Marmot Men’s Zion Jacket

A high caliber jacket with fully waterproof
materials and the breathability of a soft shell, the Marmot Men’s Zion Jacket is a
great piece for many mountain pursuits. Let’s take a look at all of its features. The materials in play with the Zion Jacket
are a polartech neo shell outer material. It is a fully waterproof and extremely breathable
material. It is not crunchy or crinkly like a typ-ical waterproof, breathable shell fabric,
but it is soft like a soft shell. So you get that en-hanced breathability and that enhanced
movement with that soft shell fabric. It lays nice-ly against the skin. It doesn’t restrict
any movement. But it keeps you protected from all of the bad weather that you may encounter
in the mountains. It is also Marmot’s M1 soft shell. So it is their most protective
soft shell in their line. It is going to give the most warmth as well as the most weather
resistance. So you have got a really good combination of thick, good, soft shell materials
for layering that provide ample weather protection. Some of the features that I want to call out
about this jacket include the hood. So it is a hooded jacket and it is a kind of an
oversized or helmet compatible hood. It does have a laminated brim for shaping so you have
got a little bit of extra structure there. And you do have some points of adjustment
here. So you have got two adjustment points on the front and you have got one adjustment
point on the back. So if you are not wearing a helmet, you can certainly pull this in and
make it fit comfortably, but it will work with a helmet. So really nice fully waterproof
hood on the jacket. Moving down we do have a full length front
zipper with a storm flap. So behind that zip-per there is waterproof, breathable storm flap.
And all of the zippers on this jacket are water resistant, so they kind of have that
bonded exterior to give them some extra weath-er protection. So you are stowing some things
away in your pockets. You can rest assured that they are going to be protected form the
elements as well. Speaking of the pockets, we do have a few
to call out. We have two pack compatible hand pockets. So on the sides of the jacket you
have got two higher set pockets with wa-ter resistant zippers, easy to access if you are
wearing a harness, if you are wearing a pack. You can certainly still use those pockets.
You do have one chest pocket with, again, wa-ter resistant zipper. So easy to stow some
smaller items there if you need to. And we have got a pocket on the arm of the jacket,
so you can easily store gels, Chapstick, any-thing you may need to keep closer there. So excellent
pockets on the outside of the jack-et. And we do have one pocket on the inside as well.
So on the inside right hand side of the jacket you have got one kind of stowaway pocket.
So if there is an item you need to keep a little bit closer to the body, maybe keep
a little extra warm, you have got a nice pocket on the inside of the jacket. Another few things I want to call out on the
jacket are the pit zips that we have got in play. So some waterproof materials can, you
know, they will breathe really well. But sometimes you are working really hard and you are generating
a lot of heat that can’t es-cape the material fast enough. So you have got these pit zips
under the arm to help dump that extra heat. You have got really nice, wide open pit zips
with water resistant zippers so you can certainly make sure that you are regulating your temperature
as well as possi-ble. And the nice thing about having those zippers under the arms is that
you are still go-ing to be protected from the weather because they are covered essentially
by your arm. So nice feature with the pit zips on either side of the jacket. And they
have also got water resistant zippers. We do have some cuff adjustment as well. There
is an asymmetric cuff with a Velcro clo-sure so it fits nicely if you are just wearing
it loose, but you can certainly cinch that down if you are wearing gloves, if you are
just layering, if you need a little extra protection. You can certainly use that Velcro
to cinch down the fit around the cuffs, so excellent fea-ture around the cuff. We do have dual hem draw cords. So on either
side of the jacket, left and right, you have got a hem draw cord. You can easily pull those
and it will cinch down the bottom of the jacket so it won’t ride up on you when you are
moving in the mountains, so nice fit en-hancement there. The fit of this jacket is fairly athletic.
You have got a somewhat tailored cut. So it is meant for those high aerobic pursuits where
you need serious protection, but maximum breathability. We do also have Marmot’s angel wing movement
in the piece, so you have got really good freedom of movement in the shoulders. You
can move your arms. You can climb. You can hike. You can essentially do anything where
you are going to need to be free to move about the mountain. So nice fit here. I am wearing a medium. I
normally do wear mediums and I could cer-tainly layer a lightweight layer underneath of the
piece, but, again, it is a somewhat more athletic piece, so not too many thick layers will go
underneath. Consider that when sizing the Zion Jacket. And there you have it, a feature rich jacket,
great for many mountain pursuits. It is the Marmot Men’s Zion Jacket.

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  1. What size do you recommend me? I'm tall 1.80 mt (5,905 ft) and weight 83 kg (182,98 lb), I have a medium build. I don't want a tight jacket, but also not too large. Under the jacket I wear base layer and I might add a fleece.
    Thanks for the video 🙂

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