Marmot Essence Jacket

I am wearing the ultra lightweight Marmot
Essence jacket. We are going to take a look at the fit and features that has garnered
this jacket some very prestigious awards. The Essence jacket is constructed of Marmot’s
Nano Pro membrane fabrication. So a 12 D fabric. So that is an extremely ultra light weight
fabric, but this has some… this 2.5 layer design has some surprising durability to it
even though the jacket weighs in at just six ounces. It is a waterproof, breathable jacket.
So you do have protection from the elements. But at that light weight fabrication, it is
really breathable, too, comparative to a lot of hard shells. The comfort here is really surprising and
it has me thoroughly impressed with the jacket. The internal lining here, which, again, ensures
that waterproof breathability, does not have the same clammy feel that a lot of hard shells
have over the year. So next to skin, a really comfortable option in addition to giving you
the waterproof protection you need. As far as fit and adjustability, I am wearing
a medium. That is the appropriate fit here. I do have room to put some low profile base
layers beneath this jacket for winter when I want to draw in some warmer layers. It is
close fitting enough that I could do that as well. This elasticity, a pretty minimalist design
here at the cuff, but it does keep the sleeve where you need it and a little stretch as
well for comfort’s sake. Hem adjustability at the side here, just a single pull to draw
that jacket in if I want a little bit of a closer fit. It does have a hood. I can lift
the hood here and show you that there is a shapable, wire brim to the hood. I have got
two pull adjustabilities here at the neck. And in behind I have got minimalist adjustability
there, too, with a bit of a Velcro closure. Just a couple of other quick features to mention
here on the Essence jacket. It is a pretty clean design. You don’t have frivolous pocketing
here, a lot of hardware on the jacket. You do have a single chest pocket here to keep
valuables close at hand. Many hard shells have got pit zips, especially if they don’t
have excellent breathability. This jacket does. So you don’t have pit zips, but what
you do have are integrated vents, basically an open all of the time venting that is protected,
but certainly allows warm air to escape. It gives this a really athletic feel. But plumped
up that breathability another notch without jeopardizing any of that waterproof protection. Having taken a closer look at the fit and
features of the Marmot Essence jacket, it is probably pretty obvious why it garnered
those awards. Nice clean design. Great protection in its fabrication. Ultra light weight, packable.
Throw it in your back pack and you have got that protection when you need it.

6 thoughts on “Marmot Essence Jacket

  1. How are the cuffs for a person with small wrists? I'm considering this or the Precip, but I'm leaning to the precip because of the adjustable cuffs. Bit worried it'll be too loose.

  2. Hi thanks for the review. what would you recommend between mica and this one for light backpacking around town and daily biking commute. my goal is to be light and dry but durability is important too. They use different membrane and marmot states the mica one is more waterproof but essence supposed to be higher grade… Thanks great review

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