Marmot Megawatt Jacket

I am wearing the Marmot Megawatt jacket. This
innovative jacket utilizes both synthetic insulation and treated goose down insulation
to give you the best performance properties of each. Let’s take a closer look at what
makes this jacket so unique. A lot of construction features to talk about
here on the jacket. We will start with the exterior fabric, the shell fabric. It is a
light weight pretext micro light fabrication. Nice weather resistance, very breathable fabric.
As far as the insulation is concerned, on the torso, on the hood where you need warmth
most, you have got 800 fill down insulation. It is treated. It is a down defender insulation.
So unlike traditional down, which loses its ability to keep you warm if it should become
wet, this stays dry longer. Even if it should become wet, it retains its ability to keep
you warm. So those core areas you have got down insulation. Throughout the jacket, in
its entirety, you have got polar tech alpha synthetic insulation, another innovative insulation.
It is in sheets. So rather than individual {?} or clusters of insulation, it is a consistent
sheet so you have got a nice consistent warmth throughout the jacket, warm, but also very
breathable. So in the arms, those areas where you don’t need as much warmth or warmth
is likely to build up, you have got a more breathable insulation there. As far as the fit of this jacket, it is a
fairly athletic cut. You certainly can wear base layers, low profile mid layers beneath
it or put a hard shell over top of it if you are looking of increased weather protection. At the cuffs an interesting treatment here.
You have got elastic at the bottom of the traditional sleeves, but you also have sewn
in place extended cuffs that go out over the hand for some additional warmth includes thumbies.
Always a big fan of thumbies. You will see it in base layers, sometimes on mid layer,
but not often on heavier, warmer pieces. You do have it here and that does away with that
gapping if you are wearing gloves so you don’t get that annoying space between the end of
the glove and the start of your sleeve. If you aren’t wearing gloves it is a little
bit cooler. You have got some additional warmth there even without the glove. It also improves
the fit of that jacket and keeps those sleeves in place. Dual points of adjustability here at the hem
so you can cinch that fit in a little bit. The Megawatt jacket is hooded and it has got
a fully insulated hood. Often times on jackets you are finding the helmet compatible hoods,
large hoods that you can cinch down if you need to, there is certainly adjustability
on this hood, but I look at it more as a head compatible hood. It fits and I fits comfortably
right from the start. A nice bit of elasticity here on the sides, which also helps with fit. There are both internal and external pockets
on the Megawatt jacket and we will start with the external pockets. You have got two zippered,
high set hand warmer pockets here on the front of the jacket. Really nice cozy lining to
these pockets and you have got that down insulation that gives those pockets some real warmth.
I mentioned that they are high set for a reason. If you are wearing this with a climbing harness
or a backpack, you will be cinching things off in the front and not get to the pockets
if they weren’t set where they are. A nice feature there. On the inside of the jacket
you have got two pockets, a really large zippered mesh pocket for valuables, things you want
to keep really secure and one that is just a stretch pocket. It is recall perfect for
gloves or if you were using this for uphill skiing, something where you were using skins
on the bottom of the skis, you can remove those. You have got a great place to stash
them right on the inside of the Megawatt. That unique combination of synthetic and down
insulation, the warmth, the breathability, the pockets we touched on, the interesting
treatment at the wrist, all of those features make the Marmot Megawatt jacket a really interesting
option for any and all types of cold weather activities.

3 thoughts on “Marmot Megawatt Jacket

  1. Great review, thank you! Does this jacket pack down small? (does it come with a stuff sack.. or would it work well with one?)

  2. Love everything about this jacket except the durability. I've worn it twice so far and have ripped it twice. The outer shell is ridiculously fragile. Great lightweight warmth though.

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