Marmot Men’s ROM Jacket

The Marmot ROM jacket is a light weight, breathable,
do it all soft shell jacket. With strategic construction that moves with you, it is ideal
for aerobic activities. Let’s take a closer look at the construction, the fit and the
features of the ROM jacket. The ROM jacket is constructed of Marmot’s
M2 soft shell fabric. That M2 fabrication is a really nice balance of weather protection
and comfort and breathability. It is highly wind resistant. It actually utilizes Gore
wind stopper to keep out cold are. But, again, it is also very breathable. There are thinner
panels on the side and under arm of the jacket, places where heat is most likely to build
up that are even more breathable. Also really nice stretch on this jacket. Angel wing construction
is in play on this jacket, something Marmot utilizes to make sure that as you move, as
you twist, as you turn, the jacket goes with you rather than riding up, bunching up on
you as is the case on jackets that do not utilize angel wing construction. As the ROM jacket is an athletically oriented
piece, it does have a very streamlined fit. You are unlikely to be wearing anything more
than base layers beneath it. Because of that design, you certainly can put other layers
over top of it and it does serve as an interesting mid layer piece for a cold weather layering
system. There are points of adjustability here at
the cuffs. I see the Velcro there that lets you cinch in that fit. There is also dual
points of adjustability at the hem so you can pull in the fit at the waist line. It
is also a hooded jacket. And there are points of adjustability on the hood as well so you
can pull that fit and get a nice close fit around the face and head. Taking a look at the pockets on the ROM jacket,
you do have two zippered hand pockets on the front of the jacket, a small zippered pocket,
high on the chest, a nice spot to keep valuables close at hand. There is an additional internal
zippered pocket as well for more safely storing something within the jacket. Again, the Marmot ROM jacket, super comfortable
feel to this jacket, fits nicely, highly wind resistant, but also breathable to keep you
cool during activities. It really is a great aerobic piece for cool weather or as part
of a colder weather layering system.

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