Matching a Navy Blazer Jacket with Trousers – Mens Style Guide – Fashion Advice

Matching a Navy Blazer Jacket with Trousers
– Mens Style Guide – Fashion Advice Hi. Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. And today weíre going to be talking about how to match a pair of trousers
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in this video, Iím going talk about matching a pair of trousers with a navy blazer. Now, blazers come in other ñ there are red
blazers, there are dark green blazers, there are brighter blue blazers, lots of blazers.
But weíre going to be talking about the navy blazers. And Iím not going to get into the
specifics about the exact type of fabric. There are quite a few fabrics out there that
a navy blazer could be made from. But for all intensive purposes, this is going to be
one that almost looks like a suit except itís going to have the typical gold or silver buttons
you could have actually white mother of pearl or smoked mother of pearl as well. So, but
typically on a navy blazer, a true navy blazer, youíre going to see some type of nautical
thing to it and thatís why youíre going to have the gold or the silver buttons. In addition, youíll occasionally see them
to be double-breasted, but most of the blazers I see out there now in the year 2010 and being
sold by the larger manufacturers, theyíre all single-breasted. So Iím going to be focusing
on single-breasted navy blazers assuming that youíre going to have gold or silver buttons
or mother pearl look great. So, donít ñ you know, consider that if youíve got one
and you want to change it up for the summer. Okay. So what are the types of trousers? My
favorite by far gray flannel. Underused ñ just something that before World War II was
huge; after World War II, we starting to see it fade away. You know, flannel used to be
use heavier in suits and so you saw flannel fabrics being made and lot of off-the-rack
suits before and just after World War II but they started disappearing in the early 19
ñ late 1950s or early 1960s and they just havenít made it come back and because of
that, flannel trousers in general had disappeared. I love any type of gray flannel trouser with
a navy ñ navy blazer. And the reason being is it clearly does not
matches the different color but it just ñ it just work so well and I really like the
idea that you still go with the ñ anywhere from a medium to a charcoal gray or work with
ñ with the dark navy and it just ñ it allows ñ itís a very monochromatic look and allows
the eyes to go up and down. And thatís really important if youíre a shorter man or youíre
a bit stout because you donít want the ñ you donít want that navy blazer, you know,
cut you in half or anything like that. So, again, gray flannel trousers, if you can
find them, a little bit harder to find. I know I may come over at A Tailored Suit, my
custom clothier but you can probably find some either in vintage stores or just do a
search out there and see what you can find. Gray worsted trouser is a second choice now.
Whatís the difference? Worsted wool is going to be a lighter weight. Itís not going to
have the nap surface. So with a ñ with a flannel, they actually treat it afterwards
and they run this machine over that kind of pulls out a little bit the fabric and itís
also usually a bit heavier. Worsted wool is going to be what you would
typically see in suits. And this is going to be a lot easier to find. You could go to
a number of menswear stores and youíre going to find these right off-the-rack. They will
work there ñ I donít like them as much because itís almost ñ if the fabric is too dark
and itís too close to navy, itís almost going to look and violate one of the principles
of wearing any type of sports jacket or navy blazer and thatís that you do not want the
trousers to match the jacket too closely or to match it exactly because it didnít ñ
itís going to look like weíre trying to put a suite together and thatís a big, big
no no. Donít ñ whenever youíre wearing sports jacket or a blazer, you donít want
to look like youíre trying to put a suit together. That just looks bad. So, avoid black trousers for that reason.
Iím not going to recommend them. Navy blue trousers do not wear them with a navy blue
blazer. Now, brighter blues and true blues perhaps. I have to see ñ Iíve seen it, Iíve
seen it in the images. Iíve seen younger men pull it off that looks pretty good but
ñ okay, so weíve talked about gray flannel trousers, we talked about gray worsted wool
trousers. Now letís talk about chinos. And this is something that you see a lot especially
in collegeís campuses. You men like to pull this off. And it looks good on young men if
the trousers and the jacket fit him well. Otherwise, if heís a portly generation or
a little bit heavier weight or short, then that starts contrast between the top and the
bottom. It kind of ñ it draws attention to that contrast there and itís going to makes
you look short. So, you can pull this off, again, if youíre in pretty… …good shape, you donít have to be in great
shape. But you need to, you know, be able to take care of yourself. You need to be able
to go out and run a mile. So if you canít do that then double ñ donít really go with
this. I can feel lot of politicians trying to pull this off and these are the guys ñ
theyíre pretty heavy and he just makes their upper body look bigger and their lower body
look smaller. But otherwise, if you got a decent body, this
looks great because the contrast really ñ it really clearly states that this is a navy
blazer. It actually makes the jacket pop a bit more even though it does draw attention
to the trousers, we quickly move down to the shoes because usually youíre going to be
wearing dark shoes with this. And so it allows you to draw a bit more attention to the footwear.
And ñ so I really like this combination. But, again, with chinos, khakis, any type
of tan trouser. Make sure also that the style ñ that theyíre not ñ I donít know, a cheap
$10 khakis. I mean, really ñ although you can find some great deals for $10 in thrift
stores but make sure theyíre cut and they look crisp and clean. You donít want anything
thatís distressed or faded or warmed. That just kind of take ñ it takes away for a minute
and it doesnít look right. Now, talking about the distressed and faded
and warmed jeans. Okay, the only time you should be wearing jeans with holes and then
with a navy blazer is if youíre a musician or youíre a rockstar of some sort, you know,
or maybe a Hollywood actor. If youíre not in that category, you really need to reconsider
wearing distress jeans with a navy blazer. Now a raw denim, thatís a whole another story.
Raw denim in a dark indigo almost looks like a pair of dress slacks and I think that that
looks very nice with a navy blazer. Itís something though ñ Iím not a big fan of
about, you know, rolling up the bottom of the denim and wearing up with a navy ñ draws
a little bit too much attention but Iím a fun of it. Iíve ñ Iíve pulled this look
off and I think it works for the younger man. Once you pass the age, I think, of 50 or 60,
well, it depends. If you go out and you get some of ñ thereís some mix, some really
nice jeans and thereís a few other ones out there, what was it ñ youíll have to go to
one of my jean articles and we talked about jeans for the old demand. So if youíre pulling
off the right type of denim, hey, you know, go for it. The last thing with jeans Iím going to talk
about white jeans. I have seen these pulled off with a navy blazer and it looked actually
pretty good. So, if youíve got the [0:07:31] [Phonetic] Cohunes go for it. If not, well,
you know, just, I donít know, go back to the khakis. Okay. Corduroy ñ and I want to thank my friend
Bernhard Roetzel. He wrote the book Gentleman. And heís got some great images of how corduroy
can work with a navy blazer. Now, again, this is like the chinos and the khakis make sure
the corduroy fits you well because if it doesnít fits you well; itís just going to be a bad
look. Itís going to look too bad. Itís not going to look right. And also if youíre going to go with the start
contrast, again, you need to be in pretty good shape and make sure the jacket is fitted
and go for a little bit shorter of a jacket thatís going to help a balance look. In corduroy,
you can get that in red, brown, gold ñ the thing with corduroy is the texture is really
going to differentiate it from the jacket and thatís key whenever matching a jacket
in a pair of trousers. Last but not the least, linen. So light-colored
linen ñand this will be a bit loser. Linen is one lose. You can pull this off on someone.
And this looks great especially if your jacket is unlined. And by unlined, you know, basically
it doesnít have the lining on the inside of the jacket. Iím actually wearing this
unlined. And that helps keep the heat away. And if youíre in it, in an instance, where
you need to be wearing a jacket, you need to be looking sharp during the summer and
itís hot, well, linen trousers within an unlined blazer jacket with perhaps a linen
shirt, itís going to be a pretty sharp look especially if itís a single-breasted but
if itís double-breasted, you might need to wear something on the neck. But ñ okay, the general rule again is make
sure that your navy blazer does not too closely match your trousers. If some people are mistaken
it as a suit, itís a bad combination. If not, you know, usually the brighter colors,
the ñ a little bit more off combinations, those require a bit of courage but I encourage
you to try it because you only live once. So go out there and dress your style. This has been Antonio Centeno with Real Men
Real Style. Oh, by the way, if you havenít already, go visit Real Men Real Style. Weíve
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think youíll enjoy it if you enjoy this video. And, again, article down below, weíll talk
to you more about navy blazers. Take care. Bye-bye.

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