Melania Trump colourful in yellow £4,600 coat as she meet Queen Elizabeth at NATO summit

Melania Trump colourful in a yellow Valentino
coat, as she joined President Trump in greeting the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, ahead of
the NATO summit in London today. The first lady Melania Trump, opted for a
canary yellow £4,600 Valentino cape, which she teamed with fuchsia heels and a coordinating
dress. Wearing her hair in a sleek blow dry, she
smiled as she and Trump, 73, greeted Prince Charles, 71, and Camilla, 72, at Clarence
House. The two couples were seen exchanging niceties,
with Camilla putting on a vibrant display in a red dress and a four-string of pearls
– similar to the Queen’s trademark necklace. The four figures then proceeded into the Morning
room, posing in front of Charles and Camilla’s famed mantelpiece. Revelations include why the first lady wore
that infamous ‘I really don’t care, do u’ jacket, new details on the severity of her
May 2018 health crisis, behind-the-scene details of her White House life, and an examination
of the first lady’s relationship with Ivanka Trump. The 288-page book also claims Melania sleeps
in a separate bedroom on a different floor from her husband in the White House. And the first lady has her own suite of rooms
in the White House on a separate floor from the president’s. Melania Trump and the president landed in
London late Monday evening, just in time for the two-day summit starting today, which will
include time for Melania Trump to meet again with Queen Elizabeth. Tonight, Queen Elizabeth is set to host a
dinner at Buckingham Palace for the NATO summit, in honor of the alliance’s 70th anniversary.
Included on the guest list will be world leaders, other NATO officials, and spouses. Earlier in the day, Melania looked polished
as the first couple touched down in the UK, despite the long flight, having changed during
the journey, swapping a dark overcoat for a vibrant Calvin Klein number that ensured
she stood out from the crowd when they exited Air Force One together. In a scene that was markedly different from
their departure from D.C. – when the President was seen walking briskly towards Marine One
without his wife, before turning back to wait for her to catch up, Melania and her husband
put on a show of solidarity as they exited the presidential plane hand-in-hand. Despite the cold winter weather in the UK,
Melania went bare-legged in her long red coat, which fell to just below her knee, and was
cinched in at the waist with a belt. She kept the collar popped up, no doubt to
provide extra protection against the bitter chill, while finishing off the look with some
simple black patent leather heels. It appears as though the first lady made some
time for a quick glam squad session onboard Air Force One too; when she arrived in the
UK, Melania showed off long, freshly-blown out locks, as well as a dark smokey eye. Her beauty look was topped off with a slick
of nude-pink lipstick. The first couple’s arrival in the UK came
just hours before the president was due to attend a NATO summit, and not long after a
video of the couple was called out online because it seemed to show the president forgetting
the first lady entirely.

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