a teenager might wear? Hideous

  22. Not a jacket fit for a First Lady. Her actions were not lady like at all especially in a time of crisis and turmoil.

  23. "SOAP OPERAS!" You know them. they were the start of the decline of the family. Wifes sat all day coke and chips stuck on that TV! You know them. Others see them and think they should live that life. Fat lazy females, Morbid Obesity! A fat do nothing people.

  24. Melania The Immigrant. Lied on her application. Entering the country on a Einstein Visa. It is so obvious she is not of a higher intelligence. So she must have lied on her visa application. Deport her for lying.

  25. It was a $39 jacket used to highlight the fact that despite the #fakenews narrative, ICE is NOT actually throwing kids in cages. You fell for it. HUMAN TRAFFICKING is a big issue. Do QReseach. You can follow Q on https://qanon.pub to know more. According to Border officials, 10 out of 12 children who come accross the border through illegal means, are accompanied by a person other than their parent. Victims of child trafficking usually end up in the hands of pedophile rings, to be sexually abused and often, killed. However, any parents who take their small children through a dangerous journey over an illegal crossing point, even if it is to provide the child a better life, is severely misguided and is not fit to be a parent.

    Trump has worked tirelessly to fight human trafficking and PEDO RINGS, with EXECUTIVE ORDERS like the DEC 20 2017 EO and others like it, but media has paid almost no attention to all the progress or the arrests being made. Instead they have started to STAND UP for HUMAN TRAFFICKERS! To fight trafficking, Trump needs THE WALL. Not just Trump, American people need the wall. People of MEXICO need that wall. INNOCENT CHILDREN need that wall.
    #CEMEX #NXIVM #StreetKidsInternational

  26. I just had a chat in the website of the company Mrs. Trump bought her jacket. This is what I was told: "Hello ***, Please be advised that this item is not currently available, as it is from our Summer 2016 collection. The item is not available." So, only a partisan imbecile would believe this woman, who clearly loves children, would intend that message to children! But again, facts would never stand on the way of smearing anyone with connections to the Right… Only stupid, imbecilic, moronic, childish Lefties (which is in it an oxymoron) misunderstand the message!

  27. This is why I call the national news station "fake news".. think if Michelle Obama wore the same jacket to an crisis in West Virginia???? Melania Trump have never won as first lady clothing with writing on it, why now??? these Talking Heads are trying to clean it up for her, what a f**** disgrace MSNBC…

  28. I'm serious…what if she didn't even know that was on her back? I'm not defending her. I can't stand trump or the whole gang. What if donald is trying to humiliate her? I would not put it past him to do something like this.

  29. I care #americacares please spread the word! america cares about the suffering of others. we care about our nation and we care about the world!

  30. "I really don't care (about fashions right now), do you? (when it's the children in distress that's the story)" Ummmmm, pretty obvious to us who's entire life's work isn't to portray anything and everything the Trump's do as evil, disgusting, Earth destroying Satan in prada, propaganda for the Democrats to tear into shreds a billion times a day, every day, all day long, all week long, every week, week after week, month after month after month after month..

  31. At least she wearing Something. She is the first "first lady" to have real nude pictures of herself on the internet. Hey !*Trump want some naked pictures of your wife*..Since she won't touch you.

  32. The most awesome troll she could have done to the Fake Media and looking at the comments on this video America has some really stupid people are allowed to vote in the US

  33. Just a Jacket??? No! Its not! I believe she is up to something, because I can't believe she would purposely put on a jacket with such a horrible message on her way to visit children most of us have cried about and have our hearts broken The thought this could be my child or grandchild is is very painful for parents and grandparents! Come on Melania surprise us!

  34. People should stop giving her so much credit and so little responsibility to account for her actions. Her history speaks for itself.

  35. Melania wore the jacket to send a message to trumps base . saying to them, we, meaning her, trump, and the trump people, really dont care about these kids but for show im down here.

  36. Giovanni Tiso wrote a short and enlightening essay today about the history of "I Really Don't Care" in Italian: https://overland.org.au/2018/06/a-brief-fascist-history-of-i-dont-care/: I don't really speak Italian, so I didn't realize this right away, but "Me Ne Frego," or "I don't really care," was the slogan of the World War I Arditi, the Italian stormtroopers. It came from the writings of the soldier poet and proto-Fascist Gabrielle d'Annunzio, who led Arditi veterans in taking the city of Fiume in Croatia after the war, a brief nationalist revolution that indirectly led to Mussolini's seizure of power in 1922.

    Here's what's startling to me, after finding this out. I have been to northeastern Italy, and just across the border into Slovenia. You cannot drive through the smallest village in this region without seeing a monument or cemetery dedicated either to the World War I dead, the Fascists, or the defeat of the Fascists by Communist Yugoslav partisans and Italian antifa geurrillas at the end of World War II. Streets everywhere are named after Fascists or antifascists. There are references to d'Annunzio everywhere. There's some photos here of some of these monuments, in Redupuglia, Trieste, the Val Di Risondra and elsewhere.

    But as I said, I don't speak Italian and was only there for two weeks.

    Melania Trump was born in Novo Mesto, a city in Slovenia which was part of first Fascist Italy, then the Third Reich in World War II. Her father was a Yugoslav Communist Party member, from a village which has three large mass graves from the struggle against the Fascists and Nazis. She went to school and first worked in Lubljana, a city full of references to the fight against Fascism. She started her modelling career there before moving on to Milan, the city where Mussolini was executed after a mass uprising against the Nazis and Fascists. She speaks Italian.

    Let me repeat that: Melania Trump speaks Italian.

    When you add to this the fact that Fascists have just had an electoral victory in Italy, that there are active Fascist street movements everywhere there today, actively resurrecting and using the Fascist slogans and mottos of the 1920s and '30's (including "I Don't Really Care"), that admirers of these movements have worked and do work in the White House, from Steve Bannon to Sebastian Gorka to Stephen Miller, and that Zara, the jacket manufacturer has previously been controversial for producing a swastika themed handbag and a shirt with a concentration camp Jewish star on it, it is impossible for me to think that this signalling was not intentional.

    Some may think the jacket is a distraction from the very real threats facing our country and world right now, from scapegoating of vulnerable immigrants and refugees to the stripping of the social safety net and the destruction of workplace and environmental protections. I firmly believe it is not. The First Lady of the United States, who grew up in the heartland of symbolic contestation over Fascist symbols and mottos, wore a Fascist message jacket from a company with a history of Fascist messaging.

    I care about that very, very much.

  37. Melania has a fashion stylist and she could afford any designer compliments of US tax payers, why would she wear a $39 controversial jacket? Men who defends her is totally oblivious about how women think when they choose an outfit to make a statement.

  38. i think that message are meant for some media… it say "I Don’t Really Care" if you talk about it.. because we know media will talk about it xD.. why should it be a hidden message anyway?


  40. it's possible at this time Melania does feel trapped. however she's made the choice to defend him and remains with him, this Behavior it's nothing new to her. the awful thing when you reside in a cesspool with bottom feeders it's very hard to pull yourself up and move on. she's probably just as afraid of him as all of the other folks that he surrounds himself with. it's love on his terms. truly this is sad..

  41. After meditating upon this and replaying the history of pictures in my mind I believe it is possible that this was a direct message to POTUS in response to a heated discussion they had. They have a unique type of love. We all have seen it in our own circles. You know that couple that always butts heads but somehow stay together and thrive. She is not submissive and to me represents the appropriate balance in the femenist exercise of expression. She balances POTUS and if other women knew how to handle their men as well as she does the world would be a better place.

  42. okay, so she went there, paid lip service…what has she done since to ameliorate the situation? she's utterly useless. and her jacket is absolutely embarrassing and insensitive.

  43. What if we didn’t talk about her clothing choice and instead focused on the real issue such as keeping children with their parents, immigration reform and human dignity. Ignore the distractions.

  44. Jacket Rabbit's it is for you Jacket Rabbit's …TV shows Media Hollywood….She has been abused from you so bad… her child has been abused from Media,TV shows,Hollywood even called for physical abuse… Trumps daughter is not paid another lie…Stop the fake news and missing leading facts…People that are not Jacket Rabbits got it…

    First Lady Of The United States
    & her bizarre and treasonous husband,
    Failing Lackey Angers The United States

  46. She is totally aware of the message, but as always mean people look for the dark meaning. Message it totally directed to Trump. It's like saying, I know what's he's doing, I'm his wife I know this attitude is opposite to his intentions: "but I don't really care, do you?" Simple as that

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