Marmot Isotherm Jacket

I am wearing the Marmot Isotherm jacket. There
is an innovative construction at lay in this jacket that gives it a unique mix of performance
features. You have got light weight warmth. You have got wind resistance. But you have
also got moisture wicking properties. Take a closer look at what makes this jacket such
an interesting option for cool and cold weather aerobic activities like trail running, skiing
or climbing. The Isotherm utilizes Polartech alpha synthetic
insulation. Rather than independent fibers, Polartech alpha is actually sheets or laid
out in rolled sheets of fabric. You get a nice consistency. You have got insulation
that isn’t going to move anywhere. And you have got that great performance that you can
rely on even if it should become wet. It makes it different than down in that regard. As far as the exterior fabric is concerned,
you have got 20 D Pertex quantum fabric. So nice abrasion resistance, nice wind resistance,
but really keeps weight to a minimum. This jacket weighs in at under a pound. There is a secondary fabric in play as well
on the Isotherm jacket and that is a soft shell fabric that runs across the shoulders
and through the sleeves. That works in tandem with Marmot’s angel wing construction that
lets this jacket move with you, which is ideal for a jacket intended for aerobic usage. It
won’t ride up on you. It just lets you go about your business without almost… without
even noticing that the jacket is there at all. Very clean, very athletic profile to
this jacket. You are unlikely to have much more beneath it than base layers. You could
put something over top of it if you needed to for better weather protection, but it really
is kind of intended as an outer wear piece. You have got nice elasticity here at the cuffs.
You do have a single point of adjustability at the hem to draw that fit a little closer
at the bottom. A few different pockets here on the Isotherm
jacket. You do have zippered hand warmer pockets with that bit of insulation there, some decent
warmth on, again, what is a pretty low profile insulated piece. You also have a small zippered
pocket here high on the chest to keep essentials close at hand. On the interior of the jacket
you do have one elastic dump pocket for gloves or other items that you might want to keep
protected on the interior of the jacket. Again, the Marmot Isotherm jacket, just a
really interesting piece when you know you are going to be engaged in potentially sweat
producing activities in cooler, colder weather. You still might need that little bit of insulation,
that little bit of warmth. But because of the Isotherm jacket, you also know you are
going to get that moisture moving performance that keeps you warm and comfortable.

3 thoughts on “Marmot Isotherm Jacket

  1. I use this jacket and couldnt be more pleased. Doesnt take up much space in my rugsack and often I use it when having a break and need to keep myself warm.. Often Im very sweaty and wet after long walk in the mountains and primaloft deals with wetness and keeps me warm.. Also great for activity and I use it under my Montane Lite Speed Jacket. I always have Marmot Zeus and Isotherm with me. Marmot is pure quality:)

    Nice review! Thanks:)

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