100 thoughts on “Masque of the Red Death Ballgown Making Process

  1. I have never had a desire to sew. I've never been interested in wearing fashion because I have body issues but I love looking at it. I want your life. Be my best friend. I'll paint, you sew?

  2. I love your music, it is very annoying to me when my favorite sewing videos have weird background music. Having classical music makes it easier for me to understand and enjoy.

  3. My Nordlandsbunad has a side front closure on the skirt, while the bodice closes at the centre front, so yes, skirt and bodice of a gown having different closure placements is very much historical.

  4. re using tape to hold the organza still while cutting out — i have also taped around each piece, just outside the seam allowance, then snip away to tidy the seams. makes the bits less slithery while sewing.

  5. This video has a lighthearted vibe to it…though I know she is working against a deadline. I think her mood is the result of her reveling in her craft. How delightful to glimpse Bernadette in her element! Coleslaw indeed! Priceless!

  6. Love the black half slip. It gives a decidedly modern twist (of a sheer bottom skirt 'exposing' you legs) to the gown.This has been a fun project to watch, Bernadette! I hope you have enjoyed it as well!

  7. this but in white would be such a cute wedding dress idk why I'm thinking about that tho since I'm not getting married any time soon but still lol

  8. I heard a great tip for working with organza! She said she puts the organza between two layers of thin paper before cutting and it distorts a lot less.

  9. Wow that really came out so great and beautiful and dramatic!!! I of course, would have machine stitched those shoulder pleats ;-P But knowing Bernadette ….well she cannot keep her hands off a hand sewing needle

  10. I have finally found some else who loves the books by Ruth Goodman, my favourite is How to Be a Victorian, Just watching you sew is very therapeutic by the way

  11. Miss Bernadette,
    Thou is being exceedingly abusive to thy viewers. Thou passed far to briskly over the photography of the hooks to the bodice!
    Thou must educate thy viewers of thy true obsessive nature with applying hooks!
    They were GORGEOUS!

  12. Thank you I enjoyed the banter just as much as the stitching.I listen to Eloisa James on audible while I sew too

  13. What's that? I'm going to watch a professional make a beautiful dress while I poorly hand embroider a patch for a cosplay and slowly feel worse about myself? Yes I think I will do that.

  14. I am in my fifties and love watching you sew! Reminds me of how I loved to spend my free days sewing! After watching you, I decided to hand sew my moms curtains and I am loving the quiet peace of the task. I made my wedding dress in the 90's and had to have white organza. Watching you put this dress together reminded me of how I used to make mistakes too, and had to figure out to make it work. Love your videos!

  15. Cripes — I am thoroughly impressed. I'd never have the patience to do all that sewing, particularly by hand. It looks lovely, and I sincerely hope it wowed them on the red (death) carpet!

  16. Ive had really sheer fabric like that it mightve been organza now that i think about it but its just so dang hard to sew

  17. When you first pinned up those red straps, you could have left the pins there and it would have looked like snow on blood or something.

  18. Don't worry about the sewing machine. If you are 100% accurate, you will have to kill the other party goers. 😳 😜

  19. Absolutely stunning my dear! You have such an unrivaled view from your apartment, a window that provides a perfect frame for modeling your finished works.

  20. Literature major here (what drew me to your video), and on the speculation of, "Who is The Red Death?" Literature-wise, he's the personification of the Black Plague, however, tuberculosis was a highly contagious disease during Poe's lifetime, and actually claimed the lives of many of the people he was close to, one of whom was his wife, but the disease never claimed him. I would argue that while the Red Death's symptoms are Black Plague-like, the concept of the Red Death is perhaps Poe's personal allusion to, and personification of, tuberculosis.
    Thought that may be fun to know since you're a fellow bibliophile 😅

  21. 5:20 you can by styrofoam insolation at hardware stores. Then come in big sheets. You can use that and pin into the foam and cut intop of it. Over time it will go wonky after a lot of use but it's very affordable to get sheets. Hope that helps In the future

  22. Revisiting this video after deciding to add a silk organza overskirt to my almost-TWO-YEAR-OLD's HALLOWEEN COSTUME. Hahahahaha. (It was on sale, and her entire costume can be worn as everyday stuff later, so it's not as frivolous as it seems, but the overskirt is for sure FANCY.

  23. I've binged this channel so that means I DID just watch 9 collective minutes of pad stitching.
    I'm still so pleased. This work gives me life.

  24. She makes interesting things and she’s a pretty good at sewing (I’m a seamstress belonging to a family thats produced 4 generations of professional seamstresses, so I know what I’m talking about lol) but I have a hard time watching her videos because I can’t really relate to her as a person. Not being mean or anything but she’s very pretentious and haughty.

  25. Nothing better than watching someone go through equally annoying self-inflicted pain while deciding to do a complicated knit stitch pair of mittens less than two months before they need to be done, along with 6 other projects you havent even started. Yay Christmas presents!

  26. To stabilize your organza layers you can place used fabric dryer sheets between layers they then can be sewn through and easily tear out when done.

  27. The red and black are so beautifully paired together! It gives off this eery feeling of watching someone drink red wine knowing full well there's poison inside. Usually I hate red and black paired together but it looks so elegant here, makes me reconsider.

  28. Understood nothing you talked about however that looks very cool to do… Sadly, I think I'm too idiot to understand this complicated process

  29. HECK YEAH RUTH GOODMAN! also never stop felling linings, it looks so neat and pretty and i feel validated in my techniques!

  30. Whenever you offhandedly mention or explain something newbies like me don't know Is A Thing That Exists, like about organza colour-differences depending on the grain direction or structural-slash-strengthening techniques…

    Me: go on…
    You: goes on
    Me: thank you for going on
    Me: is now less ignorant

  31. WOAH okay pretty dress, it really turned out wonderfully; but also, by the gods, your hair is very long. I thought it was maybe only a little past your shoulders since it's always up and out of the way…

  32. Bernadette, wouldn’t you consider making a Udemy course? You know so many interesting things about fashion and sewing and history, and you also know which facts are important and which aren’t. I’d pay good money for a course made by you 🙂

  33. Beauty, elegance, intelligence, creativity, originality, personality … how not to be in awe of such a woman ….

  34. So many needles and pins that I wonder How one does not manage to stab themselves every 4 or 5 seconds.

    Beautiful dress nonetheless, truly a status in its self

  35. I'm newly subscribed and omg you're so great. And so talented. As a drag king you can't sew I stopped eveything to watch this.

  36. I don’t sew or make any type of clothing in anyway shape or form , except a mermaid skirt once for Halloween 2 years ago (u would of dyed seeing how I constructed that lol ) anyways I just have to say I found ur channel and fine ur videos so relaxing & not to mention how knowledgeable and talented u are ! ❤️

  37. aaaahh i was listening to Basil Rathbone recite The Masque of The Red Death on Halloween and that shit so spooky, i love it- your work is freakin' amazing and i can easily picture you floating down silent corridors with stricken blood spattered bodies strewn about, so creepy, so gruesome, goth aesthetic on 💯

  38. I also have Victorian Secrets… if I hadn't subscribed already, I would have done so just now. Sincerely, Fellow Audicted Human

  39. I don’t really sew, but it’s so relaxing to watch—I’m trapped here and can’t stop watching.😂 help?😜

  40. I love modern fashion, but there is something so satisfying about watching you make these more historic pieces.

  41. I will never ever make a gown like this, but I am completely enthralled while watching this lol. And itching to make a garment

  42. If you had a serger it would help with the fraying of the organza https://www.joann.com/brother-1034d-3-4-thread-serger/9627811.html#q=Sergers&start=1

  43. This is absolutely stunning. I'm such an Edgar Allan Poe fan and the Masque of the Red Death is definitely a favourite. I'm currently stocking up ideas for my wedding dress and you've inspired me to want a similar applique on the bodice. <3

  44. Omg this is amazing! At school I am currently working on a mini adaption play of the masque of the red death! I will never be able to have the skill nor time to do something as elaborate and gorgeous for this play,
    I was just binge watching your channel!
    Love your work and what you do!
    Stop Nevermore (anyone get that geeky reference)

  45. I couldn't help myself from formatting the "Body-ody-ody" into "Bodess-odess-odess" in an accent.. So now whenever I hear "bodess"..

  46. I love how appealing all of your videos are, although every time I find myself clicking them telling myself it will relax me, but every time I am motivated to get crafty.😂Your talent is always so inspiring!!

  47. Omg! Organza aesthetically so beautiful, but so hard to work with! I'm in awe that you made an entire gown with it!

  48. 5:00 Lol When I started sewing I worked exclusively with sheer fabrics and let me tell you, there were tears. It took me a while to try some medium weight and now I actually enjoy sewing.

  49. I thought I knew how to sew and then Bernadette mentioned different stitches and I was like “okay back to square one, was not prepared.”

  50. My thoughts while watching this (mouth agape the whole time) consisted of "holy shit" and "you're insane" and various other exclamations of awe. In summary, this is incredible and the result is beautiful and I suddenly have a new idol.

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