Meet Two Brooklyn Androgynous Fashion Designers | My Shopify Business Story

I think it was really frustrating for us
you know as like women that were more looking for you know men’s styles and
the styles that we would see they were available for women were not really what
we were looking for and the stuff that was available in the men’s section you
know it doesn’t fit. I think our mission is really to help people feel authentic
and to feel comfortable and safe and clothing because it’s such an important
part of our identity and how we express ourselves, that’s why it’s so important for us to be able to provide those options to people. Hey I’m Laura, and I’m Kelly,
and we’re the co-founders of Kirrin Finch. If you don’t feel good about what
you’re wearing, you don’t feel good about yourself. I remember for my first experience like when I wanted to go buy a pair of like
men’s jeans the biggest problem is the dressing room. It’s powerful when people
come like to visit us because they do see themselves and the experience is
really like it’s it doesn’t feel like a confrontation. – It’s really beautiful
– It is really cute I think like ultimately we
have a lot of people that feel really good about themselves now that didn’t
have an option before. First time I put on a shirt I remember it fit almost
perfectly and it was just like I’d never had that experience before. I love the
fact that you could see all different representations of the LGBTQ community
right in one space. As I get older and as I
like discover brands like Kirrin Finch, I find that I become more of myself. It’s like the thing that I needed when I was
10 but I found when I was 25. What I feel really proud about is that people will
have like a really important life event and time and time again we see them
either reaching out to us or they like post a picture of themselves and and the
fact that our clothes are what they go – to because it makes them feel good
– like that’s a huge compliment that they chose to wear our
clothing on that special day. You crying?

100 thoughts on “Meet Two Brooklyn Androgynous Fashion Designers | My Shopify Business Story

  1. I’ve always said the reason why fat people look unattractive is because they don’t look masculine or feminine. Now it’s a sexuality. Lacking in both masculine and feminine traits.

    I say that as a man who did weigh 320lbs. No one looks “good” in anything at 320lbs. That’s why fashion brands don’t cater to it.

  2. But… what about women's wear for men? Do you know how hard it is to get something in size 20 that doesn't have masses of boob space it looks ridiculous on a guy with no boobs… or bum for that matter.

  3. I cannot believe that there are more thumbs down and negative comments than there are thumbs up and positive comments. Why do you care what other people wear? If they feel comfortable and happy let them be🙄🙄🙄

  4. Ellen Degeneres.That talking head in NYC.The man wearing womens clothes.DE GEN ER ES.Sound that OUT.WHEN She SAID ARCHIE HARRYSON MOUNTENBATTEN LOOKED LIKE HARRY.I LAUGHED MY A.OFF.because Rachel markle is male born, and cross dressing as a female.THATS when its 10000% that ELLEN is a male covering up as a female.ELLEN IS MALE TO FEMALE. IMPERSONATOR.Excellent ppl flock to her like they did oprah AKA as HARPO.biggest FRAUD on TV. GAYNESS , BUTCH & TRANSGENDERNESS SHOVED DOWN SOCIAL MEDIA.

  5. You're either male or female, fuck out of here. 7-8 years ago before this whole lgbt thing got out of hand i totally supported them, but now, fuck them. You're male or female, period, if you think otherwise, fuck you.

  6. Yeah. But its all ugly. None of those people look good at all. I don't want to look like that. Like an ugly loser. I'll pass.

  7. More dislikes than likes!!!!!😆 LOL…….shut up you reselling man clothes to females who want/think to be man. Bye mary!

  8. Dear YT
    I don’t give a flying fuck about your fashion BS! Stop FN advertising it to me please! I keep hitting stop this add and you just keep giving it to me! I don’t care about this crap. Stop trying to turn me into a mindless idiot with your FN advertising. IT WONT WORK!!! I absolutely DO NOT need or care a damn advertisement every third video suggestion. It’s whack asF! Repetitive AF and just fn uncalled for. I have never in my life searched for the idiotic crap you suggest to me
    A pissed off customer

  9. I'm a 6'4" man… I don't see nothing there that would help me on the path to an androgenic look… Looks like men's clothes for women…

  10. Fuck off with genderless bullshit. Ban these people from owning passports if they're not willing to state gender..cunts like you give the hard right their platform and argument.

  11. I mean congratulations your over charging for clothes that look fresh off a supermarket rack and calling it inclusive…hope you feel proud of yourself,' You turned LGBTQ buzz words into a marketing campaign

  12. What’s disturbing is this isn’t a parody. What’s more disturbing is this was in my recommended… I hate living in this world.

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