Marmot Men’s Zeus Jacket

A long time favorite for cold weather backpacking,
skiing or casual wear, the Marmot Zeus jacket provides low profile warmth and comfort in
a light weight, compressible package. The Zeus jacket is insulated with 700 fill
power down. It is a down defender. It is a treated down. So unlike traditional down which
will lose its ability to keep you warm if it would become wet or damp, you have got
some water resistance here to keep that from happing. Also makes it dry faster if it should
become wet. Still down, though, so extremely compressible, extremely light weight. The
jacket is only 14.4 ounces. Maintaining that weight is the ultra light weight face fabric. So you have got a mini rip stop fabric. It
is a down proof fabrication. Down has a sneaky way of finding its way out of the jacket.
There is a point at the end of the feathers and the down proof fabrication here helps
to keep the insulation where you need it, inside the jacket itself. For a jacket as warm as the Zeus, this really
is a clean, low profile cut. It is a regular fit. Certainly you can wear layers beneath
it. Often times you will be wearing this as an outer wear piece. If the weather is really
nasty and you would like a little more weather protection, then you obviously could put a
hard shell over top of this jacket. In terms of adjustability, there is elasticity
at the cuff so not an adjustment point, exactly, but certainly a nice fit there at the wrist.
There is also dual points of adjustability on the hems so you can cinch that in. As is
the case with many jackets, this does utilize Marmot’s angel wing construction. So I can
move freely in this jacket without it riding up and lifting and lifting and lifting. A
really nice feature that, again, maintains that clean, comfortable fit. In keeping with this clean profile, really
simple pocketing on this jacket, you do have two zippered hand warmer pockets here on the
front and they are warm thanks to that down insulation. On the interior of the jacket
are two pretty basic, though deep , what I call dump pockets so there is opening, but
no closures on this jacket. On the left hand warmer pocket here in the
front is a zipper. So this actually doubles as a stuff pocket for the jacket. It stows
inside itself. It gets it down to a nice small compressible size. You see that nice, light
weight compact package makes this really convenient to thrown in luggage, to throw in a back pack
so you have got it when you need it. Interesting side note: I have used my Zeus
jacket in the past packed like this as a travel pillow on flights. So just another little
note of versatility on the jacket. Excellent warmth. With the down defender you have got
that weather protection. Some confidence there. Really just makes the Marmot Zeus jacket a
great cold weather option.

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